Reviews for Strength of a Warrior
Mad Asher chapter 1 . 1/1/2011
i'm gonna tackle this reading and see how it goes, bear in mind i have attention span issues so i'll skim over here and there.

first of all i did listen to the you tube music simply because i was curious. I liked 'The Last Samurai' with Tom Cruise, and i liked the Gladiator theme which i'm pretty sure Hans Zimmer also recorded the soundtrack for.

i never thought i'd ever review or comment on an author's note instead of focusing on the piece of work at hand, but there ya have it. i woulda preferred if you just kinda shortened the note to a two-sentence like ' watch this while you're reading, it is recommended. have fun' but meh.

honestly i didn't think the music would do anything to enrich the reading experience but i was proven wrong. It helped a little bit, not much but so-so. I think the forlorn, hopeless, and 'lonely' tune of the music kind of resonates with the theme of the writing. Also the story's starts out as kind of sad.

ok so i did not see the 'mature' rating..hum de dum. well not that it bothers me but the romance gets kind of repetitive after a seems all they're doing is kissing, is there even a plot. just so you get a clearer picture of what i'm talking about i searched the page for 'kiss' and i got:

'Now she wanted to feel. She pushed herself against his body, grabbing his face tightly, then pushing her fingers roughly up into his hair. Soon this would all be over, and with no other thought but this in mind she kissed him as hard as she could.'

'They stood with their arms entwined around one another, kissing desperately until finally, breathlessly they broke apart. The animal intensity of the kiss rendering them both light headed.'

'She stopped in the middle of his forehead and slowly ran a forefinger along the slope of his nose until she reached his lips. She hesitated for a fraction of a second before placing her lips were her finger had been moments before.'

'It was the lightest of kisses and as she pulled away she felt her eyes begin to water again, but no tears fell.'

'She imprinted the sound into her memory and kissed his chest.'

'She could sense more words coming and afraid to hear them she moved swiftly to kiss him.'

'A heart wrenching kiss that disarmed them both.'

'He broke the kiss sharply, his breath hitching in his throat.'

'She stroked his cheek once more and pressed the barest of kisses against his blood stained lifeless mouth.'

I could go on but you see what i'm getting at. it was strangely amusing at the beginning but then i guess they make out like 20 times and at that point i just think, 'wow get a room'.

it was ok i guess. keep in mind that i don't much like soppy romances so it was just OK. Not feeling the sadness since i don't really know who these two weirdos are...just hope they'll move on in life. meh.
chewychester chapter 1 . 12/7/2010
I like your question at the end, my theory of the ending? I think it came about because they were on opposing sides. I think they got there because he was called upon by family duty. He left her and went astray. They met as enemies and it led to the ultimate decision. One could not leave there alive. He could never hurt her and it was the best way out for him. He could die honorably as a warrier and she would be saved. That is why he was telling her everything was ok after she stabbed him with the knife. I can't place the time or whether it is in a realm we can know or a fantasy, but that is my ending before this part. :)