Reviews for Introduction
seredemia chapter 1 . 2/27/2011
I found this a bit ironic. The title is introduction, and yet, it starts off pretty quickly. You know, not giving us a slow introduction into whats going on, who are the characters and what the plot is. Its not bad, I actually like it! I dunno if you intended it, but I liked the twist. Sometimes, I did find it a bit heavy on the dialogue side, but thats only because Im used to stories with quite a lot of description :D

I found this a bit twisted... I mean, Rich loved this woman... but she sounded a bit... I dunno, mad. Who would ask someone to strangle them..? Actually, they both sound a bit cuckoo to me. But I think I get the introduction part. If it werent for Rich's explanation, people would have thought he was just some typical murderer.. But he had a reason. Kind of.

I really liked reading that! :D

the ticking clock chapter 1 . 2/26/2011
wow, that was really intense. good job! i liked how you kept the lady shrouded in mystery, and all of the dialogue was really realistic. You were very descriptive, i could clearly picture the scene. The ending was awesome, it makes me want to read more! i do not think the ending was rushed at all. overall, very good! keep writing!