Reviews for Matter
ArekuKawaii chapter 1 . 10/30/2011
I really love the second stanza because of the second line 'of art & plagiarism' because I love that you used '&' instead of the word and because it looks more like art, but it isn't original because lots of people use that in poems instead of and so it could be seen as plagiarism in a sense.

(I also adored the opening line. :D)

I didn't like the '& honesty?' because it looked out of place at the end of that one line. It was a little off for me to look at.

I liked that you personified 'a phantom of history's imagination' because history is supposed to be true fact and accounts of what has happened to the world, not an imagined made up idea.

I didn't really like that the last line was on its own because it didn't seem to fit into the poem and didn't look like it needed to be on its own and special.

Overall good job because the message you are trying to tell is very true.