Reviews for To Live Without Destiny
MidNight The Magnificent chapter 1 . 2/16/2011
Very nice!

I always thought an almighty "God" presiding over everything is bullshit. Along with destines, prophecies, and all that jazz. What destiny? I choose to wrest control of my life and do whatever I CHOOSE to.

Nice little story, especially the professional nonchalance of the stupid angel. I know that feeling well. Some idiots are just so empty and emotionless that I want to punch them, slap them, HURT them to make them feel just a little bit of what I'm feeling. Dammit. It's no fun when I'm the only one getting emotional here. I want you angry. I want you pissed off. Make it fun for me. Make my day.

Oh, and is there a particular story that you were thinking of for the man who lived to be a hundred seventy two and had a small country of ancestors? Just curious.


MidNight The Magnificent