Reviews for Awake Now?
Jaenuk chapter 1 . 1/27/2011
I had quite honestly forgotten about my FP account, found you again, and remembered why I made one. :D I'm sorry I'm not thoughtful enough to go back and review everything, but rest assured, I have read everything and loved everything. You're a great writer, much better than a good majority of the writers here (although, with brutal honesty - as I prefer to review with - not among the best, but quite close, I assure you. In my opinion, of course).

This story, although only a basic snippet into the characters and one morning/event, was written well and with a very distinct style. More specifically, I'm always able to feel with the character very well, without needing overly descriptive terms or long lengths of narratives in your stories. At the same time, I get a rather satisfactory broad view of the situations- tricky business, writing mainly from a character's POV in 3rd person while also giving additional information about everything else. You handle it well and after years of reading things on FF. net and FP, I've come to the realization that sometimes, less is more. There are times when necessary descriptions - background info, physical appearances and such - are described awkwardly, it's less so for you, but hmm... I mean, it is what it is. Information that is needed, but would be somewhat random in any case when it appears in a story.

I really want to know more about Cale and Eoin. How Eoin came to be so important to Cale, the business with Noir, the kind of world they exist in, and maybe some of what happened with that nymph, among other things. And the fact that you chose to post this up, revolving around a single moment of Cale waking up and managing to spin out so much from it really draws me into this world. If one moment can say and show so much, what else can I learn about these characters that will make them feel even more alive?

There are, I know, many odd phrases in my review, but I hope I got my points across. I am looking forward to seeing more from you and can't wait for the next thing you post.

Jaenuk 09095