Reviews for Burning the Links in the Chain
Eytha chapter 2 . 7/11/2012
I see this chapter continued the trend from the last chapter. It ends up making this one very brief as well. I can see the connection it has, but with nothing mentioned of the crime scene and events after leaves it as quite the mystery. There is a lot of questions, especially given the short narrative available. So it is harder to get a gauge on the story, but I'm seeing some of the fantasy elements appearing now.

Since the second chapter continued the song theme, I'm guessing that all of the chapters will carry this. The story has the benefit of being a fast read, but with so few details it is hard to know if the readers will stay hooked since the main character is barely known or understood and the setting is very vague. There is not a lot to grasp on to, though admittedly it is interesting the method of writing you're taking. Keep up the hard work!
Eytha chapter 1 . 7/11/2012
Sorry for the delay on getting back to reviewing you. I picked this story since you labeled the other as canceled. I'll admit that this is unconventional in that most of the prose is the song you wrote. Given by the narrative after, the song has significance on the story.

There is a not a lot for me to comment on since it is fairly short. I noticed that it was set as a fantasy story, but currently it feels contemporary. I'm guessing the fantasy elements come later. The short narrative feels a bit like a prologue since it does not provide a lot of details. Everything is very brief and quick. Because it is quick there is a lot of questions and the mystery of what the story is going to be about is good for the reader, but it might be hard to hook them on so few details.

The unconventional nature of the chapter certainly has me curious. I'll keep an eye out on it to see what you do as it is unique. Keep up the hard work!