Reviews for Consequences
Poet Lordy chapter 1 . 2/26/2011
A daffodil amongst a field of red poppy's proud of who it is, so proud she would never hear the call from the poppy's united in their voice of discontent. Their voice so strong hurts to the core, but her strength remains of beauty within. A day doth end with guidance from her soul in that the next day she will not falter as to who she is, a daffodil in a sea of red, a red she does not see.

Her time in blossom will be measured by her colour against a sea so cold, but her colour and being warm her to her core, steadfast as to who she is.

But to keep her colour amongst this sea of red will take some strength indeed, her path, her place, her pride, a cost she must endure.

Analogy, a thought, a hope I've seen, a path inside these words.