Reviews for Devil King
ForeverNotHere chapter 2 . 1/8/2011
Hmm . . . lots of potential. . I love the concept, and the Apocolypse-maybe feel of the story. .

Uh . . . again . . . I just have one complaint . . . It sorta melds together with the other ones, so I'll tell you it with those two.

I like the creepy bad guy . . . XD Hmm . . . And I like Dagon's grandpa. XP He's quite . . . the enthusiast. .

So far, so good. . I wonder how far this story might evolve. .
Jezzen chapter 1 . 10/12/2010
Even though its a type of plot I've seen many, many times before, I do have to admit that its enjoyable. You take your time to introduce each character, and even though Dagon takes up most of it(of course because hes the center of the story), each of the supporting characters has equal opportunity to make themselves known.

I would sugget though that there could be a more clear reason for the world of the afterlife to suddenly need a new king. Questions like "Are the souls becoming chaotic?" or "Are the demons becoming to numerous and destructive?" comes to my mind.