Reviews for Suns' Syndicate
Nomore1234 chapter 3 . 4/11/2011
I like it x3 It's gonna be really interestin'

tho i don't see how they fall in love or lust with each other tho because the the details that ya gave of the alien, it sounds like it's barely humaniod. I hope ya get the next chapter out soon.
Gaweldr chapter 3 . 3/3/2011
Aw, an alien, I knew it !

I like that Timothy thinks through what Peter would have thought. It show the importance TJ gaves -and gives- to Peter and how far he trusted his mind.

So, the plot kick in ! I wonder why Russha (nice name, by the way) was exiled. But because I don't know anything about Djinny I can't make assumptions. (Tehee, I love fangs and tails. Always a nice pair on a character). Does TJ the only one who will be aware that Russha's an alien ? I suppose a really few people on the ship like them...

Anyway, thanks for this chapter ! I'm waiting eagerly from the next )

Gaweldr chapter 2 . 2/20/2011
Wow, I'm so glad to see you write another story ! (It help to wait for a update of Asphyxia )

Sci-fi is not my True Love but I like it when there is a good story, like yours. It remind me a little of the online comic Starfighter, by Hamlet Machine.

The coded name (?) of the characters is a really good idea, I think. It added a touch of reality (even if it's gonna take me a long time to remember who's who with just initials). I wonder why SOL 001-R doesn't have a last name. And he's the first like that, if I have well understand the thingie. Maybe a robot... ? (or an alien ? 8D)

Well my english is horrible, so try to imagine I say some good things with a correct grammar.

I like the context, I like the doctor, Timothy is cute and I like when the hero is in sorrow, I'm eager to see what happens next !

CosmicLove chapter 1 . 1/16/2011
Well this is certainly something. Exceedingly enjoyable first chapter, a perfect mix of dialogue, description and back history. I can't find anything to fault so far so well done there!

Keep up the good work and I want a update soon!