Reviews for This Lonely Road
VioletMeloncholia chapter 1 . 2/6/2011
I like this poem, too. I've got a couple interpretations of what this is about, since it is less clear and more ambiguous than "Broken", although this was written before it. I was thinking that it could either be about a depressed person who doesn't want to speak out about it, as evidenced by him on a "road without people", just himself, and he's feeling traumatized by his depression. (The lonely road is fine/Don't need no company/Got plenty of my own/Named misery and agony.)He feels like he has a void in his life (I'm a shell of who I once was), and he doesn't want to feel that way anymore, although he's not always felt like this. He wants to quit feeling this way, but he still wants to be alone, probably because he's afraid that the people wouldn't understand him if he reaches out to them, so he doesn't seek help. The ending six lines of the poem (Dead-end on a cliff top/Here is where it ends/I'm finished with lonely roads/Now I travel across lonely skies/No other travelers in sight/just me and these thoughts of mine) make me think that the character commited suicide. Another feeling this kind of gives me is that the person in the poem is an addict who wants to quit whatever he's addicted to (I'm walking off/Have to get away/Can't stay no more/Got to get away), and that he feels like he needs to quit, but he's too afraid to seek help. He knows he wants to end the cycle of addiction, but he can't. Again, the end could also mean that he was too far gone and he died (represented by the cliff) from his addiction. The last interpretation could just be introspective thinking about his own internal demons and negative emotions, but the depression/addict theory is probably more likely. I had fun trying to decipher your poem!

Keep up the good work!