Reviews for Freedom's Realm
Poet Lordy chapter 1 . 1/21/2011
Freedom's Realm

When undisturbed and less pressured from outside influences the world seems more amenable and almost unforced to conform to it's will.

Safely in this realm you command a great power almost, not to use to force anything or anyone, but to feel part of some greater thing... Your Freedom I suppose?.

A virgin of life in this realm you feel, any path you tread is the first steps taken in this land to the point of exhaustion, unwilling to stop, exhilaration almost at being in Freedom's Realm.

Your “Castle” would be another’s Gaol in Freedom's Realm, your comforts stone would be.

Not a prisoner of your own thoughts allows a place to dwell with no regret.

A free and expanding mind, no chains, allows the mind to blossom, what should be a dark place is carpeted with flowers, bringing life to darkness but for a short time, as to reside there too long could feed all that's feared, but strength resides in this controlled prison, how much time you give could be your undoing.

A place to wax your wings in readiness for the long journey, strength abound in Freedom's Realm.

My vision, to Freedom's Realm, I hope my unseeing eye is not far short of the path that's taken.

Again, I feel almost in a poetic mind meld reading your work.

Another, Bravo from me.