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Twilight chapter 172 . 11/20/2013
Holy shit dude, what is it with you and dick abuse?

... and KB is not safer.
Twilight chapter 171 . 11/19/2013
Pizza with lettuce underneath it seems like a gift from a special level of hell.

Anyway, despite your difficulty this turned out good.

I can't imagine the guilt on Anatole's shoulders though.
Twilight chapter 170 . 10/6/2013
For some reason, neither FP or FF are giving me e-mails about anything so I'm sorry for coming to these late. So, sorry.

It seems like Koukon Crisis is coming along well, despite you saying you had some difficulties with it. If you need any help, you know where to find me!

(I am never going to live down writing these Warriors stories, am I?)
Deathcas chapter 168 . 8/13/2013
Gotta wonder what kind of world you live in when pawn shop owners don't ask a nine year old where the heck he's getting gold and platinum from.

I mean considering everything that occurs here that's probably a weird thing to think about buttttt who ever said I functioned within the realms of logic. Or maybe I do function within the realm of logic, hence why I wonder why the pawn shop guy doesn't ask where mini-Doku is getting that stuff.
And on the other hand, I've never actually been to a pawn shop so I ain't got a clue what it's like. So I guess I;m just asking dumb questions.


Here's to hoping everyone is alright back at the big battle, though I have no doubt Edward and Keiko are about to kick massive amounts of ass. Booyah! (Also here's I'm going to wave my golden kangaroo in the air to support the Australians (no seriously I have a cardboard statue golden kangaroo with a green cape and no eyes and I'm going to wave it in the air for the Australians! YEAH! or just anyone who needs support really. WOOH!)

Kadoku ain't afraid of no Beedrill! I mean ice isn't supereffective against it, but flying is! Okay, no more Pokemon stuff, I promise.

Tsurara and Rihatsu are great but oh my fucking God Hand KADOKU YOU JUST RAN INTO A WALL jkdshgjfh way to ruin your cool son.

Kadoku: ...

Actually I'm kind of laughing at the mental image this is conjuring. The graceful Kadoku, stoic and powerful wielder of ice...meets the wall and loses. Idfkjghdfskjghafskjghjgkjdffff

Huh, I never realised Kadoku got that sort of help. Mentally I always imagined him living in run down and abandoned places, but I guess that would be sort of foolish of him since he can sorta dream craft and stuff. Looks like you're doing a bit better than Infinite Abyss Kadoku then. But still...

-hugs Kadoku- I just...pooor...-sobs-. Tommy I get that you're a kid but please don't be a dick because Kadoku...skdfghskfhdkgs

On the other hand, it's a smart move to develop a network, so long as you don't end up relying on them too heavily. I suppose to an extent he'd find their kindness...difficult to understand and accept but I guess like you said, he's young and desperate, what else could he do? He's cold-hearted but not a fool.

Poor ping-ponging heart. -hugs- Don't worry Kadoku, we've all been there.

Kadoku: Do not hug me.


LOLing at Kadoku's 'fuck that' moment. I guess no one likes these flashbacks. Though I do think Kadoku got a nicer one than some of the others -doesn't mean it's pleasant but like, he didn't get thrust back into the moment his brothers were killed or he was beaten or anything-.

Knowing more about Mr Almond Eyed Blondie would be nice. :3 I'm curious to see who else I can ship Kadoku with.

Kadoku: -_-

He's having a flashback while he's sitting in his own mind. I'm not sure if that's weird or normal. I mean, where else do we have flashbacks but in our own head? It's just usually we aren't...sitting there during one. Hmmm...yeah, I guess it is normal and weird.

Cybisius is a cutie muffin and shall be given many pats. Also the image of him on Kadoku's head all curled up me dying from cuteness.

But hey, what the hell does Cybisius know about the Cerekai Network? HE'S AT THE CENTRE OF IT ALL ISN'T HE. HE'S YUU'S PET OR YUU IN DIGUISE ISN'T HE HE'S ACTUALLY YOU HE'S WRITING THIS ENTIRE THING HE'S PLOTTING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD he's a weasel Lucas oh my god hand dskjghdfjhs

Tsurara isn't too out of place in the Kadoku/Rihatsu space but HI ENDERS WASSUP!

I find the way Rihatsu and Enders converse most amusing. Rihatsu is such a little shit and it's great. But yeah, Kadoku and Tsurara you get back to helping Naota.'d better start figuring this Lycoris shit out -if you can, but if you can't hey, at least you tried!-

Hey Kadoku, i stand in the middle! Though I'm shit at playing puppeteer so I guess I just stand in the middle and cry and eat and read fan fic so I'm not really the one you hate.

