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arctixie chapter 15 . 11/29/2012
I honestly cannot cope with your flawless writing! I absolutely love Artemis (she's named after my favourite Greek goddess!) because she's just so normal! I think that anyone, even though they haven't experienced it, can not necessarily relate but understand this story to an extent because it's incredibly realistic, despite the drama and everything! I also love the character Maya. Not because I think she's awesome, I honestly think she's a bitch, but she's a common kind of person in real life. Keep up the amazing writing!
whatthegreencarrot chapter 15 . 11/22/2012
Well, Andrea probably wouldn't want to take Jon back, but I do kind of feel sorry for the guy. Second chances are always in order, right? It just seems that some people are too dense to give them.

Hm, I wonder how Maya is going to make Xavier pay... To me, it seems like Maya's a bit of a (pardon my language) bitch. I'd like to see a bit more of Sven; he hasn't been mentioned much, but I do feel a bit intrigued by his character.

Gosh, it's been a while since I've read this story. Did you mention Neil before this chapter? Because if you did, I think I forgot about him. But the last name "Deleon" does seem familiar.

Emily, huh? I can't really hate her. I mean, I did at first, when she seemed like this all-knowing, holier-than-thou peacock on a pedestal, but now that she's actually shown some signs of being (gasp) human, she's not half bad.

I actually don't have much to say about Artemis herself. She's just your typical girl who hates taking other people's crap, I guess. Also seems like she'll give it to you straight, even if the words sting.

Xavier...he doesn't quite fit the pretty-boy description, does he? He's smart, collected, and talented. And then I guess he does have that pretty-boy face going for him (brownie point to Xavier). But dang, why would he subject himself to such an awkward situation with Maya? Hasn't it been proven that the FWB method doesn't work?

Well, that's a wrap to my long review. Don't keep us waiting for an update too long. Alright, bye.

PS: FWB stands for friends with benefits, but I think you already know that. Just adding this in to be safe, though. Happy Thanksgiving!

PPS: Wow, this is kind of sad... I'm just sitting here, browsing through my favorite FP stories while my family is eating pumpkin pie. At ten PM, too, I might add.

...yeah, too much information, I get it.
TO-OLazyToLogin chapter 15 . 11/20/2012
Wow. i must say that I love this story a lot! I couldnt not review.D
Hydrogen Peroxide chapter 15 . 11/20/2012
I don't quite know whether Andrea should take Jon back, seeing that it was consensual, conscious sex. Unless Jon had a real good reason, I cannot understand why can't he seek comfort from his family instead. Sex with a stranger isn't the way to go. And I really hope that Artemis and Xavier can find an anchor in each other. :D
atlalok33 chapter 15 . 11/17/2012
firstttt, you need to update brown eyes and this soon. secccoooonnnnddd, andrea needs to take him back because this story deserves a happy ending.
Elsa chapter 15 . 11/15/2012
Wow, I didn't though the Riviera incident happened only 2 weeks ago in the story! This is funny, it is usually the other way round when you read a story, "inside" time is faster...

About the Jon drama, I don't really have an opinion really, I kind of like Emily in fact and since we saw very little of Andrea I don't really empathise with her and... well I don't think it is only a question of Andrea taking Jon back or not, and if he had time to make a baby it was like a year without seeing each other? Then, infidelity is not so unforgivable than if they were still really a family "willing to heal together" in my opinion.
There is a movie who has just been released in France, it's called "J'enrage de son absence" (I enrage from/I'm furious with his absence) and it's about a man whose son died 9 years ago and who now comes back to the place he used to live at, and he meets the son his wife had had after their parted ways (after the dead of their son). Well, I saw it just after reading the last chapters and I actually thought of the story while watching it... And I just can't make my mind, I don't think I can... well, not judge but even have an opinion about how one would react after this kind of grief (for the movie, I think the story went too far but then I thought: how would I know how it feels? It's just so unbeareable and not meant to be. And it is the same with your story, and I don't know if it is a real question to know if Andrea should take her husband back after an infidelity, because I'm not sure the relationship could have be saved at all, and I don't think it matters that much when there is so much grief included. Maybe you consider grief is not a valid excuse (in the movie, once again, the "new" husband did NOT think so) but I kind of do.
I just wrote a LOT to say NOTHING (or to be more pretentious: your question is not relevent to me, hehe) (begginings with "I don't really have an opinion but" are the worst hypocrisy haha! I'm sorry but in the end I didn't really respond your question so I may be excused for that! (hypocrisy I mean, you'll forget or not the off-topic if you want)). I should find someone to speak about that theme...

Apart from that, I liked this chapter because I think it is trully sweet how Artemis and Xavier appear to each other. I'm not going to develop it because I can't, it's just like a warm feeling in the first and in the last paragraphs (nice symetry by the way!) in the middle of their torturous lives...

