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Old xRayneWolfx account chapter 1 . 3/17/2011
*claps* I like this.. That's exactly how I feel at times when I write my stories for this website. I hope in some ways we underdog-like authors will rise to become great authors and show people what we're made of :) Keep up the great work!

~Rayne wolf, roadhouse

*Review repaid*
Dragon-Rider II chapter 1 . 3/9/2011

*Claps again.*

(You're making me feel like a fool...)

Anyway, this is a GREAT, WONDERFUL, AWESOME essay.

So true about how it's harder to make an original fiction. But it pays off sorta, because you (should) know everything (character personalities, plot, etc) better than your readers.

It sorta slaps you in the face when there's people who like (faved/alerted) your stories, but never seem to take time out to review. Like, you look at your story stats, and you're all, 'WOW! So many people read my stuff! *Checks reviews* Darn... Not much there.'

Now you got me thinking... I want to read your fanfiction stuffs now... Hmm... (*Whispers* I'm a Naruto fan.)

But as for the reviews, it sort of gets you jumping around like, 'People read it! AND LOVED IT! OMG YAY!' When I first got reviews for 'Mr. Foolish's Foolish Adventures', I was happy for like... what... three days? Because two awesome authors reviewed it. Like, the first two. Never forget that moment...

I haven't really had any failure stories for the moment (all having a few reviews, and for the count, one flame) so I'm a lucky one? Cool! :D

Back to your essay, I can't agree more! You're fantastic, you know. I didn't spot any grammatical/spelling errors, and they usually stick out like a sore thumb to me. So congratulations!


PS. I think I'm a middle-class person. Between 150 and 200 reviews! :D

Unrelated note- It always bugs me when things say 'a(n) [genre] FANFIC' (For example, Essay on fiction- Writing and Writers, an essay FANFIC. Seriously, some stuff aren't based of TV shows or whatever... *Shakes head.*
Chelle M chapter 1 . 2/19/2011
I can agree FULLY. I used to write fanfiction and I often found mself feeling as if I failed when I only got a review or two on my main story.

I don't believe I ever finished it (I was 13 when I wrote it, and I have long since grew out of writing fanfiction.) but even when I once got almost twenty reviews I still felt as if I was doing something wrong when I would look at my favorties list and see stories with over a thousand reviews and my own which only had a little over a hundred!

I agree 100% with this and I thank you for making me consider for a second to continue writing. This made me happy.
Too Much Info chapter 1 . 1/22/2011
I agree with you completely.

I've realized that I should write for myself only, too, but I like to see people's feedback.

Nice essay :)

See ya'
RoveCani chapter 1 . 12/31/2010
I feel so bad now. I used to review a lot when I was a newbie but then some people just didn't accept constructive criticism and either insulted me, accused me of flaming them, or worse, outright IGNORED me. So I've sort of come to think there was no point :s
alcibiaquilades chapter 1 . 12/31/2010
I agree with a lot of what you say and that was a pleasant five minutes or so of my life; thank you.

However, I had reached your end conclusion years before when I realised that my best stories (better written, better plots, etc.) recieved much less attention than the one I manufactured solely for the popularity vote (err, that was when I was on fanfiction, not here). Yes we all love reviews, but I write for my own enjoyment and only really post my stories in the hope that someone else will share my pleasure. I think that's a good stance to take on it all!

I'd like your opinion on something though; do you think it's the duty of the 'employee' to perform so brilliantly that his 'employer', touched, finally decides to pay him...or is it the employer's job to pay the employee just so long as he performs to a decent standard?

I'm using your metaphor here, obviously, but my point is that I've written, both on here and on fanfiction under different names, several multi-chapter stories. Now I can track who views each chapter, on what day, and whether it is one visitor or many. So I can see when someone stumbles upon my story, reads from chapter 1 to chapter 20, and then vanishes; never to be seen again...(or, at least, I can't tell if they return because I don't know who they are..).

Is that really fair? I have performed to a decent standard as a writer in order to keep them interested for a whole 20 chapters. Should I not be paid? Or was this (going back to the metaphor) a case in point example of that former principle, where I had to perform brilliantly in order to recieve my daily bread, and this time I simply failed to pull on the heartstrings of my employer?

