Reviews for A Quaint and WellLighted Place for Books
Fantom Phreeke chapter 1 . 12/25/2010
This was a beautiful story. It was not cliche, and not unrealistic. It only looked at the brief period between these two, leaving the rest up to the reader's imagination.

There were a few mechanical errors, nothing I'm sure you wouldn't catch if you didn't go over it one last time. If you would like, I would be happy to beta for you.

Back to the story, I really did love it. It inspired me to write something similar about a boy in my life who is very much like your character Manuel.

Thank you for the entertaining read.

zia.fication chapter 1 . 12/23/2010
Yay! I'm the first reviewer!

I won't make a comment on how this OF was written because, really, who am I to do that when I'm nowhere near your level of writing. I'm an amateur amateur writer reviewing a real writer's work... yikes. Somehow I'm starting to get the feeling that I shouldn't be doing this. *clears throat* But since I did read your OF and was hooked by the very title that had 'books' in it, I shall swallow this fear and make a fool of myself. And write you a review :D

Since I can't *points to the first sentence of the paragraph above* I'll just comment on the story itself. Let's see, the blossoming of Manuel and (what's the girl's name?) is very sweet. I like how you ended the story with them just beginning to see the sparks rather than ending with something along the lines of a kiss or a hug or the unmentionable thing. It's nice to read a romance story that isn't dripping with hormones and strong desire. After reading 'A Time Traveler's Wife,' though I enjoyed it immensely, I think I'll take a little break from hardcore romance. Frankly, reading about a couple's twu love for two months gets kind of old. Your OF was like a breath of much needed fresh air.

I found Manuel and the girl's childhood relationship to be amusing. It's a shame their relationship had to end so early. God knows what would have happened if they hadn't broken up :D I like the fact that their relationship began when they argued who knew more and so and so. The is-Venus-a-star-or-a-planet bit made me smile. Silly, *name of girl*, Venus is so a planet, but I guess if you had admitted that we wouldn't have a story, huh? xD

Overall, I really enjoyed you OF. It's short, sweet, and made me go 'aw' at the end - but this time, it isn't because of the passionate kiss or something like that.

Merry Christmas, Moi! May you have a prosperous New Year!

P.S. Gideon was ADORABLE. I imagined him to wear a jumper suit and little boots, he's so cute~