Reviews for Moonlight
chibikodo chapter 71 . 19h
Blech. Carrion for dinner. I am sure the shival is thrilled seeing as Izeri doesn't eat much meat much less the kind of meat shivals eat. Quite interesting seeing what it's like for the shifted. I would have expected Vek to say more.
Encore19 chapter 70 . 9/25
Yay more of Izeri and Charias! I'm glad I'm keeping up-to-date with this. It's motivating me to write my own story. I'm still wondering about how nice a person Izeri is. In the first book I hated Charias for what he did to Izeri, but seeing their private life and story we know that it seemed more so Charias was the victim. Still a good read and still shipping them!
chibikodo chapter 70 . 9/21
Aw how sweet. :) I am glad Izeri is facing his fears and talking to Vek. Looking forward to his shift and seeing if Charias will be okay with the shival.
C.Y. Hawkins chapter 69 . 9/20
All these people "dropping out". It's so sus xD
Encore19 chapter 69 . 9/19
Xakryn's back! Damn where'd Sticky go? I don't actually remember what happens when Jak first sees Maika from the last book. Hmmmm. For a faerie Izeri is a really good person, probably from all the crap he's had to deal with and not having status and stuff. Good job!
Encore19 chapter 68 . 9/19
They're so cute / I love the drama with the weregecko and Xakryn, it's just a clever little side-thing you have going on. And side-things are good, it makes the story more real and readers can know that stuff happens other than what the main characters are going through. Cause that's life. Izeri's internal monologue about justifying lies was clever and gave us more insight on faerie culture.
Encore19 chapter 67 . 9/19
How'd the Marauder's Map get in this story? xD But seriously I love all your cool little descriptive places. Like the gigantic dark library. It's creative imagery like that I probably can't get in my story. But I'll try! The faeries fascinate me.
Lerene chapter 69 . 9/9
Great story, although I'm curious when you finish this story will you be doing a story about Stickyfingers? I find myself very curious about him now after everything that has happened to him the late so many chapters.
chibikodo chapter 69 . 9/8
Izeri no offense but you suck at giving advice...

Jak is really lucky he is alive.

And as for Sticky.. I sure hope nothing sinister happened to him and he actually left of his own will.
MaddamAndRobin chapter 68 . 9/4
I love Izeri x Charias. They make me squee. xoxo Robin
MaddamAndRobin chapter 67 . 9/4
Oooo, I had wondered what was happening on Maika's end when he was refusing to see Jak. xoxo Robin
Maeve Selene chapter 68 . 8/26
Honestly I'm enjoying this story a great deal more than I thought I would, I really like seeing events from Izeri's view and finding out other things happening at the same time as the other story! I can't wait for the next chapter :)
chibikodo chapter 68 . 8/24
Haha Marriage and kids and a nice home. That sounds adorable.

Poor Jak. It will be okay.
chibikodo chapter 67 . 8/3
It certainly sounds like a rather tall tale, students getting lost and then perishing in the library. Haha but there is usually some grain of truth that leads to such a legend. :)

As for Maika..seems like he's been forced into the position of unwillingly having to hide potential sensitive or weak spots that may be taken advantage of. Terrible.

But Izeri is a smart guy, too bad he actually cares about Jak's feelings. ;)
C.Y. Hawkins chapter 67 . 8/3
"Izeri refrained from pointing out that a person would die of thirst before they starved to death" Omg this is me everytime someone says this!

Maika! Maika whatchu doing to that water? xD He's totally showing off!
It seems that Maika isn't making Izeri crazed and infatuated with him! Maybe if they can see Maika for him, the glamour doesn't work as well? Or maybe it's Izeri's were animal that's protecting him :3

Thanks for another amazing chapter!
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