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appleme chapter 1 . 2/9/2012
This seems like a very god story... A few things... Peminate residences in mental wards are allowed to make love with each other or their spouses. demtia patients and bipolar patients are not kept in the same place. I have spent a good amount of time working in pip(phichateic in patient ward) you've got the gist of It. the big problem is that hospital staff are forbidden by law to discuss patient information with each other (unless they are consulting) or any one outside of the hospital!
crissy19 chapter 40 . 2/7/2012
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE say there will be a part two! that wasnt really much of an ending, i know he will come back for her again.
aoimythis chapter 40 . 1/31/2012
This has to be the only story i have ever read that made me feel confused in that i actually DID fall (kinda) in love with a psychopath... if you published this i would defenitly buy it.I just wish you made a epilouge to see if he ever came back,get cured of his mental ilness, did the children grow or if he simply bet out of jail and forced her into marrage.(For some reason i think he would do that) But i just must ask does he end up dying in jail? (ill cry if you say yes)
CaveDwellers chapter 40 . 1/26/2012
You've given up on this story, haven't you?

Oh, you finished it alright. At least you stuck it through, right? It doesn't feel like your heart is in it anymore. Hasn't for the last three or four chapters. So, because you've given up, you just slapped an ending together and called it a day. Ta-da, new years' resolution complete, let's check that sucker off the list. I don't know what your intent with this story originally was, I can only guess, but to me these last few chapters are empty. Maybe it's true that this is where you wanted the story to go, though. I'll never know, probably, because you most likely won't reply to this just like you never replied to the last review I left.

If this was what you wanted, all you were working towards these last 39 chapters, I suppose I can make the connection. Adel is dissociating, she's resigning herself to her fate, developing a hefty case of stockholm syndrome, all that jazz. You've already established that she's lost her marbles several chapters ago, so now we readers are living within the mind of a madwoman. A woman who maintains, come hell or high water, that she has NOT lost herself. She's more functional than most people who have gone insane, I suppose. Her whole situation within her own mind could be a kind of paradox.

Admitting to being in love with Nikolai, I think, could be her way of waving a white flag. He won, after all-major, mondo bummer, but oh well. C'est la vie. Love is love.

Another paradox, maybe, an oxymoron; since love is commonly viewed to be healing and not destructive. But I really don't know. Personally, I'm torn between calling this a train wreck or a diamond in the rough. This could definitely be a kind of genius, if all of Adel's inconsistencies were intentional. Give this a few sweeps of a beta reader or a proper editor, and yes: if you meant everything you wrote because you wrote it with the intent to make Adel frustratingly contradictory and inconsistent, this is gold. But I can't tell if you did, or if you're just trying to work your way into the minds of something you don't understand at all. I don't claim to be an expert, either, don't get me wrong, but... I really just don't know.

Nikolai is the character who stays the most IN character this entire story. He doesn't have any real character development that I can see, but he has maintained his character's integrity throughout the length of this tale. Which, now that I think about it, could potentially be another paradox.

If it is, then I sincerely applaud your efforts, because you did it fantastically. If this was your plan, to have paradox piled upon paradox, then-wow, did you ever do it.

But I don't know. I don't know what your intent with this story was. I'm trying to give you feedback, because you've obviously put a lot of work and writing hours into this, but it's like I'm trying to hit a target while dizzy and blindfolded. I don't know what you are looking for, if you were looking for anything at all. All of the comments I've ever made could be completely irrelevant to what you are aiming for, but if the text itself isn't presenting that clearly enough, how am I to know? I'm not functioning on the inside of this story, and if perusal of your other reviews I think I'm the most in-depth reviewer you've had, for the most part. My perspective, as an outsider, could help you. But there is no communication, so for all I know I'm a hundred yards to the left of my target.

To be honest, that frustrates me more than anything else. And then, to top it all off, you seem to be flipping the bird to every reader who's become invested in your saga by offering halfhearted chapters disguised as closure. Of course, that might satisfy most readers. And yes, finishing things is satisfying-getting that monkey of guilt and incompletion off of your back is good-but I just... I don't know. I really don't. Something about this story has honestly left a bad taste in my mouth, and from this side it doesn't feel intentional at all.

I'm sorry if that sounds harsh. I really, sincerely am. But that is my honest opinion, and I am also honestly hurt that all of the time and effort I compiled into my last review went utterly ignored; it felt disrespectful that there wasn't even a brief thank you, acknowledgment of the fact that it went through. I'm sure you have your reasons, but I won't pretend that it didn't sting.

