Reviews for Not My Will
BrooklynLahjaStarr chapter 1 . 11/12/2010
Not bad at all for a first try at a Christian song. You should compare your song to my first ever spiritual(or religious,as the world prefers)song. It may seem hard at first to concoct a Christian song,any song for that matter. If you want to create a song that is Christian and appeals to most listen to the band Switchfoot. Some people I really like,but are female singers, are JJ Heller and Britt Nicole. Both have phenomenal lyrics that have a nice beat. Britt Nicole is a bit more pop. While JJ Heller,on the other hand,has a melodic,indie type sound. That's just some advice if you continue to want to write Christian music for a hobby.

The thing about Christian music is that not much is made. When a great song is made in the Christian universe,however, small Christian bands might want to use it,maybe even a church. That makes us all feel good,does it not? It gives us a since of pride for ourselves and joy that we did something for our Father in Heaven. I occassionally write Christian songs while I add a good bit of punk pop rock in my song notebook. Which is funny,because I usually listen to Christian music on my radio.

Happy writting

~Brooklyn Lahja Starr
lymli chapter 1 . 11/12/2010
aw, I like the thought in this, when people love they want to be loved and trusted back too.