Reviews for The Seven
ComedyGirl127 chapter 2 . 2/3/2012
Ooh :D eerie first 2 chapters :) If you struggle to write your stories through, I have a short tip? Don't try to write too many at once- pick one and write it through, and if you have another idea, jot down some notes and go back to your focussed story. i did the same with fanfictions, writing 15 at once... finally i got hooked on one type, and forced myself to dismiss any intruding ideas. I now have my first ever finished story. I'm currently making an original as well, and just today came across my first challenge. i had a new idea that i dont want to forget, but i dont want to stray from my first idea. i will make some notes on it and get back to it another time :)

long review- i apologise- but i just love your stories :D i only just started reading them too ;P