Reviews for Anatomy of a Rebellion
Deserthawk chapter 29 . 8/5/2012
Woah, this squad is really bitchin awesome. I feel like the people in the house were kind of inexperienced though, which makes me feel kind of bad for them. And that guy who just committed suicide. That was just rough.
I don't think this chapter is rushed. IMO, it exactly fits the pace of having to go in and rescue the president, before the planes show up and bomb the shit out of everything. And it juxtaposed nicely with what's going in Royal's head. I like how you never just show one aspect of the battle. Like you don't just stick to action, you go for something deeper.
Oh shit. Is Chen going to betray them? He better not. Oh god he better not.
Deserthawk chapter 28 . 8/5/2012
Yes, Sea Dogs! I was waiting to see when they would come back. Good job Mackenzie, didn't know she had it in her to ask nicely. Guess it shows how much she cares about her guys...
Although it is not a good situation, Americans bombing the US. Well Ellis (and the Marines?) started it.
That was an interesting discussion about war in there. What would it be like if they could fight it without soldiers. I always thought it would be better that way, but I guess it wouldn't really be war anymore. You're right, it would be weird. Like a video game or something. Maybe it would be worse, since civilians would probably still die while 'soldiers' don't have to.
Oh god, there's going to be civil war isn't there. Damn. I'll be rooting for you, Percy!
Deserthawk chapter 27 . 8/5/2012
"It's just a gut wound. I've been shot before. Get me the hell off this thing and back on the ground!" Damn Percy, you badass. And that way he just didn't give an eff about the pain when he was saving McGill and Jordan. I am so glad they saved them.
Woah, Royal. I never thought about how it might be harder for soldiers to kill people in certain situations than in others.
Just realized, doesn't using gas like that violate the Geneva conventions? Is that why Warren was so shocked?
I think I'm starting to gauge Raine a little better. Maybe she suppresses her emotions because she knows that's what makes a good reporter. Although she can seem heartless, it doesn't seem like she always focusing on herself. I also think Percy might have screwed up because she was there... he might have a bit of a infatuation, I think.
Deserthawk chapter 26 . 8/5/2012
Ok, so it's an inside job? Dang, this General Ellis... I thought he was bad news, but not on this scale. Making a deal with Mexico? Screwing them over in Texas? Now it makes a lot more sense. And why they were so hostile to Percy and co. And no crash sites. What happened, him making such a dumb mistake. He out of practice?
And man, you're making me empathize with Ethan. I like how almost every character I dislike has another side to them. Kind of like real life.
Glad Percy got out of there, but I hope McGill is okay. And is that Boomerang with her? It's a good illustration of this situation, that the news of a suicide doesn't even make an impact.
Deserthawk chapter 25 . 8/5/2012
Damn, I do like Percy. Don't die man!
Yeah, he's a much better person when he's in battle than when he's at the base, IMO.
That shoot out and the helicopter scene was epic. I had no idea that's how it worked, with missiles on the helicopters and everything. That stuff about the crash site is weird though. Another conspiracy?
It's so obnoxious, that Trout guy has to let his petty feuds come up at a time like this.
So the prince is - Turkish? I was kind of hoping it was the Russian guys, lol.
Of the two reporters, Raine seems to be holding up better. Guess this where her lack of motions comes in handy.
Deserthawk chapter 24 . 8/4/2012
Part III! Man, things are starting to get crazy. I sense a transition occurring. Position on Raine still not changed. She seems remarkably emotionless. I wonder why Percy let her come with them, after she wrote that horrible article. Maybe he respects her for not trying to impress him? Or likes her for... other reasons. I'm glad Wallace seems to have recovered. But he's probably still bottling a lot up, don't think he really got over it that quickly.
That background about Turkey has made Percy and co. about a thousand times cooler to me. But I bet this mission is not going to be a piece of cake. To say the least.
And Goldwin, always being so deep. Interesting guy, he can philosophize like that right before entering the battlefield...
Deserthawk chapter 23 . 8/4/2012
That scene with Freddie in the beginning was nice. It was so - comforting. A good note to go to sleep on :) But a bit of sadness too, that he had all that family warmth taken from him a long time ago. Warren's wife is so nice. Does she always welcome strangers like that? I would totally want to have waffles in that house.
Warren is great too. Just the way he talks to people, without forcing any agenda or being obtrusive anything. Especially what he says about killing seems very wise. I can see why everybody's so fond of him.
Huh, this chapter really shows off the worst and best of Union. The situation overall seems to be getting worse, and I am not looking forward to what happens when that Doyle guy shows up again.
But I'm glad you put this chapter here. It helped me calm down...
Deserthawk chapter 22 . 8/4/2012
What a bunch of fuckers. I hope they get - well, not going to go there. Why are these people being sent into a town like that? Clearly they can't cope with civilians, or people in general. I haven't straight up hated anyone in this story so far, but I'm getting pretty damn close now, with this Doyle. I hope Percy kicks his ass. Excuse my french.
I wonder what really happened in Asia though, to make those two squads so antagonistic like that. Poor Wallace. I guess this shows the worst that can go wrong when there's a military base in your home town.
I'm surprised they're not even getting enough food. That always sucks. It looks like the military's in pretty dire straits... and yet they're still building all these new bases. Yeah, the leadership looks real incompetent right now.
