Reviews for Anatomy of a Rebellion
Deserthawk chapter 59 . 10/11/2012
Wow. General Ellis is as big of a jerk as I remembered. Like he literally has learned nothing at all. Especially with his 'I'm going to crush you' and 'I have control over everything'. Then why couldn't you make the Ceto rise, huh?
I wonder who William's person on the inside is. Jordan? Raine?
"You went to war with the United States because the Warrant Officer fell into a river?" took the words right outta my mouth. Glad to hear Wallace's okay though. I was weirdly paranoid he was going to end up in 'enemy' hands or something. Honestly, I feel that something like that is the only thing that could stop Percy at this point.
I like the 'why do we fight' conversation. It's sad; I bet the people on the 'other' side are saying similar things. It's funny too. They seem like ordinary people on the inside. Although what they're doing is very extraordinary.
Deserthawk chapter 58 . 10/7/2012
Oh man. I'm trying to decide which is the best reaction to getting shot. I'm going with Boomerang. "'Alright.' Then he took his thumb out. " Am I a bad person for laughing at that? Wonder what the 'proper' way to deal with that is...
Royal really impressed me here. Like time and time again he's proven that he's just able to get shit done.
Haha, likin' the pilot banter.
Dang 10,000 people is a lot. That's an interesting comparison with the stadiums, I guess that does help desensitize it. It makes me think, I was getting all worked up over all those people they killed before but that's really nothing at all. In the general scheme of things. Which is kind of depressing.
I hope they don't kill the people they captured though. Am I naive for thinking a lot of 'em will want to join their side? I mean they've probably been through a lot of crap too.
Deserthawk chapter 57 . 10/6/2012
It's funny. This last sentence made me realize. I was still thinking of the Easy Eight as 'Americans' all this time. Like they were fighting to restore the 'real' America, and the other guys were the 'unAmericans' somehow. But I guess they really do want to tear it down and build something new; and that's very intriguing. I wonder what kind of vision they have.
I liked that scene with the private in the end. "Don't tell me you can see Ashford's flag in Union?" It took me a while to figure that out; but I guess he's saying Wakeman doesn't have any business being there either? Like they didn't help them out before, so they have no right to question what went down. I wonder about the full story behind that though.
"Come on, these are Americans you've killed!" Interesting how Wakeman reacted too. Seems like he's going to have conflicts with Barton and his squad. I liked that analogy to a videogamer.
Was worried that Percy seemed to be 'screwing up' (sending people wrong places), but maybe this is the reason why? I thought he was spacing out because of Wallace, but maybe he knows Wakeman wouldn't have been able to manage Offult. After all I don't think he could've done that 'without a drop of blood' no matter how great a strategist he is.
Man there's so much to comment on in this chapter. Holy crap martial law. Percy better get some more people on his side soon.
Beautiful words, I wonder if it'll have an impact... I feel like Jordan's speech might've gone over the average American's head.
Deserthawk chapter 56 . 10/5/2012
Huh. Interesting to get that insight into their motivation... how they can do this thing. Like how they said it became 'so much easier'. That gave me a lot of food for thought. I guess our worst enemies are ourselves after all.
That scene you had in the beginning was well-written. I could see it playing out in my mind, like a movie. I think that's why Pulte's death affected me most so far. More than Wallace even (but I don't really think he's dead yet... so).
That 'Why' at the end made me laugh. It's kind of sad though. How they follow orders without asking sooner (or at all).
"You mean to say you took a base of a thousand soldiers in only an hour?" Barton is such a badass. Upped him in my list of favs. He's not half the wimp he thinks he is. Although if this is the state of most of the US army (officers cowering, etc.) I'm starting to get seriously worried. Even though it was touching how the men decided to stay to help with the flood, knowing their base was being attacked. Shows the ordinary guys aren't bad people at all. So I have hope too.
Deserthawk chapter 55 . 9/23/2012
Damn I felt bad for all the people they killed. I understand it's war and all, but somehow it's only hit me now. How effed up it is for soldiers on the same side to be killing each other. Somehow I didn't get that feeling from the Doyle scene, which is interesting. I kind of felt like they were acting like Doyle's men come to think of it. Which makes me think better of him and worse of Percy. Because they're both idealistic in very similar ways, IMO. Maybe that's why Percy doesn't kill him.
