Reviews for Anatomy of a Rebellion
Deserthawk chapter 44 . 8/12/2012
Dang, that got real philosophical. It's interesting to hear what different people think about the big questions. And Freddie being very poetic, as usual. I wonder what Percy's answer would be?
"There's other things I'd like to know." Like how to build/rule a country? Can almost hear those wheels turning in his mind.
It seems like Percy and Raine have more in common than I thought. Both alone without families, but wanting one? Could be totally wrong. They're also like the only ones whose past we don't know much about, yet.
I liked the flashback of the World Series, the cap story. Shows a side of the country that hasn't been evident much... good to know it's still there. "But eventually, people forgot about how strongly de' Medici felt and they forgot about how they felt." Seems like a recurring theme. Like things could change but people just get all apathetic. True story.
Deserthawk chapter 43 . 8/11/2012
Well that escalated quickly. That fight was really ugly. Didn't know Raine was the type to get drunk like that. I'm glad Skipper was there, otherwise who knows what might've happened. Shows how much Percy's guys are strained. I wonder what's Percy's planning that 'could work'.
'If you cause me any more trouble, I will not only end your career in the Army, I will end you.' I think that's a good display of Ellis's character. He's got nerve, calling Percy like that and saying he's 'sorry'. When he was probably the one behind that attack. I wonder how the hell he survived DC. I hope Percy kicks his ass soon.
Huh, I wonder what's up with Percy and women. I thought he might have feeling for Mackenzie, but maybe he really is gay... or maybe he just had a really bad relationship in the past?
BTW, like the chapter title. Thought it was typo at first, lol. Eve2 should definitely be a real holiday.
Deserthawk chapter 42 . 8/11/2012
Damn it. Seems like this Doyle is another one of those villains that always escape... like Ellis. How is he even justifying this attack? Seems like just plain revenge on Percy?
That scene with the drones in the beginning was interesting. I wasn't aware that they had to actually be taken down by fighter jets... that's rather frightening. Or are they more advanced that what we have now?
Heh, Mighty Mouse. Now he's reminding me of Mickey Mouse for some reason. Well if Skipper trusts him, that's good enough for me. 'The name dripped like rotten milk out of his mouth' I liked that simile (?), it gives a good image of how much everybody hates that guy.
Jordan seems like kind of a dumbass to me... like how many times has he nearly died so far? Or that's just how hard it is for a civilian to stay alive in those situations.
Oh yeah, that snow scene was nice. 'In his own moment of disbelief, his rifle slipped out of his hand and crashed against the ground.' Guess not all of Doyle's men are like him. Which augurs well.
Deserthawk chapter 41 . 8/9/2012
Woah, that escalated quickly... Oh man, it was DOYLE?! That's just the icing on the cake. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with this guy. Hasn't he screwed over the town enough already? I wonder if there was something more he didn't want them to find out about Freddie.
"Eerily like Corpus Christi," I wonder if this is part of a bigger scheme by Ellis or something to take out Percy... Or maybe I'm just paranoid. '
I'm glad Royal and Warren seem to have made up a bit. I was worried about Warren there at the end. Like I said, if he dies so many things are gonna fall apart in so many ways...
The SFX were kind of... jarring? I guess that was their intention though. I dunno, maybe I'm just not used to them.
Oh yeah, I liked how one of the Sea Dogs did a barrel roll there, just for the hell of it. Lol.
Deserthawk chapter 40 . 8/8/2012
That funeral scene was sad. Just how fake it all was for so many people... You make insightful comparisons, I never thought about it like a parade before. 'Yet when they got up the next day, they went back into the same routine of being more concerned about celebrity gossip, the water cooler rumors at work, and how much more right they were compared to everyone else in the country.' That about sums it up, don't it.
'Why the hell are you all in /my/ office?' That made me laugh for some reason. I think Wallace must care a lot about Mackenzie though, that he apprehended Huck like that. He's come a long way, hasn't he? From calling her a bitch in the first chapters...
'You're stuck with us, Major Raymond!' Haha. Those guys are sweet, can't wait to see more of their antics.