Thanks for the update!
Lindsay Hawk chapter 15 . 11/15/2012
I think Jon & Andrea need to talk more. But even marriage councelling wouldn't help because a child was conceived during the affair.
Midnight113 chapter 15 . 11/14/2012
Awesome chapter, I enjoyed the scene between her and Emily. As for how I feel about the situation, well, I always like happy endings. And I'm a firm believer that people can work things out if they really care about one another. ;) Can't wait for more!
Be-U-tiful chapter 15 . 11/14/2012
Great chapter! I don't think Jon should have cheated of course but I adore Noah. And I do think Andrea should take him back because Jon loves her so much and Artemis misses her and they all can be a happy family again, you know the cliche ending and all.
zaini chapter 15 . 11/14/2012
This was a B-E-A-Utifuul surprise!
thanks a bunch for an update.
And about my vote over Andrea taking in Jon back...
U've steered the story where I reckon she will give him another chance...
and with all that I have gathered with ur characterization, Jon did wrong but that was his way of dealing with his loneliness.
Can't w8 to see what you got up ahead.
Bless you!
TamikaT chapter 15 . 11/14/2012
First off, great chapter. Thank you for finally letting us know how the Jon/Emily situation came about. This is a hard on because I do not like affairs or infidelity, but in a weird way I can see how Jon fell. Most people will say that it is always easier to talk to a stranger about your problems because they are not trying to fix them for you so their opinions are unbiased. Emily gave that to Jon when Andrea was trying to fix it. He did not want anything fixed he just wanted someone to listen and Emily did that for him. So the their first coupling along with the alcohol could easily be expected. Now the second time, always makes things harder because that time could not be chalked up to a simple mistake. Their were no inhibitors to push things along so there had to be a common level of understanding and attraction between especially for them to not think of using protection. I wonder if Noah was never conceived would Jon have ever come around or even confessed to his actions? Noah can very well bring this family back together for the simple fact that his birth is causing a not so normal life to be uncovered. His birth is showing Jon where his heart has always lied and that his current condition is not healthy. He wants his wife and his family. It is always weird the things it takes to get people to wake up and smell this coffee. Even look at Xavier, he is waking up out of his abnormal lifestyle. I feel for Maya but she shod have known better. I have a feeling that she believed sleeping with Xavier would make him want to be with her fully as bf/gf, but not this time. I know major cliche and it does happen, but not for Maya. Artemis is so much more stronger than she needs to be. She is a teenager. She should be worried about picking colleges, dating, and friends. Not caring for a baby brother, nursing her father, or understanding the woman he had an affair with. Can you write in a conversation between Artemis and her mother. Yet was mentioned that they talk, but it has not happened during the story that we have seen so could this be a good time for that kind of interaction? I would like to see what mom has to say about everything to her daugther?

Sorry for the long comment, but you did ask...LOL! Wait now that I reread my comment, I didn't answer your question...LOL!should Andrea take him back? I believe the real question is can Andrea welcome Noah? Because no matter what he is here and it appears Emily has no problem leaving him with them so if she returns, how will she handle herself with that? It is easier to handle an affair without children involved because there is only act to remember and than it fades, but with children the reminder is a constant. So if Andrea can love and care and understand Noah's presence then I am sure she can learn to forgive Jon and move on, but if she can't then there is no hope for them. Jon will either have them both or lose one of them for the other. Very intense all or nothing! Please keep writing! Loving this story! Definitely not the normal cliche story.
Guest chapter 15 . 11/14/2012
I think it was unfair of Andrea to leave, and while that wasn't permission to Jon to go on with another, I think Andrea's move was in a way a sort of infidelity of her, letting everyone down within the healing process. I think what Jon did is unforgivable though.
rosieroo chapter 15 . 11/14/2012
Hmm, the emily/jon situation is a difficult one... And Jon seems to prefer denying/avoiding the truth, at least, that's the feel I get from him. I don't like Emily, at all, but that's probably because we keep seeing her from Artemis' perspective. So Jon and Andrea were married at the time, even though they'd been split up? I think that they need to figure out a whole lot more than just the Emily business. I think Jon needs to be a lot more open and determined to make it right between both Artemis and Andrea. I'm not sure if Andrea should take him back, but if she ever did, I imagine it would be quite a way into the future. But from what I read, they both seem to love each other a lot, so maybe that'll help them through it?
I don't know, these are just some random thoughts! I hadn't thought about it overly much before you asked.
Anyway, lovely chapter and I can't wait until Artemis allows herself to open up more to Xavier!
Alixermixer chapter 15 . 11/13/2012
When I saw that you updated, I think I actually squealed. I do think that Andrea should take Jon back but with some conditions. The fact that Jon is still talking to Emily in that way without it being solely about Noah needs to stop. I am so glad that Xavier has broken off the sexual relationship with Maya but she needs to grow up, she knew what it was from the beginning but if she didn't state that she wanted more, she can't be pissed this much when he breaks it off. I hope that Xavier stick to his plan to be around Artemis and not run from his feelings. Can't wait for more!
sappyromancelvr chapter 15 . 11/13/2012
I think it's a terrible thing what Jon did and especially to have a child in the middle. But I also think that if they really loved each other, they'd work it out. Jon definitely has a lot of groveling to do and has to earn back the trust that he has shattered in everyone in his family. He needs to know the damage that he has cause with his actions.

I still hope for a happy ending, because divorce is just terrible to go through, not just the husband and wife, but also for children.
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