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mmjasamjaudia4eva chapter 7 . 5/10/2011
Love it! :)
Preposterous chapter 7 . 5/10/2011
I'm glad you found time to update.

The chapters are quite lengthy, so I understand your need for time. I actually prefer long chapters with moderate updates to short, rushed chapters that are frequently produced.

So, the sexual tension between Mara and Elliot is undeniable. They're so cute together (I've probably commented on that more than once already).
andee lee chapter 7 . 5/10/2011

Actually the UST is killing me. Holy shit, how do these two not just burst into flames from it? LOL. It's one of those things where you love the tension but you wish you could skip forward a little bit because you don't want to wait anymore. But for every chapter that you have to wait, it just gets better. I'm babbling. I hope that makes sense. If not, it won't be any different from my usual reviews. :P

Dude, Elliot is totally the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. From his mannerisms to his attitude - especially the way he pulled his hand in when he got the splinter and Mara asked to see it - which was hilarious btw - it's just funny to me because Elliot is so rough and gruff on the outside, but you give us that little sneak peak into his feelings and I LOVE IT. It makes him one of your better characters because he has these dimensions (I am so totally making this shit up right now) and he is more than just a hot farmer or a pretty boy with too many emotions. The balance between the two make him fucking hot, basically is what I'm saying.

I loved that he warned Mara in spite of himself to be careful with the robbery, I loved that he said he was going to miss her, that he ALMOST wanted to risk it all and give her what she wants...of course it can't be that easy because what's the story in that, but it's endearing anyway. It's also really interesting to watch him battle back and forth with himself - he's holding back big time and dude, when it finally reaches the point of no return (aka FARMER SEX) it's just going to be like BAM!

ALSO, I really feel badly for Elliot. The last few lines of the beginning section make me sad, dude. He IS all alone and that is really depressing. I love that he's worried about Mara and also that he goes to the library to read his articles - he can try and hide it but he knows he is fucking ADORABLE.

ALSO...BAHAHA at the "You irritate me just to watch me walk away." BUSTED.

Anyway, so I love this and so much more as usual. I'm interested to see what (if anything) happens when he drives her home - mostly because if I recall correctly when two of your characters get into a car together, shit goes down. :P

OH and I am ALSO intrigued by the freckled nose and tear stained face Elliot refers to...hmm...

PS - stop hating this because it's fucking awesome. I can't ever tell when you say you struggle with a chapter - it's always good. Bitch. ;)
sappyromancelvr chapter 7 . 5/10/2011
Well darn, they aren't really getting anywhere. getting real curious about Elliot's past!
D-Mish chapter 6 . 4/26/2011
You are an amazing writer I've decided. This story is bloody wonderful. So mysterious yet you give little hints... Ah I love it. I see it hasn't been updated in a month. This is a problem, please update soon! I will die of lack of good stories otherwise x
Gintaras chapter 6 . 4/11/2011
Oh dear god. I’m too ashamed to even look up the date of my last review… no, I’m going to bite the bullet. Oh hell. It was the nineteenth of September… That’s… no, my maths skills just can’t hold up to that sort of equation. But it’s been a very long time – my deepest apologies! I’ve been so amiss in reviewing, I can only beg for forgiveness, swear that I will never call you Kathy and promise to keep on top of chapters from now on ;)

So – this new story of yours. Have I mentioned that I like it? I don’t think I have, but I very much do. Although the name Elliot brings to mind a guy I met a year ago with really long unwashed blonde hair, so I have to keep going back to chapter 1 to remind myself of what *this* Elliot looks like! And by the way, I’m lovin’ the tanned forearms *wink wink*. There’s nothing like a mysterious man to keep the reader’s attention (have you seen the Bourne Supremacy? I’m sure I’ve mentioned this at some point (god, I’ve only just realised how long we’ve been talking for – back in February I remembered that Rachel’s birthday was around then, and she must be at least two by now! Eek!) but Karl Urban’s character in that is hotness personified, despite the fact he says about fifteen words in English the entire film).

Ahem, back to the subject.

“searching for eggs under not particularly nice hens” – *snort*. Back when I was 10 I kept my pony at another girl’s farm; she had several chickens and the rooster used to chase her like crazy every time she went into the enclosure! It was hilarious.

Reading about Pop-Tarts makes me jealous… I’ve never had one but they sound so good! I’ve been banned from the kitchen while mum makes shortbread because all I do is eat the raw dough… c’mon, that’s the best bit! And I love the inclusion of Donovan – Alec has completely changed my views of policemen, or at least the fictional ones anyway!

