Reviews for Pedaler Dans La Choucroute Pt 2
Louis Denair chapter 1 . 11/17/2010
Now that's good timing. Just as I finished the first part, lo and behold, the next instalment ready for the taking. So again, the prose is admirable. You know how to catch the reader with those sharp opening lines like "Ava was very pregnant". Here the action is more condensed, reduced to the very essence, fleshing out nicely the tensions between the two characters. The dialogues had something of Hemingway in them. Not quite Papa, but getting there. This great, electrifying pool of complexity just barely visible through the primer of make-believe conventionality. Just like real life. It's clear that you were living the story, the characters through and through, 24/7, and the storytelling gains from it a wealth of authenticity. Gradually, your writing becomes more and more genuine. The illusion more real. The prestidigitator's tricks subtler and subtler until entirely invisible.