Reviews for Respondebat Illa
Deedee Elle chapter 1 . 5/27/2011
"None of them rhyming with 'Foocifer'?" I love this line! As one of your other reviewers said, you have a Pratchettesque style and I really liked the in-jokes for fans.

I thought the opening paragraphs were very good, the way you built up snatches of her opinions about her role through the details of her costume.

The only criticism I can give is that the ending felt rushed into Cassie making her choice. I'd like the 'many months' to feel a bit longer on the page.
Souffle Girl chapter 1 . 5/21/2011
DISCWORLD REFERENCE! DISCWORLD REFERENCE! ...sorry. I really love Discworld. Actually, you're writing style and humor kind of reminds me Terry Pratchett's at parts, which might be why I enjoyed this so damn much!

It makes me sad that this is marked as complete. D: I would love to read more!
Robert Shannon chapter 1 . 2/5/2011
Wow. It's nice to read something this good. There's so much to like: the interesting situation, the way you paint it, the humor, the characters. I particularly liked the way you dealt with the problem of precision in her gift of sight, it left enough wiggle room for a more interesting story. Everything fits.

I want to offer some suggestions, but it's a stretch. Let's see. Perhaps the dialoge could be a little smoother; some of it didn't seem quite realistic, or maybe a touch over-egged. It helps me when I read mine out loud. Also, I have no idea what 'Twilightesque' might be. I like your references to serious literature, and they are appropriate, but this one reaches too far for me.

Thanks for a good read.


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