Deserthawk chapter 39 . 8/8/2012
Nope, Ellis ain't dead. Not believing it, nope.
It sucks that the operation wasn't successful... but at least Kenning is still alive. And I'm glad the damage wasn't as bad as I thought it would be... for some reason I thought DC was gonna be in ruins by the time this was done.
Oh man, what happened to Ethan? Why doesn't Mackenzie seem worried? And wow, that thing about Huck/Casper trying to kill Mackenzie's father is a bombshell. Is that why she joined the military? But that really shows her loyalty to Percy, that she didn't try to arrest him. Or something more.
Hm, Jordan. I guess he isn't as much of an annoying jerk as I thought he was...
I like how you drop in bits of people's pasts here and there. It's like not every revelation has to be super dramatic... kind of like getting to know them in real life.
'I just haven't decided. Who is the terrorist and who is the dreamer? Is Freddie really the bad guy, or are we the wrong ones? I just can't figure it out.' Percy has some great quotes in here. Even though he was semi-high on pain medication. Perhaps because of that.
Gotta keep reading... you are just pulling me along today, lol.
Deserthawk chapter 38 . 8/8/2012
'Did you fail? Then don't fail again.' That's a good philosophy on life, IMO. Mackenzie is a great woman, she doesn't take any shit. Damn, I want to know why she joined the military originally. She just thought it was cool? Wanted to be stronger? Well I don't really care, I think she can get over her past.
But man, that scene was... distressing to say the least. I really wonder how Raine isolates her emotions in times like this. And I wonder what it was that set that guy off?
And yeah, I won't believe Ellis is dead until we see a body. He sounds like someone who's gonna go down fighting. I bet he killed the president, and they're pinning that other guy. I hope Ethan is all right... I think he might've gotten captured or something.
Oh man, why'd you have to point that out with the drought? If any of this starts happening IRL, I'm probably just gonna go hide under my bed. Like for real.
Deserthawk chapter 37 . 8/8/2012
Geez, this is getting bad. Almost spiraling out of control. Sounds like that shooter might have a touch of PTSD or something.
I am glad Ethan and Mackenzie got reunited. I guess he's not really such a bad guy. Just something about the way he cares about Mackenzie gets to me. And it seems she really does love him... not sure why that surprised me. Probably at times like these, the hidden feelings come out.
'He was untouchable; a Senator of the United States could not be killed, especially by some petty riots. ' Interesting. It seems that Percy and Ethan are similar in some ways. Guess Percy needs someone like Mackenzie to bring him to reality.
I hope things are gonna be okay, with him incapacitated like that. Mackenzie seems like she's about to get her badass on though, which is awesome.
Deserthawk chapter 36 . 8/7/2012
Ouch. That sounds so painful. Percy taking it stoically, as usual. He must care a lot about Raine to protect her like that. Or would he do that for any citizen? And Wallace, good guy, making an epic grand entrance. I was pretty worried, it was going to be someone antagonistic, make things even worse than they are.
Those anarchists sound menacing. Maybe Percy can gain the public support by taking them out. And also he's the only one that can do it... And the blizzard's not helping.
Well, I really wonder how he's gonna get out of this. With his leg crushed and all.
Oh and that speech with the Prince was cool, and also seeing what he looked like. Sorry if I missed this... but what country is he? England?
Just wanna give him some advice: NOBODY conquers Russia, son.
Deserthawk chapter 35 . 8/7/2012
Percy man, how do you think you're gonna take down the entire rest of the army? And those protestors, they look like they're about to do more harm than good. I don't think they'll be able to both protect them and fight off everybody else. Hopefully I'll be wrong, and this won't turn into a massacre...
"Uh, wow, yeah sorry about that…" Most. Awkward. Convo ever. Now that I think of it, it's amazing these guys have worked together as well as they have. Or together at all. Just shows what a great leader Percy is.
