Reviews for Stop rubbing it in my face
kitachiuchiha chapter 1 . 12/17/2010
Spot on! Nobody in the world wants to know 'how happy you are'.

I have the same experience. Only thing is, it hurts ALOT.

My EX-best friend ended up going out with the guy i liked for 6 years but never had the guts to share me feelings. The freak can't just stop rubbing it in! I can't believe that she went out with him even after knowing how much i feel for him! And what made this problem worse was that our friendship did not end over the guy, but over her back-stabbing me. So a couple years later, she decided to rub salt on the wounds by going out with him!

Sorry for the really long review. I normally don't blurt out my melancholies like that. Hope you're not annoyed. :)

Stay Strong! Hope we find our destined guy! :)