Reviews for Dear Whoever Cares
Musicwords chapter 7 . 8/20/2011
Are all of these from you?

if they are...

if they are, well pm so we can talk...

and i aint gonna spew all the normal shit like "oh i understand" or "itll be fine" etc...

because, if you're anythin like me, that would probably just piss you off, because although im goin through some stuff too, i likely don't understand, and considering the fact that the only stuff i know is from your profile and your stories, well, I really have no clue if it'll be fine or not.

But we can still talk- if there's one thing i'm good at, its listening.

I mean, we dont wanna all turn into the person from The Final Episode by A.A.- if you havent heard it, listen to the song-chances are you'll see what i mean.

Course, if they aren't, then, well, we can still talk but u can ignore all that up there :)

So, well ya- *i usually insert smiley here but it doesnt seem to fit the occasion*
River Trust chapter 1 . 12/22/2010
good start. go on.