Reviews for Fever 104
lymli chapter 1 . 11/17/2010
flayed, I am too dirty for you or anyone.

My body

hurts me as the world hurts God.

I like that part. it sounde kind of desperate.
instant bliss chapter 1 . 11/16/2010
I ought to be properly annoyed with you for sending me back to Plath (especially when my copy of her collected poems is halfway around the world from me, with all my notes in, *sigh*) but I think your "Fever 104" is worth it. You've certainly captured something of Plath's voice, with the repetition and the ongoing modification and remodification of key phrases and images and internal sounds, though Plath's style is perhaps more spare. Moreover, you've truly captured the kind of bold-and-burning tone that Plath picks up in "Fever 103 Degrees" - captured it and made it your own.

I love the laceration motif. I love how you use bubble gum as a more contemporary (and grounded) twist on Plath's (rather fanciful) canon of "pink things". I love the word-play in "love, love make me wretch" after Plath's "Water, water make me retch". I love the ending, "My body / hurts me as the world hurts God", which is quite a change from the Virgin ascending to Paradise with her pink Cherubim, and an effective counterpoint, I think, to the rather silly sort of irony in "Fever 103". Ultimately, I love so many details in this poem that I couldn't possibly name them all, but the end effect is such that I think I actually like "Fever 104" more than I ever did "Fever 103". It's brilliant.