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Lady of romance world88 chapter 23 . 1/20/2011
Hi. Its beautiful chapter and I love it. :) By the way, I change my pen name from hopelessinromance1988 to Lady of romance world88. :D I am so glad that Tyler and Josh drove and see Candence off. Thats so sweet of them. :) Hope that Josh and Candence will be item in the end. I am so glad that Candence make right choice to be home with her family instead. :D Ah Dana throw the new year eve party. Thats awesome. :D Hope that it goes well that night. :) OMG Beck and Candence have huge heat arguement. Why can't he be nice to her for once? :( I am so glad that Mack is to be wonderful friend of Candence. :) OMG Sarah gave Candence the promise ring with the note. I am wonder why Sarah done it? :S OMG Beck chose Sarah over Candence. Why? I thought he loves Candence. Poor Candence. :( I am wonder what will Beck going to say when he discover the note beside the promise ring? :S Hurry update soon. Keep writing. :D I am look forward to read the next chapters of your story. Don't stop writing. :D It is amazing chapter and I am enjoy read this story. I love it. Please update soon. :) Hope that you will write a epilogue too. It'll definitely interesting epilogue. :D
Lady of romance world88 chapter 22 . 1/20/2011
Hi. Its so beautiful chapter. And I love it. :) I am so glad that Candence is work on christmas eve. Thats means she get double pay for her job. :) Aww Hollyn is still grow up into beautiful little girl. Her family spoilt with love, joy, laughter and happiness :) Aww Josh ask Candence to go with him for NY trip. Thats so cute. Hope that she can go with him for another chance to make decide for her future. Aww... Karen, Aunt Paula and Aunt Haley does love Hollyn. Thats so wonderful. :) OMG Ryan got married to Gisella and he won't talk with Candence at all. What jerk he is. Poor Candence. :( OMG Sarah hate Candence and became best friend of Tarryn. I can't believe this. Poor Candence. :( I am so glad that Candence went to NY with Josh to have good time together. :) OMG Beck spoilt Candence's mood and force her go home to Hollyn. What jerk Beck is. Poor Candence. :( I am so glad that Josh understand and he's so sweet guy. I think he's perfect boyfriend for Candence. :) OMG Candence and Josh kiss now. Yay! Hope that they will be item in the end. :) It is amazing chapter and I am enjoy read this story. I love it. I am off to read the next chapter now. :)
3H chapter 23 . 1/19/2011
I really liked this chapter too. It's my favorite by far. I hope you update as soon as you say. HURRY!
iRuo chapter 23 . 1/19/2011
no no

you can not NOT stop here!
Soonafter100 chapter 23 . 1/19/2011
OMG...OMG...OMG...I AM SO SAD, I feel for cady, and am pushing towards her and beck, it makes me so sad that they are not together...):...Can't wait for the nect chapter, it would make me happy if u posted it tonight, but take ur time!
metallicdiamond chapter 22 . 1/18/2011
Somethings that I wanted to point out in this chapter that you didn't fix is that you said Hollyn was at Becks the night before Christmas for Christmas Eve, but somehow when Cady was packing you said Hollyn was in the room and sleeping. Haha also How did Cady's mom take Hollyn to Beck? Was it taking a plane, because I thought they would have to take a plane just to get back home, but somehow they didn't, or you didn't write it. Or was it when they took her to the airport they left too?

And last but not least, in the beginning you said Hollyn was downstairs with Cady's mom then somehow the baby was in Cady's room on a blanket with her toys, haha. I just wanted to point those out for you so you can fix em, and not let them go unnoticed. I hope you update again soon, I like reading this story it's alot different than many teen pregnancy stories, this is kind of 'grown up' version of a teen pregnancy story, where as alot of people who write em make the couple stay together and there be no problems, and everything was just going 'dandy' when things arent that easy in life.

haha, oh lord this was probably the longest comment I've ever written for someone in a review. No joke