And wait a second Kadoku, weren't you kind of playing puppeteer when you convinced -or attempted to convince- Stray that you were one of them.

Kadoku: Everything will make sense in time.

I'll trust you on that.

ALSO THAT ENDING HOLY FUCK I STARTED CHOKING DFSJKGHF jdfks Takuto got a free slippery slide at the cost of his dignity.

Takuto: Shut up.

Kadoku: -can't stop smirking-

Suppose you aren't the only one to lose to a wall Kadoku.

Kadoku: I am fairly certain Celena had an encounter with a wall not too long ago..

Walls appear to be deadly in this universe.

Tsurara: Hit a wall hard enough and it would be deadly in any universe.

Rihatsu: He's got you there. :3

Eh, true true.

And ooohhh, looking forward to the next chapter! I expect some epic asskicking occurring!

And no Rihatsu, you cannot have Takuto's mysterious pretty.

Rihatsu: That's what you think. o3o It shall be mineeee

Anyway, good chapter Kira!
Deathcas chapter 167 . 8/13/2013
The mysteries of the Crisis Kingdom. Calling the Dark Dreamers selfish hmmm...just how will everything unfold. How will the cards present themselves? What the heck were the Gods doing when Izumi was getting tortured?

Carlington: Shopping for half-decent hair gel.

You little shit.

-pats Yuu's shoulder- it's alright man, you've got enough on your plate. You've done your best, what more can you do?

For some unknown reason, my mind felt like relating Vesanus and Izumi for a moment. Mostly because of that nuclear explosion. I could see a future for Izumi like what Vesanus has if she gave herself over to those voices, if she lost who she was. But I don't think she will. Poor Vesanus though. Nuclear power...I suppose it might not be considered anything particularly epic in this world but...I like connecting it with...just...bad shit happening.

-hugs Izumi again-

Oh, so she's a Magie and not a Dark Dreamer -or is she both?-. Either way, that's a twist. But she's still got all the power she needs packed away inside her. Hearing the call of those atoms...
Though honestly if I had to listen to atoms I'd probably...not feel very good most of the time. How many of those things are there in the world dsjfghdfg

The fight scene was pretty kickass, though I do wonder where Laizle's gone. Off to lick her wounds no doubt.

And the silence at the end, no voices to be heard. I'm sure that's a relief. -more hugging- And seriously why can't people just call you Izumi? I know how much it hurts when people use the wrong name...I guess that's why they use it...-sighs-

But good chapter Kira! On to the next I go!
Deathcas chapter 166 . 8/13/2013
I feel like I could give a long review but at the same time I feel like I could review this chapter with 'Erithngam what the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk are you doing.'

But you deserve a bit more than that so let's get on with it!

Poor Izumi. -offers snuggle hugs- I'll admit she's not one of my most favourite characters, but I still like her and want her to be happy and dsgkhfkj D: horrible evil illusions. -more hugging- I believe you when you say your name is Izumi. Screw anyone who says otherwise.

How she was created was...sad. Only created to house power I mean. If someone wants to do something like that, they shouldn't make it human. -even more hugging- Okay Izumi needs a lot of hugs.
Of course, people probably shouldn't make things to house great power in general because in the end it's just going to go to shit (seriously looking at every sort of weapon of mass destruction everything goes to shit kdfsjghfd)

Seeing her tear everything apart and change it at the can tell it still hurts...poor...poor...but at the same time, she's strong. She won't let it stop her. Though she does let it enrage her, but I think we all get enraged by things.

Also Kyandra is a horrible, horrible asshole. -shoots fireballs at her-

The backstory was good, if tragic and sad and quite unsettling -so everything I like but that also makes me sad D:- and now, onto the fight scene! Time to see Izumi kick some ass!
Twilight chapter 168 . 8/13/2013
Good chapter man.
Twilight chapter 167 . 8/6/2013
So Izzy is a Magie? All right. It fits her loose-cannonness.
Twilight chapter 166 . 8/5/2013
Well, that was a good adaptation of Izzy. Obviously it works differently, but it's still good.

