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Encore19 chapter 66 . 1h
Yayyyy! I can't wait to see what you do next with this story!
Encore19 chapter 65 . 1h
Yay! You're completely right Izeri! Akitra deserves every last bit of this suffering! I hope he does tell Darike, that'd be really cool. I miss Darike, he's a pretty good character. Happy you updated! And I was actually surprised to see the chapters coming out so soon cause from the comments I'd read on past chapters it looked like sometimes it takes you months with your schedule and stuff. So I'm happy!
chibikodo chapter 66 . 7/20
Welp that explains a lot of the unknown time that Jak was out of it.. and I would think Charias would understand the necessity of a small lie to keep Jak calm.

Does this mean Moonlight is near its end as well?
JW chapter 66 . 7/20
Now that Jak has recovered from his coma, I find one thing, apparently necessary, but disappointing in the development. It is the scene Akitra mentions while explaining the situation to Jak in Chapter 40 of Broken Wings.

Akitra tells Jak that he and Maika waited all night at the infirmary for word from the doctor about Jak's condition. Zaiden came by also to see what was going on and told Maika of their scheme and the use of the love spell, presumably breaking Maika's heart. I would dearly have loved to see that scene. It would shed so much light on Maika's later behavior in Broken Wings and even Moonlight the last two weeks. I confess that I have just realized that as Izeri was not present that scene could not be reported from Izeri's point of view. Regrettable, as I have been waiting for it.

I do believe that scene, treated as offstage in Broken Wings, is the most important development in the story during this period. As a brief sketch reported afterward it suggests much about Maika's subsequent behavior. It would have been very good to see Maika's reaction in real time and in detail.

The bit about fairies being pathological liars above suggests that even if Maika were to tell Izeri about his reaction later in this story one could not count on the report being the unvarnished truth. Charias has his work cut out for him.

The subsequent development of the line of text about Jak's mother taking a nap and his father getting something to eat is interesting. That line also appears in Broken Wings in passing. Jak's parents' presence at the infirmary adds nothing to the story so far and did not in Broken Wings. Their presence might have been left out of Broken Wings and subsequently Moonlight altogether. Very little is said about them other than their presence and a good part of that little now turns out to be a lie.

Perhaps, their presence is a genuflection to parental concern but here it is unfortunate. They really do require more development and a role in the story if they are to appear at all. Perhaps the development of the line about the parents being elsewhere as a lie is simply to provide a serendipitous hook onto which a reminder of Izeri's penchant for lying can be hung for subsequent use?
C.Y. Hawkins chapter 65 . 7/9
Whoa! Izeri has such sass xD Though he's very brutal :P
I feel a little bit bad for Akitra, but at the same time I don't xD He's still insulting everyone instead of asking for help - which I love btw xD
Oh God, imagine Akitra and Charias dating!
C.Y. Hawkins chapter 64 . 7/9
I love Izeri's wings! Damn, with his reaction, I want a pair of my own xD
I forgot until this moment that the fey have different penis' from humans. It's such a great addition to this story!
And about your authors note, no matter how hard it was to write, it came out flawlessly!
C.Y. Hawkins chapter 63 . 7/9
Wow, you're a teacher? That's so awesome! Sounds like a great job :D

Omg Izeri is going to do Charias. I never could have imagined this as their first time xD
Charnette chapter 65 . 7/6
Another chapter, whee! Nice! No matter that it's short, at least it's here!
Take a breather, enjoy the summer. Personally, I love the heat
chibikodo chapter 65 . 7/6
Oh Izeri, perhaps you don't know Darike as well as you think? Certainly you have no idea how skeezy and scheming Zaiden is.

It's interesting hearing about Jak's family when we never saw them in BW. Akitra visiting constantly with the hope that Jak wakes up.. if he wanted to deny his feelings before it's certainly apparent now that he cares.

Will we get a 10 yrs in the future short story set after this and BW?
ConcernedCitizen chapter 64 . 6/30
What happened to Moonsinger and Shadorak?
hi chapter 64 . 6/22
I love these two so much but this story gives me so much second hand embarrassment lol
chibikodo chapter 64 . 6/22
Izeri, you think too damn much.

Just relax and take it for what it is. The freaking out, self doubt and questioning can happen later. Cuddle up.

Thanks for the update.
Encore19 chapter 64 . 6/22
Noooo I'm such an utter fool! I thought this story was completed but there's no more! Either way I think you're silly for being self-conscious with this chapter, it was very well done and I'm not just saying that! I loved how Izeri was the top and how you did it so realistically, I loved how they were in love and all the emotions and stuff. This was well done!
Encore19 chapter 63 . 6/22
It's really cool that Izeri might be the one to penetrate Charias first. All of the social norms is that smaller and less masculine Izeri would be the bottom and I think it's great that you're mixing it up this way.
Encore19 chapter 62 . 6/22
Eeeeee so good! Vek'varanitae is a beautiful name and he is a very wise spirit. I like how he's the only one with the decent ideas ie. kill Akitra.
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