I wonder if some of the guys they killed might've actually been sympathetic with their goals. And joined them if they'd had the chance.
Ah how's Barton's gonna get out of this one? I'm still hoping he succeeds. "It didn't feel like how it had been explained to him." That portrayed his shock/spaciness well.
Also liked the action scenes. I've never thought of exactly how one would go about taking over a military base. I'm trying to think if the Lieutenant could've been anyone we know...
Deserthawk chapter 54 . 9/16/2012
Well I was going to save this chapter for later. But screw that.
San Marino, eh? Kind of reminds me of The Mouse that Roared. I wonder when the nukes are going to come out...
I'm torn. I kind of want Percy to join Brunhart for the sheer awesomeness of it all. But at the same time it would be handing this guy world domination, if the US were indebted to him, and they took Russia as well.
Also holy shit Percy. Is this what he's really like? Caught glimpses of it before, but he's starting to scare me all over again... I'm not sure if I would want him in charge either honestly.
Can't wait to see where this is going. The Easy 8 in action for real... please don't fall off any cliffs, lol.
Deserthawk chapter 53 . 9/16/2012
Fuck. Not Wallace. I've always seen Wallace as sort of like... the conscious of Percy? Not quite the word. Like he's the only thing that's holding him back? From going full out Istanbul mode. He sort of represents the whole Union thing for me, so if he doesn't show up soon that would mean a lot... But I am curious about seeing the other side of Percy that's been hinted at so often.
I was worried about Warren as well. Two of them going under would've really screwed everything.
On the other hand WTF Doyle? Are his men brain damaged or something? What does shooting at police officers and firefighters have to do with anything? Especially not going after the soldiers. It's almost like they want to rile Percy up...
Deserthawk chapter 52 . 9/16/2012
Go Ethan! I guess William is smarter than he looks. Least at predicting what people will do. I was waiting for that moment for so long, seriously.
"The military has been trained to act as dogs; they'll never rise up." It's funny, that reminds me of a quote from some movie (Full Metal Jacket I think) were they said sort of the opposite. Like soldiers are kind of useless in a real battle if all they can do is follow orders. So yeah I'm not so sure how useful the (non-Eight) US military is going to be in these worldwide conflicts.
Was not expecting Trotter to show up again, but he is one awesome dude. Funny how the half-dead guy is the only reasonable voice here. Hm, is Brunhart focusing on Europe or does he want to go worldwide too?
Never really thought about that. Somehow I don't see Percy as a political person... is there an answer? I thought Ethan was Republican at first (for whatev that's worth) but now I'm not so sure. But I usually don't ask after political beliefs... it just unleashes all sorts of hell.
Deserthawk chapter 51 . 9/15/2012
Haha that was why she knocked on the door? I really want to know what's between them now. I bet Raine got what she needed in any case.
Lol, I kind of like drunk William. Especially with his little bro egging him on. He should do it more often. I still can't figure out exactly why he went to Union though... he doesn't seem to have actually done anything substantial.
That was a creepy vibe I was getting at the end. Like he's a ticking time bomb or something. Hopefully Ethan can keep him in line back in DC.
I kind of agree with Wallace. I'd rather have liberty than justice... I guess I can imagine justice w/out liberty but not the other way around. Because if you had freedom then you'd have freedom to carry out whatever action you think is justice right? And I can see what Warren's trying to do but I don't see what God has to do with it. Liberty comes from God? So the oppressed should just sit back and wait for Him? And if he doesn't show up then what?
Royal and the phone. Maybe things are circling in more ways than one...
Deserthawk chapter 50 . 9/15/2012
Lots to think about. I was imagining Doyle would be a dogmatic person to get caught up in this fight. But it looks like he's just as lost as everybody else. That makes me more sympathetic... maybe he's not so bad. He just doesn't know where his life is going. His life story kind of reminds me of Percy's as well. Foil?
Wallace's outburst also took me off guard. Although it makes sense on reflection. "Take this opportunity to get out of this bullshit career." Is that how he really feels? I wonder if he's gonna let it show around Percy, and how that'll affect him.