Sorry for being so long-winded! But it would be nice to hear your thoughts on this, considering you must have felt something similar when you talk of 300 visitors and six reviews.

~Lelegeia x
Hulkishpower chapter 1 . 12/30/2010
I'm a fanfiction and a fictionpress writer. I write fanfics and essays. I started out with fanfics, and before I uploaded my first chapter to my first story, I told myself that this story was my treasure, my very first expenditure, and no matter what other people said about it (or how little they said about it), I would continue and finish the story no matter what. And I remain true to that promise, except for maybe the first part of it. Sure, I update, but over time, I put so much of myself into all my stories. As my one story expanded to two and three (with the third one being my biggest successes), things got a little...different. It's hard to explain. I've always cherished reviews. But now, it's a bit different. I still love and enjoy every single review, but now, every time I look at the amount of reviews I have, it slaps me across the face, condemning me as a failure. And the truth is, I'm a very confident, outgoing person. I never associate the word "fail" with myself. But when I read your line, the one about how we all failed to reach our readers, I nearly cried because I instinctively knew "fail" was the word I had been subconsciously applying to myself, compared to all the other "successful" people.

It wasn't all that bad until my third fic. For me, if I got five reviews per chapter, it was a blessing. But my third fic hit off better than I could have hoped. It's not that great, but better than my first two. So then, when I read 4 reviews yesterday telling me that "begging for reviews" really ruined my story, I was very very disturbed mentally and emotionally.

I didn't want to make a scene either. I didn't want to pm them or make a nasty note to them in the beg. of my next ch. So I did the best thing I could to relieve the emotional stress that was hurting me. I went and wrote an essay. I might have gotten a little offensive and attacking, but what you said about writers writing for reviews and how they deserve to ask for them pretty much was the same as what I've said, though a bit

You hit the nail on the head with this essay. I put so much of my soul into all my stories. They're like my babies (I know it sounds weird), which is funny because caring for babies like that requires maturity, and I'm just a teenager.

Us writers, really do deserve so much more. It's really competitive grounds, isn't it? It's so infuriating sometimes, when you see fics with grammer mistakes and spelling errors and gaping plot holes with tasteless forced humor get more reviews than your own chapter than you spent a lot of time polishing.

If you like, please read my own essay about no criticism for the people who ask for reviews. Because though we shouldn't focus too much on them, we really do deserve them.

Thank you for your essay. It really touched me.
C.S. Johnson chapter 1 . 12/30/2010
What a wonderful essay! :D Yes, I absolutely agree with you, though I'm sure I've seen those abbreviations in the Manga section; I'm not entirely sure though as I don't visit it often. Anyways, I suppose I shall leave this review at this; I'm generally terrible with reviewing, which I usually don't, although I do subscribe and such.
LarunaBelle chapter 1 . 12/30/2010
I really like this. :)

I remember the day I posted a story (OC crap thing might I add) for the Holes section over in FFnet. I wasn't expecting much and after three-four chapters I just gave up on it because I lost the will to write.

What I've learned from writing both fiction and the fanstuff is that I can't have a story- OC based or otherwise -without properly planning it out. And even then I'm usually only left with the OC because I ran circles around my head second-guessing whether the character I painstakingly created with faults and a BG is utter crap or slightly acceptable. It drives me nuts and I'm still trying to make a story to this day and hour it's freaking hard making up a world. ._.

Beautiful essay. You addressed a lot of issues writers have and I loved how you empathized so much.
Sir Scott chapter 1 . 12/27/2010
This essay really hit the nail on the head. It sums up everything that I have thought. Usually I find that when I put a set number of reviews before I update really means that I'm getting bored with the story idea. I disagree about the writing of Fanfiction though. I have tried and tried, but I never could write a fanfiction story, it's easier to create a universe than to play in someone elses.

