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The Pursuing Bear chapter 1 . 12/24/2010
Well, you have successfully guilted me into writing a review. Guilted may be a bad word, though. Your look into the minds of writers is intriguing.

Let me say, reviews are much harder to come by on this site. Fewer people read stories on this site. On Fanfiction-which I've been writing for a few years-I've gotten a considerable amount of reviews and at least one fairly popular story, whereas here my ramblings have gotten a total of one review.

But I wouldn't say that I've been trying for reviews. I post because I want to share what I've written-and I write because I love to write. You've struck gold in this idea-and it's always a good idea to write for yourself.

Or something like that anyway.
Fira Dawnce chapter 1 . 12/24/2010
go you. This is a good essay, and i think it is a good thing to adress. i personally hate it when nobody reviews, and so does everyone else.
v-n-ll-y chapter 1 . 12/24/2010
Very well articulated. It's hard for me to say a lot else, to be honest. You had a lot of good analogies there though, and I really liked that.

Some of those abbreviations are sometimes seen on FictionPress, though, I have to point out. Not that it's a huge deal or anything, just directing your attention to that.

It's interesting that you find fanfiction easier to write than original fiction, because I find it easier the other way. I'm not saying you're wrong, because it's a matter of opinion and preference, I just find it interesting. In fanfiction the basis of the story is already existent, so everyone knows all the background and everything, whereas with original fiction you run the risk of losing readers there. On the other hand, the flexibility of original fiction seems to work better for me, as I find it easier to work with an original basis. I guess you could say I don't work too well with an existing basis.

I know exactly what you mean when you say the first attempt usually won't strike gold. While my first story on this site had very mild success, I found that it was my later works that were much more successful.

Hm, I've noticed as well with my stories; a lot of hits but zilch reviews. Most of the time I'm pushing this off to non-user visitors, but I do consider a lot of people just read and don't review. I'll admit I'm sometimes guilty of it myself though a lot of what I read is really good. It means those authors aren't getting the due feedback they deserve. I've also had readers who either review every chapter or read the bulk of the story and review at the end.

It might be worthwhile to point out the difference, exposure-wise, between FF and FP though. Excuse my ignorance if you didn't already. FF seems to have a lot more readers/users than FP. Although I've never posted anything on FF, I've seen enough the reviews apparently aren't always as constructive as one would like; although I guess you could say that applies here.

Another unfortunate thing about FP is that it isn't given as much attention as FF, admin-wise. If FF has problems, it's up and running again pretty quickly, whereas it takes a while longer for FP to get fixed. To my knowledge, when it does get fixed quickly, it's because a user from FP has contacted FF support.

Anyway, enough of my complaining I guess. It's so true that we should write for ourselves, and if others enjoy it, well then that's just a bonus. Fortunately I only did ever write for myself, apart from the time I had open anthologies and I worked as a contributor. Anyway, that's kind of beside the point. Once again I found this essay extremely articulate, with some very cogent points. Great work.
Eiya Weathes chapter 1 . 12/21/2010

First let me thank you again for reviewing my failure of a homework. And yes, I did pass that essay but I didn't know that it was worth 20% of my grade AND that it should be expository. Fortunately, it's my draft and I could rewrite it if I want to. In this case, I need to.

Anyway. As the other two reviewers have mentioned, this is basically true.

All of us have our own failures. Including myself. Especially myself.

I'd like to think of it in another way though.

Say I have 300 hits and only 5 reviews from my fellow fiction press writers. I'd like to think that most of these hits were by guests without FP accounts and the reason why they don't have accounts in the first place is because they're lazy to leave a review. Yeah, you see some people think of it as: "Why make an account if I'm just a reader?" This is my perspective and my little motivational boost.

It's all about how you see it but I do get your point and I do think that it is all true! Nice work!

- Amethyst Penn
CCKins chapter 1 . 12/21/2010
I think that it was a GREAT essay! Really! And what you said at the end was true, because when I first discovered FictionPress shortly after I signed up on FanFiction, I just wanted to write for myself, cus I love writing man! I rarely go on FanFiction any more now, cus I have to big an imagination to stop writing here!

I loved how you wrote nothing but truth here! That happened to me too, when I got loads of hits and visitors, and only got 3 reviews. So annoyed by that... But of course it is nice to get reviews! Even better when people favourite or subscribe the story, and sometimes even me!

Also, as a Fiction Reader as well as writer, I know what I want to read, but sometimes I read somethings that I wouldn't normally, and turns out to be very good! But I do know what you mean, because it is fair! You can't force us to read what we don't want to. I think that people expect to get loads of reviews and stuff because there are SO MANY readers, that SOMEONE would want to read their stories!

Overall: Great and truthful essay, and you win the prize of me giving my longest review yet!
Bethanne Hayllar chapter 1 . 12/21/2010
So true! I started writing fanfiction when I was, what?, thirteen or so and I can specifically remember not giving a flying fingernail about whether or not I was reviewed- it was an added bonus- but as the adolescent ego grew so did my hunger for reviews. My first attempt was (understandably) a HUGE failure- in that I read it after it was labourously flamed and realised what a huge steaming pile of excrement it really was- but my second attempt won me a hell of a lot of reviews and several posts on forums and such, HOWEVER - and I stress this- I HATED it. Every moment I was writing it, past the sixth chapter, was a torturous task. I wrote it for reviews, nothing else. once it was finished I didn't write anything more for a good year and then I wrote something I loved, not as hugely adored, but had just enough praise to keep me going. It's so strange that the world of fanfiction and fiction press is so review-greedy. Your essay makes a bloody good point, everyone who writes here has, at some point, dreamt about becoming a famous author but only a few make it and I suppose that sort of thinking has led to a hierachy of success that overlooks the main aim of fanfiction/press- anyone and everyone has a write to tell their story.

Sorry, I went on a bit there, didn't I? O.o

I adore this essay _

AterAeterna chapter 1 . 12/21/2010
Well I don't particularly have a heart (I think I sold it) but I will pretend I do and review anyway. I rather liked your essay, I must admit what you wrote was very true and even made me smile at one or two points - job well done for amusing me, many do not usually succeed - so not only do I agree with what you have to say I am now curious as to what the rest of your writing is like.

I may even pretend to have a heart again and review on something else.

Good day to you,

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