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Maeve Selene chapter 74 . 11/21
Oh my god poor Moonsinger and Stickyfingers that's horrific I hope Dark gets what he deserves... It was a great chapter and I can't wait for the next one :)
Jane Doe chapter 74 . 11/17
This chapter had my heart POUNDING. POUNDING! I've been checking this story regularly for new chapters since you posted 5 years ago. Very good read, but I've never felt the NEED to review until tonight. So unexpected, so amazing! I am so proud of Izeri! Definately going to re-read after this. Miss Locke, do you have an idea of when the story will be over? Maybe in this new year? I've been with you since Broken Wings, and I will continue to read Moonlight for as long as it takes you to finish because it's that damn good. I check back every other week to see if there's anything new. This story is my 1AM escape. I just can't help but think about the final chapter after reading each new chapter you post. As much as I don't want this story to be over it also makes me incredibly anxious knowing the end could be near. Praying for more frequent chapters! It's amazing! - Jane Doe
SlytherinQueenKrissy chapter 74 . 11/16
I'm dead. Or possibly dying. All because of you and your writing skills making me feel things
chibikodo chapter 74 . 11/16
Oh wow, I am glad Moonsinger is still alive. And that Charias was only temporarily knocked out.

Izeri can save his own butt, no additional assistance needed.. welp except from the shival. But I would've though being more in tune with his were spirit would have allowed Izeri to control his magic...
Lerner chapter 74 . 11/16
Wow, what an emotional chapter. Poor Moonsinger and Sticky. I never trusted Dark, but I never expected him to be that horrible.
JW chapter 74 . 11/16
Just one last point which I think emphasizes my comments about Professor Dark. A truly surprising event happens at the end of chapter 74. Izeri and Charias are in a place where no casual person is likely to intrude. But at the end while wondering what to do, Charias says, "Nobody comes out here." and the response from nowhere comes, "Hello, is somebody down there?". Now that is a surprise!

The difficulty with this is finding a really good reason for someone happening along like that. Something surprising and believable. It is these jerks in sensibility which can force events into a new direction which make a good story. However, providing this person has ostensibly made Izeri and Charias' efforts to escape and provide warning easier. There should be a corresponding liability. Such a shift should not lessen the difficulty so much as change its overall character providing a different set of problems to solve. Let's see Chapter 75.
JW chapter 74 . 11/16
Actually, I think Dark is not nearly bad enough as he appears at present. Dark is not just evil, he is banal. For a work of erotic romance fantasy, Dark's passion is de rigueur. There should be something else, something more surprising in his perversion. Not just sexually perverted but a frustrated huntsman as well, perhaps. Perhaps, he hates being were. He seems to favor weres as victims. A huntsman terrorist attack planned on Alyrawood might be in the offing as well. Perhaps I am just kidding. It is difficult to escape from cliche. Too many perhaps I think.

Dark's unexplained interest in the students was rather telegraphed. Since he was so obvious he might better have served as a red herring as you suggest. Alternatively you might have given him some other innocuous reason for taking such an interest. Something which would suggest he was some form of harmless fool. A little bit of comedy now and then to make the reader smile and divert the plot for a moment. Also, something which would suggest another ultimate reason for including him in the story. Characters take time and effort to develop; they are not there for nothing and the reader knows it.
LadyDe chapter 74 . 11/16
WOW! again, WOW! I really didn't see this one coming. I feel so bad for Moonsinger. He's been there for weeks and Professor Dark is EVIL. I hope you have a really, really bad death planned for him? Like let Vek eat him or the other professors do something really nasty to kill him.
Guest chapter 74 . 11/16
omgggggggg the suspense! Poor Moonsinger and Stickyfingers :(
Sablesilverrain chapter 74 . 11/15
I'm glad you decided to let Dark be the villain. I never liked him.

And YAY! Sticky's alive! I'm so glad! _
Maeve Selene chapter 73 . 11/7
Oh no why the cliffhanger?! I really hope they're alright! I loved the chapter and can't wait for the next one :)
Lerene chapter 73 . 11/3
How exciting! The next chapter can't come fast enough.

Poor Moonsinger. :( Wondering if Stinky was the one calling for help, I hope so.
chibikodo chapter 73 . 11/2
! Okay so weiiird conversation involving sex in 'were' form (I was tempted to say 'no sex in the champagne room!'). At least they are talking and being honest

So who is it? Creepy professor Dark? Cliffhangers are so evil
Guest chapter 73 . 11/2
omg the suspense is killing me!
Guest chapter 72 . 11/2
Awwww I want all the good things for my lovelies. They deserve it.
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