And um… manure lagoon? O.o

I just love your writing from a male perspective. It comes so naturally and it’s so easy to just slip into their heads. Your female characters are sometimes an uncomfortable mirror – which is a good thing, I mean. Like this bit: “Was she really that pushy? Did she make it seem as though she would twist his story out of them come hell or high water?” I love how you work that stuff in to your story – the little insecurities that everyone has about themselves. And I love how to Mara, Elliott seems poker-faced and irritated – and while he may truly be a little annoyed, he’s also thinking how good she looks yet she has no idea… I’d like to think that happens sometimes in my life too, I just wish it was as easy as in fiction!

I hope this makes sense. I’m rather out of practice!

This bit made me giggle: “She had no idea how long she'd been sitting like that, staring at him. What had they been talking about? Shit. She couldn't remember…. something about…” LOL. I’ve been guilty of that one – not a pleasant feeling when you realise the whole table’s gone quiet and everyone’s looking at you and has *seen* you staring at the other person… Uh, whoops.

I’m liking the lesson in American economics and domestic policy too, I must add! Fascinating stuff, and I say that sincerely. I never realised how much energy goes into making ethanol! Maybe I’m being too pessimistic but I really think this world is heading for ruin.

“She had a sudden urge to continue talking, ask him another question, so that he wouldn't leave.” Now this is why I’ve come to love romance. (Funny how my priorities have changed – until I started reading your stuff on FC I’d never realised that there could be more to romance writing than bodice-ripping and sickening, soppy declarations of undying love… I’d never realised how much I was missing out! Now I have to admit that it’s all that I write.)

And LOL at Evie’s not-so-subtle-wrangling; I loved the “what can you tell me about him?” – “he’s single” exchange :D Get in there, Mara! Is it wrong that I can’t wait for the chapter where she finally gets to rip his shirt off? ;)

Paige and her “totally uncool” remark made me laugh. I’ve never said that in my life and damned if I’ll start now – but I’ve actually heard a couple of younger girls saying stuff like that lately… and my jaw nearly hit the ground. Do you think they know how ridiculous they sound when they say things like “totally thanks!” and “awesome, that’s so cool, like thanks so much!”… urgh. I’ve been working in a coffee shop at a shopping centre for a couple of months now and the teenage school kids inadvertently give us so much to laugh at!

I never, ever thought I could find a situation involving a tractor, a reluctant gearbox and a LOT of manure at all steamy… but oh my effing god, that was one hot tractor ride! *I* want a hard muscled chest to nestle into while leaning to drive a tractor! *pouts* I have to say though, considering how rock solid his chest felt when she leaned against it, I’m surprised she didn’t feel something else there :P

And no… I’d forgotten what it feels like to get to the end of all the posted chapters and just sit there, desperately wanting to read more, knowing it could be a while before I get to do that… please tell me we’ll get Elliott’s thoughts about that tractor ride! I wanna hear some of that internal angst, punctuated with thoughts he knows he shouldn’t be having about her ;)

I’ve just realised that I’ve spent about an hour and a half pretty much drooling on my laptop… I might have to go and reread that tractor scene and relive the awesomeness before going back to my law work… wah!

So in summary, I’m very sorry for my amazing lateness with reviews – I’ll be more punctual from now on, I promise! An amazing story developing here, as always – I don’t know of any other writers on FP that produce quality like this. I used to try to find them but it was way too much effort sifting through all that rubbish… anyway, please tell me there’s going to be more soon!

Hope you are well too – it’s been far too long since we last spoke!

Cheers, Jane :)
N.M.E chapter 6 . 4/9/2011
I like the suspense that keeps building up with each chapter! That's my favourite part of this story. First, suspense in the prologue. Then, suspense that was directed at Elliot and his past. Lastly, the suspense in Elliot and Mara's relationship. Each line I was like..'What's going to happen? WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN?' Then it ends up with nothing. I'm waiting for more. Moreover, the information about the subsidies I really liked. You write really well. Very detailed. I like it a lot. I loved 'The Inn on Ravenna Road' and I'm pretty sure I'm going to like this just as much or maybe even more. Can't wait for the update!
flunkybubbleshorts chapter 6 . 3/31/2011

I read this first thing in the morning (and was therefore late for class :D ) And all I did all through class was wonder how on earth you managed to make a tractor ride so sexy :P

This chapter was totally worth the wait :D I am really looking forward to where the story is going :)

I definitely loved how you sneaked in the bank robbery and the dead body! Very sly indeed :D

One does see some of those straw hat farmers out here in Texas... but everything is so farm-y that the few times I'm travelling from school, I tend to not pay too much attention :D

I loved the subsidies issue too. I'm on this awareness curve (which means I'm actually reading up what's happening in the world) and I thrive on this kind of information.

I do miss those Elliot perspectives at the end of chapters. (I just went back and checked.. Elliot perspective was there in just one chapter.. but it was just so well written!)

