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Mandisaurus-rex chapter 59 . 4/25/2011
Haha, seven times? That's crazy! :P
Mandisaurus-rex chapter 58 . 4/24/2011
Yeah, I agree. The royal wedding is awesome, but they need to stop making such a huge deal about it :P. And okay, why do they call her Kate if her name is Catherine spelled with a C ? I don't understand! xD
Bob-The-Rock chapter 58 . 4/24/2011
3 chapters in one day? I don;t know who you think would WANT to read this.

I completely agree with the royal wedding thing. I honestly don't give a sh*t about those two. Either Kate's gonna die or they'll divorce within the year.

You still HAVE that book? isnt it for the school library?
Bob-The-Rock chapter 57 . 4/23/2011
you rated it 2 because you liked the name greensleves? arent YOU the one that called her that?

the frog is stupid. 'nuff said.

why don't you try blogging a couple of those russian tales we were talking about yesterday? that would be much more interesting than dumb fairytales.
Bob-The-Rock chapter 56 . 4/23/2011
henry parkes, eh? It's funny how the teacher says it. "Henry parkes, father federation" in a proud way. and then she goes on to tell us that he wasn't a very nice chappie, but it was his idea for the federation thing (even though he died before the federation thing happened)

I don't like Greenie. not at all.

i dont really understand teh last part. did Greenie and the froggy prince get together? cos if they did, im gonna throw something.

good girl for updating!


i love that happy little face.
Bob-The-Rock chapter 55 . 4/21/2011
you are one seriously bored girl. no, really. sad thing.

you know what I realised? if you got at least two reviews for each chapter, you'd have over 100 reviews. but 55 of those would be mine.

*sigh* have fun in your bored life.
Bob-The-Rock chapter 54 . 4/19/2011
dr stuff, eh i dont need to be a genius to figure out where you got the idea for THAT.

YOU HAVENT PUT ANYTHING ON DA YET! now that YOU made one, ill probably make one as well in the near future.

but I WANNA GET ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, DAMMIT! have to send me the links to anything you don on da or sparknotes, kay? cos ill never remember to check them.

youre gonna write a romance? ITS THE APOCALYPSE!

eh, atleast its a humour.

Mandisaurus-rex chapter 52 . 4/15/2011
Oh yeah you did Beauty and the Beast! This is one of my absolute FAVOURITE Disney movies :). Hahaha, and at first I was reading "Bowtie" as bow tie xD. But I thought it was meant to be like, bow-tea ? I duno, anyways, that made me laugh xD
Bob-The-Rock chapter 53 . 4/15/2011
yes. it IS true that finally, FINALLY, in a fairytale the author had the decency to get the two people to know each other. love at first sight is BULLSHIT. and even if it WAS true in one out of a MILLION cases, it doesnt happen when you wake up from a hundred year sleep to find some random dude kissing you. thats just...ew.

BUT, i think that this fairytal is kinda unoriginal. theres a bit of snow white, with the dad going to a random house and eating and sleeping there without permission. there's a bit of cinderella with two evil, bi*chy sisters who are spoiled BAD, with the main girl doing ALL the work (without complaint, may i add), and, and...

yeah, there might be something else i missed. tell me if i did.

now that i think about, it might be more original than i thought. but it all depends on when the story first came out...

eh. whatever. YOUR WELCOME FOR REVIEWING FOR THE (lemme count)97th TIME!

(wow...just add three more chapters to something and ive given ya ONE HUNDRED REVIEWS!)
Bob-The-Rock chapter 52 . 4/15/2011
this is kinda like snow white at teh beginning. someone lost in the woods. finds a house. eats, drinks and sleeps in house from conveniently placed things, etc etc etc.

how nice. whats the word for someone who's in love with an animal? or the opposite way around? i must know.

the only thing i can say that is GOOD about beauty, is that she's a bookworm. but they only say that in the disney version.


so yeah. what happened to all the different furniture-people? i liked them!

the disney version must've changed a lot of things...
Bob-The-Rock chapter 51 . 4/10/2011
eh, im a sucker for red hair, too. especially blood red...

but ive yet to see someone with that natural hair colour.

'does my head look big in this?' is an alright book. except for the creepy part later on...


were such geeks. and nerds. i loves teh library.
Bob-The-Rock chapter 50 . 4/8/2011

no more school for 18 whole DAYS!

ooh, i gotta read that. but i havent even finished the twilight series blogs.

i probably wont finish them, anyways.

wait, id he's blogging them, does that mean he hasnt read them before?

really, EVERYONE'S read harry potter. thats not funny.
Bob-The-Rock chapter 49 . 4/6/2011
nice foolish perception. it makes a LOT of sense.

no really, it does.

but i hardly wear my jumper...maybe when its colder...

i wear my blazer! is that good?

me no likey your arabic teacher. me happy me no have your arabic teacher D
Bob-The-Rock chapter 48 . 4/4/2011
ooh...little clouds on your plate...yippee...

whats so special about your mum having a turtleneck?

even ive got one...

i wanna see that assassins creed sound PHUNNEE!

eh...thats about it for now...
Mandisaurus-rex chapter 48 . 4/3/2011
AHH OMG I'M SUCH A HUGE FAN OF TOBUSCUS! I even bought one of his shirts! :D I only know one other person who likes him, but now I know TWO! :D YAAY!
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