Reviews for Waiting for him to come
Poet Lordy chapter 1 . 12/15/2010
Hi DT, Let me be the first, I hope, to make you smile.

A wanton women?, O, she knows what she wants alright. I can feel her longing in this poem, I can feel the butterflies in her stomach when she thinks deeply about her desires.

Nicely written.

May I make one point?, The line "Please come to me, happiness in tow". Do you feel OK with the word tow?.

I love a rythmic poem, I like them when all the content connects and this does very well. I'm guilty myself sometimes, may be for not spending enough time to make sure it flows. But hey! that's just me. Sometimes if I re look at my work I want to change it, then get annoyed because the changes don't reflect the mood I was in.

Nice piece, am going to check out your other pieces.