Reviews for Path of a Seraph
Anehalia chapter 9 . 12/24/2013
Sorry I hadn't reviewed the last two chapters. Just realized you'd updated. I love this story and their interactions are fun to read. :)
Anehalia chapter 7 . 5/22/2013
This chapter jumped a couple times without warning and was a lot scarcer on detail and dialogue heavy. It would be nice if there was a little more character movement description to go with the heavy dialogue because straight heavy dialogue starts to become confusing. Otherwise I enjoyed the chapter.
Anehalia chapter 6 . 5/16/2013
First off, I was really excited to see another chapter on this story. Its been a long time since you wrote the last chapter and this is a great story.

Wow, Arevis and Nevic finally together! You did a nice job not making it too explicit. A whole lot of stories on here don't fade.

I found one error, a would that should be a was.

Otherwise I can't wait for the next chapters. :)
AriaSTGracile chapter 1 . 2/18/2013
This chapter is a good lead off from Take Flight, Human. I quiet enjoyed reading it from Arevis point of view. Carry on.
Dream-Silver-Haze chapter 4 . 8/6/2011
So I read this a few days ago but I didn't have internet to review it. I didn't find any glaring errors. The dialogue was good. Not a whole lot happened in this chapter but it was still captivating and a good set up. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
Anehalia chapter 4 . 7/28/2011
Interesting. Glad to know all the heroes survive. I hope you write more soon much faster than the last time. I was actually worried that maybe you weren't going to write more, and one of my favorite stories would disappear.
Anehalia chapter 3 . 2/21/2011
This is a depressing chapter! It was well written (of course), and it really held the reader, but I realy feel sorry for Kaleb.

I caught one error, at some point you said truth worth and I think you meant true worth.
Anehalia chapter 2 . 1/29/2011
I don't care what you do with the story. If you make it darker, it will probably get better. I love your story and your writing. It is better than most of the stuff on this site. I am extremely glad I found your stroy, and like I stated earlier, I really don't care if it gets darker.
Anehalia chapter 1 . 1/9/2011
First off, I like this chapter. You do a nice job describing things, except for when they were flying. It took me a minute to realize the transition to flying.

I like getting things from Arevis's point of view. Knowing Aithne's point of view, and now seeing the other side is interesting. You do a nice job of portrying Arevis's and Aithne's characters, and keeping to them.

I keep changing opinions on Nevic. At points I don't trust him, like when Arevis was speaking to him about his mother and the fact he has them going to aridia, but t other points I want to trust him, and feel like I should, but I kind of feel like Arevis in the fact that my wanting to trust him is making me distrust him.

I also wish Kirra was "seen" more. She seems to be a character thrown into the side lines of the story that just skulks about more. There is never much talking to her that produces feelings about her character.

Her brother was also like that until this chapter, and being inside arevis's head sems to be portraying him more center and bringing out his character more.
Dream-Silver-Haze chapter 1 . 1/9/2011
A couple of mistakes:

It convenient for now, she decided. – It was convenient…

"Let's say for a second that you actually believed me," Aithné started with a new tactic.

"Hey, come on… I'm listening…" Aithné defended, a little hurt. – I think you meant: Arévis started with a new tactic.

Now onto the good stuff:

"We don't have time for optimism."

Aithné sighed. "No wonder you and Kaleb got along…" - Heh this made me laugh.

I really enjoyed the interaction between Aithné and Arévis. Their discussion was really well done. I also like reading from Arévis' point of view this time around. I definitely think it was better to start the series off with Aithné because she is more outwardly observant (as opposed to Arévis who is focused on Nevic, politics and motives). Aithné is going to be more relateable I think for most people and she gives a good perspective for discovering the world. However Arévis gives us a better perspective of motives and the social politics of the group. Although Aithné is also rather observant of others, she is also quite naive. Aithné and Arévis contrast each other well. I'm sure they will be a force to reckon with once they learn to play to each other's strengths better.

I also liked the part where Arévis was drilling Nevic. I think this shows both her strengths and flaws as a character. I also think that in showing us her flaws (it is hard for her to trust, she can be callous and relentless) it makes her character more interesting and real. Also it was interesting to see Nevic in a position of weakness. I don't think that has happened before this point in the series.

However at this point in the story Terran and Kira seem a little like dead weight. They aren't as interesting as the other characters, mainly because we don't see much of their own feelings or motives besides the obvious:

Terran and Aithné have the beginnings of a budding relationship, however at times it feels like this is the only purpose for Terran in the story. Although Terran and Kira are now the only humans in the group, and I think that can be explored a bit further to make more contrasts. The Seraphs are the bridge between the humans and the gods which is a very important piece to the story but I feel we are losing touch with the humans now that we find our three main characters are not human. However Kira and Terran are human. I think it would be valuable to explore them more. Also Kira is starting to seem like a very flat character because pretty much all we are getting is that she is enraged at Arévis for sacrificing her brother.

We see a bit more of Terran though because of his interactions with Aithné and also he jumped in to help Nevic out, which I saw as a good example of him reacting on his own and not just in response to Aithné. Where as Kira just used that as excuse to say the same thing again: Arévis is an emotionless bitch that sacrificed my brother because she doesn't care about anyone else. Yes we get it Kira you don't like Arévis.

Of course as far as the characters go Kira is the least mature and the most narrow focused/selfish. Hopefully we'll get to see her grow and get a little more mature.

Anyways, overall I loved it and am looking forward to more!