Reviews for Eterius the Mercenary
darkbloodylegs chapter 3 . 1/20/2011
Yes, indeed; Hitler was definately a "weird one". That's one way to put it.

All non-chalontly, "oh about twice your size, undead, rotting," yeah, no big deal, your average opponent, really. Will the rotting be to his advantage I wonder? I mean, you can't really punch if your hand comes off.

Fenoe, hee hee.

When you sleep in the bed, the hotel thing ends? Well in that case I'd just sleep in the tub or something...

No don't stop the religious references! They make me grin and feel smart to have figured them out!

What do you think the guy at the desk does when he dosen't have someone to greet (which, I'd think, would be most of the time? Amiright? People don't usually defeat hell... right?) I wonder if he works at, like, daycare or something, with all the devil's spawn. Hmm. Wait. Am I gonna have to write fanfiction for your story? :D Heehees.

Ah yes, the musceley chest. And so modest too, Eterius. *shakes finger* us ladies don't like braggy men! Although it did make me grin. Again. Hmm. I am grinny tonight. Must be the story.

If I was in hell... I'd totally eat pizza, too.

Love your story, Ludvig.
darkbloodylegs chapter 2 . 12/24/2010
Ooh, very nice! I'm glad the new chapter is up! Poor guy- hell forest, poison hell deer...

Honestly, I'm surprised Lucifer let him kill the deer, if it was his pet. Why was the deer all cut up even before he met Erutis? I wanna hear his story!

Does the devil actually have a sense of humor? Some of his lines were funny.
darkbloodylegs chapter 1 . 12/22/2010
Well, THAT came out of left feild. He DIED? But I was starting to like him! :*(

Sure, he was too cocky, but he had a funny, snarky sense of humor. My favorite two lines were:

"Dangerous? I'm offended! How could you say such a thing?"


"You just cant find good, fearless police men these days!"

He seemed a bit foolish at times, like he was asking for trouble. But I still liked this anyway. Will there be more?