Reviews for Nature's Bloom
Loqwell chapter 1 . 2/25/2011
I was going to send you a pm, but you don't have those turned on. I have also had problems with fictionpress formatting, though never quite like this. A way I have found to make sure everything is as I want it is to look at the product after I save it to make sure everything looks right, and edit the formatting directly through the edit html function.

Some things will revert after you save if you haven't edited it properly (even though it looks fine before you save). This is especially true if you edit line breaks in the format section, as fictionpress has an odd way of considering every line a new paragraph rather than using a line break (which is generally more useful for poems).

In your case here I am guessing that the coding for your line break on the last few lines for each stanza is somehow incorrect. I would go into the html and make sure there is a -left arrow-br /-right arrow- (the arrows will not show up if I type them, so simply replace those with the proper ones) before each line that is out of place. Hope that helped. :]