Wishing You Good Health and Plenty of Wealth,

Victoria Stokes chapter 1 . 12/27/2010
i saw you in chopstick's forum, and when new people pop up i tend to check them out :)

this essay was phenomenal. really. you have a talent. be grateful.

everyone else has said pretty much everything else (i always read reviews before reviewing myself. it's cause most of the reviews i get are repetative, haha) so i won't repeat them. like, play the review for review game, and such. i never liked the review for review game, really. i like the, we're friends on this site... so we read each other's stuff, give constructive criticism, and help each other out.

if you want, i'll be happy to play that game with you instead


keep it up, fox.
Liya Smith chapter 1 . 12/27/2010
Ah! Don't think that! A lot of times when people take a look at your stuff, they're totally selfish and just DON'T review. I look at the hits I get, and then compare them to the number of reviews and I'm like "?" It sucks sometimes, but other times you just have to put yourself out more. I've realized that reviews aren't really the important thing - I've read stories with less than 100 reviews that are 10x better than any 10-review story. Talent is hidden on this site, and people only go for the "cliches" or the "interesting" summaries. And another thing (sorry for my rant), a lot of the extremely reviewed stories have been on the site for over 5-6 years. I'm sure it's gotten around and been passed on. I don't expect stories that were posted today or yesterday to get five hundred reviews straightaway. I guess it's something that will happen over time.
Open your eyes Chopstick chapter 1 . 12/26/2010
alot of what the other users said were true. so i'm not going to repeat it.

i'm not even going to leave a review. not those "golden-oh-my-gosh-you-helped-me-so-much" ones. cuz, it's an essay that was written pretty well. Not a story. I dont think you need that type of review.

what you do need, is this:


everyone said it already. but out of all the advice one can give, it's that you need to network like crazy here on fp. i found that out after a week. Go on forums (which you did), review other ppl's stories like crazy (and politely ask for a review in return), and talk to random users. Give advice. A good example is the user TK Anez. Ever heard of here? When she made her account, she reviewed pretty much EVERYTHING. there wasnt a story she didnt review. And what happened? She got 203 reviews for only 6 chapters. in less than a month.

Plus, most of these "rich" people you speak of...they are oldies. most of them have been on fp for a long time. They have their readers. And for the newbies who are "rich"...they just know how to network.

skills and network are key for fp.

and about reviews...i tend not review people (guilty). more cuz i was too lazy to sign on or i didnt have enough time to leave a considerate review. I know... Reviews are golden, and when i got people adding my stories to their favorite/alert with no made me pretty upset...but when that happens, just pm them. Ask them what they thought about it, since you'll appreciate their input. They'll answer you. I did that a couple of time, and a day after, the user would leave a review.
SpecialAgentOrange chapter 1 . 12/26/2010
What I can say for starters is people like me really need essays like this to spur them into writing their own work, or at least write without feeling perfectionist urges. I haven't even posted any writing, yet I feel the pangs of failure; at least reading through this is can dull the pain enough for me to submit anything. It's like having liquid courage after reading through the essay.

You've been clear and precise in your writing; as far as I can tell, there was little left out. You've hit the mark regarding the two disparate storytelling areas in the web, and gave a clear enough understanding of what it's like to write either fan fiction or original stories. At least with the situations you've given, writers can work to counter these feelings or find ways around the blocks.

As a fledgling publisher, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for writing this.

AnnieStoryTeller chapter 1 . 12/26/2010
You know, I've been on fiction press since 2006 and this is my second a/c. Let me tell you something - fictionpress is one sight where you'll have to put in your effort in order to get reviews. That's something I learnt during my first stint here. Go to the review game forum, join in and begin playing the review for review games. And you'll soon begin to get decent feedback. I used to be just like you. Wondering why I didn't get any reviews. But then I learnt that you really need to put yourself out there. Once you begin playing these review games frequently, one of the people reviewing you just might like your story and add it to favorites and alerts, and become your regular readers. Join other forums like we return reviews, roadhouse, gossip, and other game review forums. :) And do not be so disheartened. People would begin taking notice. We're all here for one reason - we LOVE to read and write. What better thing could we not give one another besides good feedback.

About the essay, it was very well written and puts across your points well. And one last thing, the ones who seem to have a LOT of reviews, some people are just lucky. And while they have it going for them, the rest of us simply need to begin working our way up the review social ladder! ;) On that note, I take your leave and I hope you will be encouraged enough to begin posting stories soon. :)
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