Reviews for A thousand piece of Love
K. Molle chapter 1 . 1/6/2011
Hey there,

Thanks for leaving me a very nice review. I've come to return the favor. So I'll be posting the poem into my review...and off I go.

A thousand piece of Love

The love of your life,

The one you want to spend the rest of your life with.

To find this love

Is (such) a beautiful thing, * don't really need such here.

And should be to loss(lose) this love *mispelling

Would be more crashing than anything. *this is awkward and doesn't make sense

To have searched

And found(;)

To have loved

And lost

To loss (lose) this love *mispelling

Would brake(break) you(your) heart *more mistakes than usual in this piece

And leave your(you) broken into a thousand pieces

Left(scattered) on the floor.

I can't say this was my favorite piece of yours. It needs a good spell check and a bit more shaping. Focus some attention here and it will become something with perfection.

Thanks for the review,

K. Molle