I suppose she was given fake parents, as she is a tube baby in this. Let's hope her opponent doesn't piss her off too much.
Deathcas chapter 165 . 7/22/2013

Alright, I'm just gonna try to do a fairly decent-sized review encompassing all the chapters I read last night ahh! However, just a quick note in regards to chapter 153, which I reviewed verbally instead of via the written word. That chapter was really good, and I really enjoyed it, okay! I just want you to know that uwu

dsjgh anyway! The Koukon Crisis flashbacks were interesting in establishing more backstory and just in general! It's interesting to see what happened between Kuro and Leighton, and I totally saw that nutshot coming dsjg. ('m still proud of that fact that the only one of my characters to get nut shotted reacted with complete stoicism -wipes joyful tears from eyes-)
Also Leighton and Kuro are actually kind of cute sdkjhgd whoops
Man if someone came up to me after an Elkheria fight and told me I was a Dark Dreamer I'd be torn between thinking the powers were cool and having a massive freak out. Ahhhsgjsfjg

Poor Konjiki, I assume he's paying for all that...he should go out to eat with me. I want to eat a lot, but I can't and even though that makes me sad, it makes paying for my food a lot easier. -sobs- ;_;
Monsters that go bump in the night then? I've got animals that scratch and make an annoying amounts of noise in the roof. Dunno if that's quite the same though.

KJDSGH OH MY FUCKING DSKJG KURO! That strand of hair thing...I suppose I can relate to that feeling...of hairlessness making you feel a bit weird around other guys. Not that I want stubble or facial hair, but at least having to deal with it...ahh nevermind. -pats Kuro's back- Hey, being an elf ain't so bad buddy. They're pretty cool, at least.
asgj the characters arguing over when they show up...just because you show up doesn't mean you'll get a lot of screentime kids! Either way, everyone just sit back and enjoy the ride. We'll get there when we get there, until then I'll enjoy the story for what it's got. :3

gkhdf QUOTE/ Naota rose to his feet. "I should have stayed behind. You would have been better off bringing a better fighter."

"No," Kadoku said from across the room.

"…." Naota waited.


"Is that all you're going to say?"

"Yes." / END QUOTE

KADOKU DSFDSJKKKKK FUUU. It's a ship that will never sail but mdfs fucking HECKIES.

The generals of the Crisis Kingdom don't seem so horrible, but I guess 'villains' aren't always completely villainous. Mhmmmh my favourite kind of villain tends to be like that dfgs. BUT SHE DOESN'T EVEN HAVE HER POISON AMULET ALASTAIRE GET YOUR ASS IN HERE

Alastaire: Shut up. I'm busy. Someone has the fight this guy and no one else seems to want to.


-pats Naota's back- You ain't useless mate, I can promise you that. Not that my promises tend to amount to much's true. You mean a lot, okay?

KADOKU I'd like to remind you that throwing around cans of food and the like in a rapidly moving airship is not particularly good for anyone's safety. Yet again, I suppose Dark Dreamers can handle a bit of tin can to the skull...BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN EVERYONE ELSE CAN!

Still, bottled runes! Why does everyone seem to want the scroll version? Bottled runes sound much cooler! Runes on paper...vs runes in a magical potion. I bet bottled runes are prettier too. Make a sweet ass lava lamp or something.

Ohh, and distortions. I want to see more of those.

Kadoku: I'd assume it'd be like being high.

How do you know what being high is like?

Kadoku: ...

-snorts-I'M LAUGHING SO MUCH KADOKU REALLY IS KIND OF A TROLL. Need something to hold on to? Have some freezing ice hahaha. dkjfkd what a dick.

Kadoku: ... -_-

Hey Ta-Kun Hey Ta-Kun Hey Ta-Kun

Kadoku: -strangles-

Alright, I'll quit it.

And whoop, go Molly! You've got the power! That'd be a really handy crowd control power though. She should like...go to concerts and stuff and stop the crazy fans from attempting to get close to the people on stage or something. Woosh.

Ohh, Aron and Saria know each other, and he's been returning her to life on occasion? That's pretty cool. Yet again, it makes sense for Aron to have cool powers, especially powers relating to this sort of stuff hmm...

Hmm, I wonder what the heck Lanceford is doing? Bloody runes all over the place...sounds like he's designing the set of a horror movie. But they're at war right now so I'd assume he's doing something a bit different from that dsfkghdfkg

Ouch, there goes Drakule. What a way to go. Exploding from Go Stones. Well, at least it's interesting. I dunno if he'll be back at some point. I never know who's coming back and who is gone for good sfjgfhd.

Ohh, someone else made the Elkheria? Ahh, so many levels of things happening. From normal mortals to Dark Dreamers and Elkheria to Psychopomps and Arbiters and Lesser Gods and big Gods and Yuu and all these other people. So many layers. Woooh.