'Til next,

CD 1.0
Archale Spark chapter 40 . 1/24/2012
clairey chapter 40 . 1/23/2012
sick, twisted and absolutely brilliant :)
Nicole Rayne chapter 40 . 1/22/2012
Aww, was that the end? Of course, it was absolutely amazing. I do hope tehre's a sequel if that was truely the ending, though :)
Nicole Rayne chapter 1 . 1/16/2012
You are killing me with your lack of updates!
Nicole Rayne chapter 39 . 12/10/2011
I am so in love with this story I can't even fully convey my feelings to you. You are spot on with psychology terms and your characters are extraordinary. You are thirty nine chapters im and yet have not made your story boring for even a second. Your grammar is also flawless. I don't think I noticed a single .mistake. Please do update this, I can't wait to see what happens next.

crissy19 chapter 39 . 10/16/2011
well i fell bad for her if she is prego, his crazy ass might beat it out of her.
chrissy2911 chapter 39 . 9/15/2011
awe man what a way to leave the chapter hope you find the time to update soon
CaveDwellers chapter 39 . 9/12/2011
Initially, when I found this story, I was cheering because it was so DIFFERENT. I couldn't figure Nikolai out-he was inconsistent, a puzzle I was sure would be solved in time because all I was seeing were his strangest pieces. I liked that Adel was educated and independent and strong. He wasn't merely a badboy with a strange hobby, he's a seriously screwed up guy who will probably never be 'cured.' I admire your gumption for taking his psychopathy this far, I really do.

When Adel got him as a patient, all I could think was "you're not going to make anybody feel better if you put them down all the time like that." Because she did. She was mean to him, she threatened him, she was needlessly demanding, she lost her cool all the time-not at all like a competent therapist. She did not seem up for this challenge in the slightest, and I feel like she should have been pulled from the assignment almost as soon as she got it for her incompetence and lack of professionalism (but then there wouldn't be a story, would there?). I'm not sure if you intended for this to happen, but I can say that it jarred me out of the story. That, and she is distinctly condescending towards the people in the asylum. They are people with problems, not challenges to overcome or diseases to puzzle out. You sort of address this when Adel describes going to counseling and feeling looked down upon, but I really... there are so many things about Adel's character that I can't decide are intentional on your part, or simply ignorant mistake.

To be honest, I don't know whether to hate Adel for being so STUPID or feel empathetic. Or not to trust her viewpoint at all, because she is now so completely warped that she doesn't truly know or understand anything anymore.

Obviously Greaves is in love with her, which is why he's helping her so much, but someone really should have stepped in and separated her from Nikolai while he was in the mental institution. I found that to be realistic-and was it a typo that Lucas was cheating on her with Laura? You never mention any of Adel's feelings about that incident after that point. I found it very strange that it never occurred to her once that Laura was the chick her boyfriend cheated on her with when Laura was in the hospital, not even as a "this situation is much more important than those petty issues"-type thing.

And after Nikolai escapes St. Peter's, I found it very strange that she just skips out of the asylum jangling her keys while a SWAT team was going in. If I were them, I wouldn't have just let her walk away. I would keep all employees back to question them, not allow them to simply walk up to their cars and drive away. She hardly even showed any true concern for her patients, which frankly I found at odds with her so-called "motherly nature."

I found the cat-and-mouse dynamic to be exceedingly interesting before he caught her the first time. It launched an idea of this absolutely warped romance whole series centered around 'try to catch me/try to run from me.' I think I liked Adel best when she was in that state, that deranged half-sane/half-insane state. I also liked when she got the gumption to actually choke him back, when he captured her the first time-but then she put a pillow under his head and just sat there eating an apple, watching him in his unconscious state. Initially I found that amusing, but then I was wondering at her mental state when she doesn't take the opportunity to just leave while she has the chance. Or kill him while she's got the chance.

Nikolai had her kill someone, and that doesn't ever come up in her mind again. Why is that? I'm confused. If it were me, a day wouldn't go by where I would think of it.

Nikolai has definitely unhinged her mind, but to be honest it really didn't seem all that hard. Whenever Adel mentions being hardened towards some of the things she sees because of school, I think "no you're not" or "you need some form of application, not textbook learning; you never really learned that at all!" Of course, she has definitely seen more than your average person (even average person in an insane asylum), but she's... a know-it-all, I guess? Even when she's wrong, Adel is convinced she's right (especially when she claims that she knows Nikolai so well. I don't believe that she knows him at all, if anybody even remotely does it's Greaves). She contradicts herself a lot? Sometimes she just rubs me the wrong way. And like I said, I'm not sure if it's intentional on your part or not to make her that way. If I knew I think I would understand and evaluate her character so much better.

But I have no idea what will happen next, despite all of my problems with Adel's character, and I'm hoping you update soon. Hopefully I managed to communicate that, through all of my blathering and enormous paragraphs of semi-relevant remarks. " I hope at least some of this makes sense.

'Til next,

CD 1.0
Anehalia chapter 39 . 9/6/2011
Interesting, but small tidbit. I can't wait to see how Nikolai reacts.
AA1991 chapter 39 . 9/6/2011
let me guess...she's totally preggers! lol
knownkonvict chapter 39 . 9/6/2011
so i looked up hypochondriasis...not preggo?
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