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illusionae chapter 25 . 5/8/2012
I like how Celeste is still inside Jenna's mind and she thinks she's insane because of it. The scene between Lucan and Jenna was also very sweet and it makes me wish that Lucan will find someone else to fall in love with. Lucan is a lovely character but I feel that he needs to be with someone else rather than Jenna. Jenna belongs with Eidan, not Lucan. Lucan just needs to find his own purpose in life. And wow. Mana, Zeph, Eidan and Grace have to participate in some tournament to kill each other? That sounds awful and I can't believe the people in the Earth Kingdom think of that as entertainment!
illusionae chapter 24 . 5/8/2012
This was a hard chapter to read... Not because it was bad but because of what the characters had to go through :( I like Mana so far by the way. I like how and Zeph argued when they reunited. It fits because I think Zeph would be the kind of friend who is annoying yet very fun to be with at the same time. I also like how Mana seems to be able to control him. And wow I can't believe that Jenna had to say that to Eidan! I feel so sorry for him because he's genuinely believed her! I don't think Eidan has much confidence in himself because he easily believed what Jenna said about him being a monster. :(
illusionae chapter 23 . 5/8/2012
Wow. So many bad things happening in one chapter. I was right in thinking that Eidan and Zeph wouldn't get along. However it was kinda of Zeph's fault for provoking poor Eidan and because of that the king managed to catch them... But I do agree with Zeph that Eidan needs to control Caelum. I wonder what's going to happen now because they're all stuck in those dungeons and Eidan can't get them out. That's awful! I can't think of a way that they can be helped because I doubt Jenna will be able to do much now that she's forgotten about Eidan... Maybe Lucan will do something? I hope so.
illusionae chapter 22 . 5/8/2012
I didn't expect Eidan and Zeph to work together but it should be interesting because anyone can tell that these two do not get along at all. I can't wait to see if they can actually put aside their differences and find Mana together. But seeing as the next chapter title says that their plan failed, I don't think that they actually found Mana with success. Lucan was lovely in this chapter too. He's genuinely nice to Jenna but I don't blame her for not liking him in that sense. Between Lucan and Eidan there's no competition because Jenna has known Eidan for longer...
trilby94 chapter 37 . 5/8/2012
*sobs* poor, poor Jenna! You wrote the emotional impact of the ballroom really, really well. I like that you're not self-indulgent in your descriptions or at all flowery but your writing is still very sensitive and emotive - talent right there :P

I wasn't sure about Mana up to now but after this chapter I really like her - she was so sweet to Jenna :')

But my FAVORITE thing about this chapter was Gwen. I loved how you made her so similar to how Jenna was and yet different. Not only does it remind us just how much Jenna has grown but we get an interestng look into her as se is at this point, faced with a kind of past version of herself.

Gah! Loved it :)

As always, I eagerly await your next update!
Deedee Elle chapter 8 . 5/8/2012
So much happened in this chapter- it was really well handled with the number of different plot strands linking together with the repetition of people blacking out or lights going out.

I love the start with the tension building up to find what dreadful thing is going to happen and finding out it is only a birthday was amusing. The fact that Jenna turns out to be right was inevitable but I didn't expect it to happen in that way.

I like the repetition of Grace's initial thoughts being the same as Jenna's. You're very good at making the reader switch allegiances. I found myself really feeling sorry for Grace in this chapter when she realises Eidan will choose Jenna over her.

The lighthearted scene with the lady talking about children seemed like a throwaway fun scene, but then when there is clearly something strange about Lucan's sister I wonder just what their children would be like and if he is completely human too.

The scene in the banqueting hall was well written- you captured Jenna's confusion and horror well. I thought the ending was great as it is left uncertain what Caelum plans to do when he/Eidan arrive. Although so far we know he seems violent his sense of urgency was interesting and I wonder if he's actually going to save Jenna.
Deedee Elle chapter 7 . 5/8/2012
Hi from RG.

You've changed your username!

The first section was great. I thought we'd get some answers here but I just end up with loads more questions so share Eidan's frustration with Grace. Your description of them facing each other off was really vivid. Argh! Just when I thought we'd get there you switched scenes! Nice double meaning of 'waking' in your chapter title.

Nice to see Lucan asserting himself a bit more with the guards. He's starting to seem much more interesting and his admission that he doesn't mind the marriage was sweet. I don't remember meeting Lacie before but I like her choice of name.

No idea who Caelum is but I'm guessing he is a split personality of Eidan, or maybe Eidan is a conduit to somewhere else.
DutchAver chapter 37 . 5/8/2012
I don't think everyone ending up in Cardamonia was luck. I think the gods finally got bored with the curse and now they want to end it too: so they put everyone together and now, they have to figure out themselves how to finally put an end to this whole thing. That, too, is entertainment for the gods.

I'm not sure if I find the curse of Morgan and Gwen worse than the curse of Caelum and Celeste. I think they're about equal, with the difference that Morgan and Gwen don't see their curse as really being a curse. It is, though, and everyone can see that but themselves.

I love how Jenna talks back at Gwen at the end of the chapter. She's finally growing up a little: the Jenna from previous chapters would never have said such wise words.