I'm waiting for the next round. Speshlee if they're going to get dirty on the farm ;)

Write soon!
Midnight113 chapter 6 . 3/30/2011
I love this, not only the serious sexual attraction going on during that tracker ride but also with the farming politics. It's just so different and interesting in its own way to read about while following the story of Mr. Mystery Elliot... yes the nickname is kind of stuck with me, lol.

I liked her reaction to hearing about the bank robbery job but I loved his reaction even more. It was very subtle but I think I sensed something more there. Maybe I'm reading too much into it though. I'm so glad you didn't scrap everything (that would be very, very bad of you). This chapter is perfect! I really enjoyed the dinner and the conversation in the beginning. At first it was probably awkward but eventually the atmosphere got quite comfortable between all of them which was nice. Oh and I'm even more curious now about what Elliot's story is... it's killing me. I'm looking forward to the next update. ;)
yunique chapter 6 . 3/29/2011
i am loving your story! I'm really interested as to how their relationship will progress,with Mara having other duties to do. And I'm super interested in Elliot's history. Update soon! :D
sappyromancelvr chapter 6 . 3/29/2011
hehe. Confront feelings. how dramatic the next chapter will be. :)
mmjasamjaudia4eva chapter 6 . 3/29/2011
Love it!
Chryse chapter 6 . 3/29/2011
Well, I for one thought that the subsidiary stuff was interesting. And the interaction between Mara and Elliot entertains certainly. Hopefully she will find some sort of excuse to continue her visits to the farm longer ...? Hehe, looking forward to Elliot angst. I like Evie's response, and Alex made me laugh (though honestly, I need to read back and remind myself who Alex is again ...).

Cheers for another chapter!
ShrimpoJewels chapter 6 . 3/29/2011
Oh my goodness, that sexual tension was so thick and I loved it. I really wish I had someone like Elliot sitting behind ME and helping me drive a darn tractor...oh that would be the life

I liked the factual stuff at the beginning, I actually learned a few things ) though a lot of that started to remind me of my economics class in I was starting to get scared lol

I'm glad you updated, update soon? ;-)
andee lee chapter 6 . 3/29/2011
BAHAHA. I'm sorry, too. Although I have to say, the sweaty gray t-shirt, the nice-fitting jeans, the rippling muscles, the chiseled jaw, the dirt, the work-roughened hands...your vision ain't so bad, ma'am. In fact I think I'll adopt it as my new fantasy... excuse me while I visit the basement...

AND WHILE I'M TALKING ABOUT BEING RIDICULOUSLY TURNED ON BY A FICTIONAL CHARACTER, WTF DID YOU JUST DO! Seriously, somehow you managed to take a couple of paragraphs about driving a tractor and turn it into hot, dirty goodness that will forever be burned into my over (or under?) sexed brain. Hot damn. And btw if you replace the word "gearshift" up there with something a little naughtier it totes becomes the porn I so crave. SO HA.

ANYWAY, that was totally hot! And the chapter was great, once again. Is it because you're just kind of running with it without censoring yourself so much as far as content and things go that this just reads as such an interesting story? Not that your others aren't great, but I feel like this one is just flowing out of you (heh) more easily or something? I DON'T KNOW what I'm trying to say, but I think this is your best work ever, fo reals. I like how it all ties together, how there are other issues besides the raging (boner) attraction between Elliot and Mara, like the farm and Evie and Jack, and Mara's career. It all just works really well together! I feel like I say that every time I review but whatever, you like the stroking and it's true.

I actually thought the subsidies stuff was pretty interesting, and you managed to present it in a way that it kept things going while putting that information out there, so don't sweat it. Plus all of your readers will learn something. Like me. :) I like how Elliot is so obviously smart which just makes him even sexier. Then when Mara and Evie were talking about Elliot, I loved that scene. I think it's great how no one really knows much about Elliot, but that Evie and Jack don't question it because he's such a good worker, man, etc. It's a good way to prove that people's pasts don't define them, although I'm still not sure what's up with Elliot's past... but I almost feel bad for him because he so badly wants to escape it.

OH and I also really liked the conversation between Alex and Mara - this shit made me fucking LOL so hard: "Great advice. How about I supply her with a drug dealer and tell her sex is way better without condoms, too?" There are a million other lines in here that I could copy and paste, but you already know how funny I think you are so I won't.

ANYWAY This is getting ridiculously long but I just can't help myself because I'm excited and I always love to read new chapters for this. SO you should go write some more. Immediately. I'm looking forward to the moment when Mara and Elliot have to admit their feelings to each other... and I'm still waiting on the farmer sex but I don't even have to mention that do I? NAKED ON A BALE OF HAY. Make it happen.

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