Reviews for Moonlight
ConcernedCitizen chapter 64 . 6/30
What happened to Moonsinger and Shadorak?
hi chapter 64 . 6/22
I love these two so much but this story gives me so much second hand embarrassment lol
chibikodo chapter 64 . 6/22
Izeri, you think too damn much.

Just relax and take it for what it is. The freaking out, self doubt and questioning can happen later. Cuddle up.

Thanks for the update.
Encore19 chapter 64 . 6/22
Noooo I'm such an utter fool! I thought this story was completed but there's no more! Either way I think you're silly for being self-conscious with this chapter, it was very well done and I'm not just saying that! I loved how Izeri was the top and how you did it so realistically, I loved how they were in love and all the emotions and stuff. This was well done!
Encore19 chapter 63 . 6/22
It's really cool that Izeri might be the one to penetrate Charias first. All of the social norms is that smaller and less masculine Izeri would be the bottom and I think it's great that you're mixing it up this way.
Encore19 chapter 62 . 6/22
Eeeeee so good! Vek'varanitae is a beautiful name and he is a very wise spirit. I like how he's the only one with the decent ideas ie. kill Akitra.
Encore19 chapter 61 . 6/22
Stupid Akitra. This was really well written, as usual. The paragraph of Izeri comparing his relationship with Jak's was powerful. More than once you accidentally said 'through' instead of 'thought' though. Good job.
OMG chapter 63 . 6/20
Encore19 chapter 60 . 6/18
Such a cool plot-twist! Poor Izeri worries about everything and often gets the wrong idea/puts things out of proportion.
Encore19 chapter 59 . 6/17
I think this is still a good chapter! I enjoyed it!
Encore19 chapter 58 . 6/17
Wooooow! Charias's reaction seems pretty spot-on to me but I'm trusting you to know more about it than me.
Encore19 chapter 57 . 6/17
Yay hopeful ending! You know after listening to Izeri go on and on about how Charias could never love him I was actually surprised that Charias forgave him so quickly. Even though I shouldn't have been.
Encore19 chapter 56 . 6/17
Gawd Izeri's just killing himself slowly with this isn't he? Even if it turned to shit he'd wish he'd just gone through with it quicker. Even though we all know it won't.
Encore19 chapter 55 . 6/17
That scene where Izeri just let his feelings flow out onto the page while crying was beautiful. He is quite negative, and the fact he's not entirely motivated to do the right thing but admits that seems to add dimension to his character.
Encore19 chapter 54 . 6/17
I can't wait for this to go down! I've been waiting for what words he would use to explain himself for ages! Then again if he simply transformed Charias would put everything together himself.
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