Reviews for Endure
Nivek01 chapter 1 . 6/13/2011
You, good sir, have a talent for poetry.

Now don't let this go to your head, cause you still need work. But this is definitely good.

The best work comes from the soul, and I can definitely feel yours in this.

The lyrics (cause I know that's what these are) are well written, and your imagery is good. Too often, poetry gets lost on it's own meaning, buried underneath too many allusions. Here though, your meaning is clear.

Another thing you do well is you provide hope. This could have easily become just an entire rage poem about how unfair life is, and how horrible your parents are. Instead, you showed that, though life is beating you down over and over again, you know to keep going, to traverse on your own, to find your own place in the world, regardless of what you've been told.

Your rhythm stumbles a bit in the second and third paragraphs, but that's about the only thing that stuck out as glaring to me. But poetry isn't my specialty.

I always tell people that to truly succeed in life, they must first identify that it is a beast that must be tamed, and then tame it to become what they want it to be. And this poem echoes that sentiment.

Well done, my friend.
the last parts were very sweet. i've never had crow, but maybe it can compare to raw oyster... .

you are no failgod. )
Raebie chapter 1 . 1/24/2011
I knew you'd come up with something awesome!

And I think you want "destined", not destine or destiny. Otherwise, I love it! I agree with Dody, this is definitely a success!

Dody chapter 1 . 1/24/2011
1. Destine? You want destiny i think.

2. Crow tastes horrible.

3. You're fourth paragraph made this for me, I kind of enjoyed it, and I got there, wow, made this for me.

Bravo FailGod, that name may need to be changed, as this is a success.