Reviews for It Sucks When Your Hero Is Mad At You
gumdropj chapter 1 . 11/13/2010
So let's see... lemme analyze this.

You're hero is...? Zack?

But then agin he was never mad at you... so I guess it's not him.

Or you know what I think? Maybe it IS about him. This is fiction, right? Fiction means fake, so this must be a 'what if?' story. Quite the sad one at that. :[
SubwayWolf chapter 1 . 11/13/2010
Okay! Another story. This one seems more depressing. I read the summary and was confused, so here I am. Okay. Here we go.

He's upset with me now, and I started this as soon as I was sure.


Oh, this must be about your boyfriend guy or something. Okay, reading on.

I'm so sorry and I REALLY am crying.


No! Don't cry! I hate it when my friends cry. It feels like I'VE done something wrong.

Maybe that makes you feel better? I know it doesn't.


Why kind of sick-ass bastard would LIKE seeing you cry! Shit, I'll kick his ass!

Doesn't help that I hear your name or am reminded of you so constantly.


I don't even know what happened, and I already feel bad.

It not my place to enter, but I stick my nose in anyway. Much like the situation I got myself into.


Ooh, sounds bad. What did you do, missy...

Well, you have, but this time I could tell you meant it.


Yay, a story in second-person!

"Do I fucking look okay?"


Oh, man...what did you do?

"I'm... sorry."


I hate when people say theyre sorry (not like I'm siding with this dude or anything)! It just gets on my nerves. Like, you should have considered the outcome before you committed the action! Sorry I seem like I'm going against you here. I really am on your side!

"Well, you didn't! Don't say you're sorry!"


See! Maybe all guys have the same type of thoughts against the words "I'm Sorry".

"Look, just leave me alone for a while."


Fucking ass...I don't even know what you (or he) did, but I'll surely kick his ass! Making you cry? Why didn't you tell me about this before! He is DEAD.

You're hurting and I put salt right on the wound.


Well, what was HIS problem? It probably wasn't anything to get THIS upset over.

My throat burns, I know I'll cry soon.


Man, I hate reading this! It's getting me awfully mad.

I turn and glare this man down but say nothing. I know better now.


God damn!

It sucks when your hero is mad at you.


This prick shouldn't be your hero if he talks to you like that!

Talk to me about this. I want to know what happened.