"A hail of bullets sprung from the guns of the outnumbered and fearful officers. The civilian was their lone target. The majority of the bullets found their way into his gut; in pain, his grip on the flag became as iron tight as that of Timber's. Soon, he slumped to his knees as well, one arm slung around the shoulders of Timber while the other stayed with the flag." Am I reading too much into this flag thing? Because that right there seems like a great metaphor for this situation right now. As in, the civilians are behind him.
You write very grippingly. Especially the endings, they make me NEED to read the next chapter. Right now.
Deserthawk chapter 34 . 8/6/2012
Damn. Percy is so badass, with that saber and everything. "It's like, a glow is emitting from him. He just had to touch that soldier and it was like he healed him." Yes Major, you are as great as they say.
I feel like it was symbolic, that the police tried to shoot the flag bearers first. Also, the coming of winter just as they let off the electronic bomb.
Totally random, but getting stabbed by a flagpole sounds really painful.
But it really sucks with the snow and everything. I don't think they're going to gain much support, if they end up freezing a bunch of people to death... hopefully they can get this battle wrapped up quickly.
And that senator in the beginning totally deserved it. Go Ethan (for once).
Deserthawk chapter 33 . 8/6/2012
Why do I have a horrible feeling Chen is gonna turn around and turn them in? Probably just paranoid, lol.
I know Percy's bored with it and it seems kind of insignificant at this point, but I liked hearing about Wallace's family. I wonder what was up with Alan and the dad... that episode about the tree really shows a lot about their relationship. That can't really be put into words.
I liked this quote of Percy's: "This is America. You have the freedom to do whatever the hell you want, even a revolution." It shows he's not as jaded as he thinks he is, with all that business about the Constitution. But man, I hope there's not gonna be another casualty in Wallace's family, with David.
"It's time to see if the Major is as great as we all think he is" Took the words right outta my mouth.
Deserthawk chapter 32 . 8/6/2012
Damn. Shit just got real. I have a feeling - this is gonna be the real deal. Haha, I can't wait to see Percy and co. in action like this. He's got courage for going up against the rest of the army like that. And attacking the Capitol. But I wonder if other countries are gonna jump on the bandwagon, seeing the US divided like this.
It's pretty cool, the idea of that electric bomb. If a little frightening. What about people's pacemakers and such? Well, it's a good lesson on the over reliance on technology. I feel like there's gonna be civilian casualties no matter what they do.
Interesting to see who Freddie really is... never imagined that he'd had an eye implant. And it's interesting, if depressing, to hear what happened in Europe. Raine earns a little in my book, for being able to figure it out so fast. And is that a little flirting going on at the end there? With her it's hard to tell.
'The cold winter was going to hit stronger and sooner than he expected.' Great way to end it, sets the tone real well.
Deserthawk chapter 31 . 8/6/2012
Man. I thought it might have been something like that, considering how deep her animosity was. Part of me was hoping though, that it wouldn't be. Makes me admire her all the more, that she won't back down, won't avoid the fact that it happened. It's funny, I think part of me was naively wishing the military would've got over this sort of thing in the future.
That scene in the beginning with Warren and his wife was good. Such a tender moment... also an effective way of reminding how bad things are getting. For everybody.
It's terrible to wonder where everybody in this town would be without Warren. I feel like he's the glue that's barely holding so many people together. I hope nothing happens to him, but so many people are dying...
Wallace isn't dumb at all IMO, he sums up the frustration very well. Where did we go wrong?
Deserthawk chapter 30 . 8/5/2012
I had no idea Royal was feeling it that much. I like how you described that fight in the end, how it was almost a mistake in the beginning but it escalated beyond their control. I think that's a truthful representation of how a lot family fights start, and you capture it well.
And Skipper seems a lot smarter than I gave him credit for. It's pretty sad how almost everybody is disillusioned after dealing with the military and such. I wonder what his mind is 'begging him to believe'.
'He hated counseling soldiers more than anything' - that really took me by surprise. I'd always assumed he wouldn't keep doing it if he didn't get joy out of it... I guess Warren's also deeper than I thought. At least Royal's letting it out, hopefully before he gets stuck like that.
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