TheRiverRunsDeep chapter 22 . 1/18/2011
I can't wait to find out how this is going to end..I am hoping Beck and Cady will be together 4ever!
Lady of romance world88 chapter 21 . 1/17/2011
Hi. It is beautiful chapter and I love it. :) OMG Why does Candence hate going to school? The education are good thing to help her to get good job and good university. Thats main important for her to work hard and study hard so she can be indepant young woman and support Hollyn on her own. :) OMG Beck have a new girlfriend? I don't expect him to move on with his life so quickly. Hope that he's happy with his new girlfriend. OMG Brooklyn move to private girl school. Hope that she is happy there. OMG Tarryn and Candence are talk each other again. Yay! Hope that they will be good friends in the future. OMG Dayton and Candence are not talk each other. Thats horrible. How could she blame him for break up her relationship with Beck? If I am in Candence's shoes. I rather go to Dayton than Beck because Beck don't trust her and always jump in wrong conclusions all time. I think Dayton is perfect guy for Candence if she's ready to go date in the future. Hope that Candence and Dayton will be friends again. It'll be shame if they are not keep in touch in the future. I am glad that Mack and Candence keep in touch since Hollyn is born. :) OMG Candence's parents are divorce. Poor thing. Hope that her mum is happy to be single now. I am glad that Candence got a job to support her and her daughter. Thats wonderful. :D Hope that Candence get second job to support her and Hollyn too. I do not understand why Candence is act so bitch and jealous around Sarah. Sarah is nice girl. Hope that Candence should be happy for Beck. Hurry update soon. Keep writing. :D I am look forward to read the next chapters of your story. Don't stop writing. :D It is amazing chapter and I am enjoy read this story. I love it. Please update soon. :) I suggest you to slow down bit so you can work and write wonderful new chapters. Don't rush anything at all please. :)
Soonafter100 chapter 21 . 1/17/2011
It sad that there not together...
JaredDean chapter 20 . 1/12/2011
I think the chapter came out just fine even if you were tired. i just wish cady and beck would stop fighting. and dayton, really, what a home wrecker. and the nerve of brooklyn. i think i might be way more involved with the characters than i should be. good job.
Lady of romance world88 chapter 20 . 1/11/2011
Hi. Its beautiful chapter and I love it. :) Aww Cadence spend time with Hollyn. Thats so cute. :) OMG Dayton show up to surprise Cadence and his gift is so adornable. And he kiss her. Why? :S OMG Beck and Cadence have huge heat arguement. How dare he doesn't believe her. He's idiot to let her go. He should have listen to her. Hope that he'll be regret what he done to her. Poor Cadence. :( OMG Cadence and Beck broke up for good. Poor thing. :( Hopeful that they will forgive each other. I am so glad that Cadence keep touch with Mack. He's great friend. :) OMG Brooklyn and Tarryn insult Candence. Candence should not lost temper on them. They are nothing. They just want to rub into her face and make her angry with them. Candence should say something intelligent to shut them up or laugh at them or just walk away from them so their words don't bother her at all. Otherwise it lead her into fights and bad mood all day. Don't let them affect her. Mack is right and Hollyn is so luckily to have Candence as her mum. :) I don't think Candence date Dayton is good idea. Its not right for her. She just come out from break up relationship with Beck. Maybe 2 years is good idea to date again. Just give her some time to get back on her feets and enjoy her life as amazing mum and great student. :) Hurry update soon. Keep writing. :D I am look forward to read the next chapters of your story. Don't stop writing. :D It is amazing chapter and I am enjoy read this story. I love it. Please update soon. :)
LatinSpice chapter 20 . 1/11/2011

why? why!

why did Beck and Cady have to break up?

this totally sucks! Ugh! stupid Dayton!

He should fall off a cliff and die!
chewychester chapter 1 . 1/11/2011
Happy Halloween? And this guy is like quackers! this is for Duckie.
LatinSpice chapter 19 . 1/5/2011
just finished reading all 19 chapters! started last night. i wanted to read it all in one night but sleep won me over. anyways, this story is amazing! i seriously LOVE it! and i hope you can update it soon. its truly amazing! i hope everything will be okay with Beck and Cady. Especially since Hollyn is already here. anyway, cant wait till next chapter!
GermanSam chapter 19 . 1/4/2011
I've liked this story for a long time but I don't know if I ever reviewed (I review a lot of stories; sometimes my reviews run together). Anyway, it's nice to see that not everything is perfect for Cady. I mean, everything isn't working the way she wanted and she's stressed and everything seems very...real. Not that I have experiance with anything in this story but I'm glad it's not all fine and plesent now that the baby is here. But, I'm still hoping for things to work out in the end. Hollyn deserves two loving parents who are hopefully together. Anyway, that's what I'm rooting for. Great writing!
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