And oh, Raphael isn't a cismale? Good! Sometimes I feel bad about the fact I gave you a completely mad transgender guy, but I feel less so when I know that some other types of transgender people are hanging around. (If anyone ever gives you shit for Vesanus, direct them to me by the way. He's my character, I designed him to be mad, so it's my job to handle that stuff.)

OUCH, directing the suing to Twili. sdfkghfd I saw she wasn't entirely pleased by that in the review -snorts-. Oh dear...

Ahh, these Lesser Gods not getting along. But I wonder what Altair is up to? And yes I know his name has funny accents but this new keyboard has no num funny letter things and symbols so I can't do them. I wonder what Alcatrez wants with the stone housing Rainbow Dragon guy... hmmm...

And oops, looks like Milo just got screwed over. I guess being one of the best dressed on the battlefield doesn't save your life, in the end. But the power of Ross and Yuki friendship does. They should make a combo move that combines all the pain they ever received from nutshots into one blast. Heh heh.

WAIT WOAH THERE'S A CARLINGTON IN THE HOUSE. It feels weird seeing him in a setting where he's not all powerful. Yet I suppose the equivalent of all powerful in the CGC-verse is very different from everywhere else -namely, his power stems from his genius and maybe a bit from his wealth, whereas here...people actually have magic heh-. Still, whoop.
I love how in a universe where people can actually have anime hair Carlington still has to gel his hdfsjg -cackles-. And daww, Elton sitting protectively next to himdfsj cutie patooties.
All this crazy stuff happening, and Carlington is still focused on his video games and other tech. I'm curious to see where this Appleden goes, if even Yuu has some interest in it.
And no matter where he goes, someone is always hacking into his stuff. Some genius you are Carlington! -kidding. He does get his stuff hacked into in CGC as well, ahaha. That's by someone different though-.

QUOTE / It isn't like they're Avatars of an advanced computer program designed to monitor all of humanity." /END QUOTE

Hmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmm. -adds to list of things I need to remember for stuff later down the track-.

Ahh, love triangles of power -LOLNOPE ONE OF THEM IS DEAD. -plays melancholy trumpets for Zach- Sorry buddy, looks like this is the end for this triangle. Yet again, just because he's gone doesn't mean Valence and Sakura will get together. Still, sort of sad though. Especially considering the flashbacks that come next ;_;


The flashbacks do make Zach's fate seem a bit sadder, poor guy. -pats his shoulder, realises I'm just patting dust-. jdfskgh aww crap. It's good to see how they met up with Valence and how they bonded and stuff, it does add more weight to their fates.

LOL, FAIL SPHINX RIDDLES. The riddle is this. BLOW IT UP BLOW IT UP BLOW IT UP. (now if the Sphinx said that, you could have called it Megane or something hrhdgsk).

For a second I actually thought you were going to have that mantis Elkheria one-shot kill both Valence and Sakura and I was going to be like 'WHAT' but then they lived and it was more a 'phew.'

Naota has the magic sword of love and badassery! Ain't nobody able to stop this shit wooo.


QUOTE/ Naota looked up and saw Kadoku falling toward him. For a second he could swear he saw the boy smile. /END QUOTE

I won't deny it. In my head, that picture of that one seal shouting GAY appeared. FUUU SHIPS THAT CAN'T BE REAL WHY THIS. dfsjgskf it was kind of cute though uwu

I should point out that I start of the next chapter with ice angel-winged Kadoku flying around with Naota that seal shouting picture continued to remain in my head dfjgkf fuck\

Yuu and Reid flirting dfkj what

I guess the lasers that hit Kadoku are like the blue shells, a reminder that Naota has to run on the Rainbow Road like the rest of the racers.


Hm, the Crisis Kingdom warriors don't seem too bad. No match for Naota though. YOU'RE NOT USELESS BOY YOU'RE JUST STILL GETTING USE TO ALL THIS SHIT OKAY -hugs-

The Akashic Records just confuse me most of the time, and they shut down too much. I'll stick to Google thanks. -shot-

Ahh, mirror-related powers are always fun. But there are so many powers, especially cool ones in this universe so the only fate for a mirror trigger boy was defeat at the hands of Lo. I've noti
Kaliskia chapter 1 . 7/22/2013
EPIC epicness ·
Twilight chapter 165 . 7/20/2013
Good to know that you're back, man.
Twilight chapter 164 . 4/13/2013
Cool fights! Just remember that Yuugata calls Lo "little one" unless the situation gets really fucking dire, or if he's upset with her.
Twilidramon chapter 163 . 3/27/2013
Heh, nice fight.

The Akashic Records need to increase their bandwidth.
Twilight chapter 162 . 3/21/2013
Well, alrighty then.
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