Deserthawk chapter 21 . 8/4/2012
"Oh, look. It seems an accident occurred and now your computer is damaged. Guess you can't get that warrant." Haha. For once I agreed with Percy's temper here. I don't like how he's getting more totalitarian, but I understand it a bit better now... he doesn't have much of a choice, does he. Another good way of showing how strained the country's getting. I hope Warren's church is gonna be okay.
Wow, Raine is kind of a - . All she cares about is the photo? But Jordan says it better than I ever could. It's interesting how she doesn't seem affected by his tirade. Ice cold. And using him.
Heh, I didn't see this coming either, but I'm starting to like Jordan (even though he is a bit of a womanizer). For some reason I always thought he was being insincere before, but it seems like he really is in earnest. I hope all his work pays off.
"Something like this video, there just isn't gore and barrels of blood. It's tame to them."
That got me thinking as well. Sad how close it is to the truth.
Deserthawk chapter 20 . 8/4/2012
Oh god. As soon as I read the title of this chapter, I knew something serious was gonna go down. But man, I never expected this. I really like how your story turns in directions that I could never predict.
Especially the way you reveal the characters. I liked that juxtaposition of Freddie and Goldwin in the beginning, how they're they're similar, while giving us details of their past. And this quote: "They call us paranoid terrorists. But one day they will call us dreamers - visionaries." Really good stuff.
Arg, now I really want to know what's up with Freddie, what's he doing here if he's nobility, how he got captured when he was younger, how he became a 'terrorist' etc. etc.
And the technology they pulled out at the end - I'd almost forgotten this story was set in the future. But it's believable, not overdone at all, and I like that.
And that little scene between Percy and Mackenzie. I think she's the only he'll eventually end up opening up to. But I wonder what she was doing with Patterson?
Oh yeah, and the fight was gripping. I actually could feel myself starting to read faster, it was so intense.
Deserthawk chapter 19 . 8/4/2012
Poor Union. It's a stark symbol of what's happening to the country, crops being replaced by military bases like that.
And those senators - they're real assholes. (That was a good scene BTW, for filling in/explaining what's happening to the government) Don't they realize what they're doing will only come back to bite them? General Ellis, I don't like the looks of that situation. If he gets command, and Percy doesn't like it - I have a feeling things might even erupt into civil war.
And Freddie and co. I wonder what they're up to... I'm sort of taking a leap of faith and rooting for them now.
Is Riane that the same reporter from Time at the beginning? Also, was there some hints at rivalry there? (Over Percy). Man, that guy is just so oblivious.
And I liked that insight into Royal's squad. They seem sort of crazy but intense. And the cadence was cool.
Deserthawk chapter 18 . 8/4/2012
Oh man, Percy. I really don't like where you're going with this. Am I gonna start rooting against the main character? I never even considered the possibility that he start doing things like this. It makes me like him less, but makes him a lot more interesting to me. I think Mackenzie sums it up best: 'we must make decisions we don't necessarily agree with.' Sums up the paradox, but also hints at a little... dogmatism?
The conflict was done well here. Especially Warren, I can't imagine what's going on his mind right now. But I admire him for being honest to what he believes in. At the same time, I can see why he left the army. But it's a shame. Percy could use someone like him on his team right now.
It's a striking contrast to how Percy acted in the first half of this chapter with Reddings. I thought he was starting to open up more emotionally and be a better person, but - dang, I'm feeling conflicted about this dude right now...
Deserthawk chapter 17 . 8/3/2012
Wow, those civilians are assholes. I mean, they could've just not helped you and would've probably all died... oh wait, they probably think they got attacked because of the military base? I can kind of understand that I guess.
That militia or whatever it was didn't seem that scary in the end. What a frightening state of affairs, that a small band like that can screw up a State Capitol so badly. Either that or the police really sucks. Perhaps both.
It's nice how you deal with everybody's emotions, especially Royal's. How he has to deal with being in a battle situation for the first time. Gives everything a realistic feel.
And Goldwin. He is a pretty intriguing person as well.
Deserthawk chapter 16 . 8/3/2012
Holy shit. They demolished Lincoln? What a bunch of... that just makes me angry for some reason. Especially that they SHOT at the helicopter when they were just trying to rescue that kid.
You write action well. It's intense, definitely drawing me in. As usual the details are cool. It's fascinating, getting such a look into a firefight.
These guys don't seem so smart though, attacking so near a new military base. It's kind of suspicious. Like they're trying to draw Percy out...
BTW, this made me laugh: "Aside from being an absolutely shitty President and having the luck of serving during one of the worst droughts and a global war, he has done nothing illegal."
And Royal is badass. Gotta read more.
Deserthawk chapter 15 . 8/3/2012
Wow, this is getting really good. I like how I can't quite figure Freddie out. I mean, the combination of his name and the creepy way he's acting is just weird to me. Is it seriously that easy to get into a hotel room? Really interesting character.
I liked that little exchange at the end. I assume the Latin is some sort of greeting (for their organization)? I actually had to look it up to satisfy my curiosity, lol.
It seems that Percy is kind of antisocial. Or at least not very good at reading other people's emotions. And also kind of manipulative. I wonder why he's only interesting in women in that way... he seems kind of asexual or something. Damn, I really want to know what's up with him now.
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