Reviews for Roommate Diary
heal me forever chapter 1 . 10/24/2012
already in love wid it ;)
mydreamadventure chapter 13 . 10/6/2012
i really did enjoy this i stayed up all night reading it! and i have homework thats due the next day and im going to be so tired and not want to do it! but it was soooo worth it reading this i really enjoyed it :)
Scadaradna chapter 13 . 2/17/2012
Words cannot describe how much I love this story :) You had me engrossed from the first chapter, very well done! I love the character of Spike, you know how to write a captivating character!
lupanda chapter 13 . 1/3/2012
I know I'm way late on this review but, I adore your story!
wunderstrucked chapter 13 . 8/9/2011
Awww, this was cute. :D
wunderstrucked chapter 7 . 8/9/2011
wunderstrucked chapter 6 . 8/9/2011
Drunken Orwell. I love
wunderstrucked chapter 5 . 8/9/2011
I like the Dad. :D
wunderstrucked chapter 4 . 8/9/2011
AHAHAHA! Silly Spike. It's nice to see Orwell going into big bro mode once in a while. :)
wunderstrucked chapter 3 . 8/9/2011

I really love Ali. She's so cute. :D
wunderstrucked chapter 2 . 8/9/2011
I'm liking Spike more and more. And Sara-Lee is simply adorable.

Still dislike Charles. He made his girlfriend pay? Pfft.
wunderstrucked chapter 1 . 8/9/2011
AHAHAHA I love Vinny already. She's hilarious. Oh, and I dislike Charles immensely. There's something not right with that guy.
DesertOrchidx chapter 1 . 6/4/2011
I LOVE this! Hah romance and humour in one story that's my kind of read! Such a good first chpater! Can't wait to read more! :D
LaughsWithTears chapter 13 . 5/7/2011
Definitely one of my favorite stories EVER. Although, it might have something to do with the fact that I am attracted to any built man named Spike... :)
Elle Winters 9 chapter 13 . 4/22/2011
Oh wow, I haven't read a FP story in a long time and this was the first one in abouta year. I'd like to say now I remember why I liked FP so much. This was such a sweet story :)
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