The part with Jenna's parents was quite emotional and sad, and I love Mana's role in there. I don't see a crack pairing in there, TBH: Mana's more like a big sister, or a mother-like figure. Jenna herself says that too :)

And the next chapter is going to be Eidan and Zeph? I don't think they'll end up stabbing each other. I wonder if they're going to end up... ah, you know. I hope they don't, though, I still prefer Jenna/Eidan over Zeph/Eidan xD (When's the next part of Zeph/Eidan's crackfic coming out?)

Good luck with your GCSEs! Pass them all! I know you can do it D
Vernelley chapter 37 . 5/7/2012
Anon-ing because stupid FP captchas aren't working properly so I can't sign in -_-

First of all, can I just say... ALL THE EMOTIONS IN THIS CHAPTER, OKAY.


I WAS TEARING UP THE WHOLE TIME JENNA WAS IN THE BALLROOM. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO MY EMOTIONS. SERIOUSLY. But yeah, I would definitely expect Jenna to have a really strong resolve by this stage, after all she's been through.


Hrm. Gwen is... kind of a much more cynical version of the much earlier Jenna. I can see the curse vs gift argument from both sides.

But yikes, they started a war because they were bored. (I'm probably really biased when it just makes Gwen seem like more of a biatch but Morgan seems a lot cooler... I'm that biased okay.)

I think we already know Jenna and Eidan are in LOOOOOVE. But, good development.

I wonder how Eidan and Zeph are going... Wonder how long they'll last without arguing, actually XD (And maybe since Mana and Jenna were so beautifully affectionate this chapter... *mumbles* maybe Eidan and Zeph will be too... ROFL I REALLY DOUBT IT.)

Excellent chapter as always. UPDATE SOON. Good luck with those exams :o
mingsquared chapter 37 . 5/7/2012
I think you captured the emotions perfectly, so there is no need to worry about that.

["Yes, it does… Hence, we started the war with Ascantha. Watching the humans die over something we caused does provide genuine entertainment."]

This sounds like something I would do actually...making the pawns fight each other and watch from a distance. I think that's a bad thing, but oh well. xD

Morgan and Gwen are interesting characters. I really wonder how they would perform in a gladiatorial match to the death against other people with magic.

Looking forward to your next update!
Viva-la-Mylo chapter 37 . 5/7/2012
Haha the short parts zepth was in there was hilarious and I love how she talked to her mom and dad even tho they were stone it's sad but cute I loved it and her conversation with Gwen at the end and Eidan so cute!
Writing In Ink Forever chapter 1 . 5/4/2012
I want to say that I think Jenna is growing up. She seems much more mature in the ending chapters. I forgot to put that in my review. I think she needed something bad to happen to her for you to mature.

thenutrunningthenuthouse chapter 36 . 5/3/2012
Hey! Sorry it took so long to review...

[-in which zeph has no friends-] - LOL BEST CHAPTER SUBTITLE

I enjoyed the opening metaphor with the hangover and then Jenna realizes that she has never had a hangover to compare it to. XD Sets up a nice tone for the rest of the chapter, which I'm guessing is going to be serious but lighthearted.

I seemed to have forgotten about Jenna stabbing herself. How pleasant.

["No. Absolutely not. Piss off."] - sounds pretty Zeph. Lol I liked how you broke that up.

Oh Farria, sounding like such a pleasant place. Hah, poor Zeph; he probably has a point but he's going to end up with no friends.

[ "Did she just say she wasn't my friend anymore?"] you have no idea how much this made me laugh! Oh, poor Zeph! And to think he's going to end up with no friends!

Oh my God, Jenna's mental moment was hilarious too. Zeph and Eidan getting married...oh that marriage wouldn't last long. (you just set up a crack pairing)

Wait, they're in the fire kingdom but it's all icy? WHAT?


Morgan's sister seems kinda slutty from the first impression. XD

Wait, wait, wait! Morgan is like clockwork or something! WHat the hell is going on!

Still confused, but I'll go back to Alexandria. :)

I know so happy about the text editor and on another note, do you watch Legend of Korra?

Excellent chapter! Update soon!
Viva-la-Mylo chapter 36 . 5/2/2012
Hey! I absolutly fell in love with this atory i dont usually read stories like this but i was hooked from the beginning and i adore it! I reallylove zeph maybe its weird considering hes grumpy and stuff but i love him almost started crying when i thought he had died. I absolutly adore eidan i love the battle he has with the voice in his (sorry forgot how to spell the guys name he hasnt been around for awhile) i feel bad for grace in away but i dont know they need to break the curse i love jen and eidan! There so cute and mana i love her too but like i said im in love with zepth:) update soon luv your writing is amazing and i cant wait to read more im dying!
ChrisRidgewayVoiceActor chapter 23 . 5/1/2012
Just as I was getting annoyed by these blurbs at the beginning and end of each chapter, and the switching to some weird italic thing that makes no sense..this chapter they were intriguing.

"nothim" nice typo ;P

Anwyho, the fight was alot of fun that's for sure lol Not surprising that Caelum has ANOTHER person from back in the day that he hates lol

For once the end part feel coherent and makes sense as well with the sobbing (my guess is the goddess in her sobbing to her father, whomever that is). Great chapter, much more interesting than the previous ones! thumbs up
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