Also Raine. I think I'm starting to get her. Something happened between her and William. Maybe when he went over to the 'other side' ? "I'm going to destroy you." I get the feeling that a lot of her actions, her motivation can be explained by that. Catch me if I'm wrong here - but this ain't no ordinary lover's spat.
PS. nice end note... looking forward to it.
Deserthawk chapter 49 . 9/8/2012
I can't figure William out. Like is he actually trying to get on Percy's side? Or is he just interested in being a jerk to Jordan. It's funny how he gets on his bro for being a 'failure' when they're similar in so many ways. Especially with Raine (maybe), lol. I feel like he's either a lot smarter or a lot dumber than he lets on.
Ceto's a great name for a sub. Also nice way to expose Ellis, how his hold on the forces is actually tenuous (at best). The Sea Dogs have the right idea IMO.
I'm glad Royal and Warren reconciled a bit. Although I'm getting this horrible premonition with Royal now.
"I didn't join to fight. I was running away." It's interesting how he said that. Because that's also why he left, right?
Deserthawk chapter 48 . 8/29/2012
Hm, I'm starting to like Ethan more and more. Interesting how he's from Michigan. His actions just tell what kind of person he is. But how he was thinking of Mackenzie also got to me... I'm unsure why I disliked him in the first place. This isn't the direction I was expecting the trial to take at all, which is great. And William too doesn't seem like such a bad person. Hope they can pull this thing off.
Interesting to hear what's going on in the rest of the world again. It's kind of hilarious how they're kibitzing China for having a civil war and all when the US is on the brink of the same thing.
Oh yeah I liked the 'I keep my hands free' quote lol.
Deserthawk chapter 47 . 8/13/2012
Wow, Doyle. I'm going to have a really hard time taking him seriously now, after what happened there. That was just... not even a fight. I almost felt like laughing. Okay, I did laugh. I'm a terrible person.
Yeah, I felt bad for all the guys they killed though. "There was no reason to slaughter them like that." Especially since Doyle got out free. Hopefully they can use him as a hostage or get some use out of him. Somehow I feel like Ellis just won't give a shit about him though. I predict either he's gonna be completely reformed, or this experience is just gonna make him that much more bitter/hating Percy.
I was kinda surprised Wallace got so worked up at Jordan, though. Guess I'm pretty jaded at this point.
Torres does seem like a good guy. I hope Percy comes to trust him, because he seems like a valuable ally.
Oh and it seems I was too paranoid about Chen again. Lol.
Deserthawk chapter 46 . 8/13/2012
Haha, Doyle. This chapter highlights the absurdity of war really well. How they're stuck in the snow and Doyle tries to take over the town but nobody cares. Then that shouting match in the street, that was epic. That's how you fight with words.
Damn, Doyle is ruthless though. Probably has to be or all his men would just rebel...
He's more clever than he looks, using Roo's past like that. But I hope his arrogance gets him shot. Rita really got my hopes up there, I have to admit.
Glad Wallace is okay, I was getting worried about him.
I'm kind of feeling conflicted about Doyle here... I really don't like him for what he's done so far, but he seems to have a point with what he's saying. And I agree with the way he acted toward Dawson, seems he's not completely heartless. Also that part with the dog. Maybe he's just misguided?
Deserthawk chapter 45 . 8/13/2012
Joshua is awesome. I like his attitude, his rockets. Especially that way he talks, spilling out his past and future plans so openly... He's a cool guy, hope he sticks around.
Heh, that scene at the beginning made me laugh. I liked that insight into Conroy's mind as well. I wonder what Chen was so angry about. Probably something to do with the fight? Arg, I'm getting worried he's gonna turn again. Betray them to Doyle/Ellis. Damn it, Percy why do you have to keep doing things like this.
"This is an inquisition. A public interrogation. They plan to humiliate the guy in front of the entire world." Oh god, it's not Ethan is it. I have a terrible feeling it's Percy. Why aren't you worried about this, man?
On a completely unrelated note... a MILLION dollar suit? Holy shit, is this inflation? Or is there seriously such a thing. Especially in times like this, when everyone's so strapped. Yeah that caught my attention to say the least.
And Brunhart too: "That young man is a game changer. He'll do something with this world." I think I'm pretty much openly supporting him at this point. I feel like he's sorta the European foil to Percy. Or something.
Yep, I enjoyed this chapter a lot.
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