Reviews for A Day at the Markets
DanielStalwart chapter 1 . 5/19/2011
nice exploitation of the five senses in this piece. The sight and smells are nicely done. I love the ironic description of "the fragrance I had always despised" and also "A sweet scent whittled to my noise" that left me confused. is it supposed to be "nose"?

I also noticed that the market majorly sells only fruits and there is only one mention of seafood and vague points on vegetables. maybe you could describe more on food stuffs like the vegetables and even meat as well. The people in the market is well described too and it fits into a market theme.
Slaaty chapter 1 . 10/11/2010
You captured it exactly. I feel the same way whenever I visit Chinatown with my grandmother. Despite everything, there is something soothing about a market.

I disagree with some of your phrases in a grammatical sense (e.g. "a sweet scent /whittled/ to my /noise/" and "the /fragrance/ (usually used for pleasant smells) I had always despised") BUT I realize that this may be to enhance the style/mood of the piece. Anyways, great work! :)