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SoDivine chapter 28 . 3/19/2013
Hi, I just started reading your story(the first one and the sequel and they're amazing by the way) and I just read your note about dealing with anorexia and let me tell you: been there, done that. It's a difficult problem to overcome, and it takes a long time to do so but the important thing is that you have to surround yourself constantly with people who love and care for you(be it friends, family, even pets, etc). To understand(this took half of my life to get it) that you are unique and important to others, not because of one's physique, but because of the way you are.

I really hope you understand this and get through this. Believe me when I say, it won't be easy but in the end it's worth it. I'll be praying for you and wish all the best for you. You're going to beat this. I'm sure of it. Take care and hopefully we'll see you around here again. God bless.
Long live the magic chapter 28 . 11/27/2012
I'm so sorry to hear you have anorexia. I'm even more so sorry to hear about how you've stopped enjoying so many things because of it. A truly strong person can admit their problem and I look up to you for that. Super cheesy but that strength will get you through this. I'm so happy to hear you are on the road to recovery, and I wish you the best of health ;)
I and im sure your readers understand you need time, lots of it. I guess you could say we'll be waiting for you to return. though I hope you don't give up on a story as amazing as this. You are an amazing writer and it would be sad if you gave it up.
I also wanted to say, I really don't think you should delete this story. Any of them for that matter. Again they are such amazing stories. People are still going to read them, people are still going to love them. And one day when you do come back (if) you can pick up right where you left off. I must admit I'm not a big fan of werewolf stories, most of them just arent good in my opinion, but your story is easily the best story I have read so far. Please do not take your story down, it would be a shame because it is truly amazing.
Again, I'm sorry to here about your condition, and I'm so happy to hear your are recovering, best of luck
long live the magic
Heth chapter 28 . 11/25/2012
I'm so sorry you've had to go through such a horrible disease as anorexia, and I'm glad you're on your road to recovery! It's not easy and I admire you for taking the steps to make it to a happy, healthy life. There's no reason to be sorry, either! We all understand your turmoil and just wish you the best. I hope you start writing again, but I'd rather you be healthy than pick up the pen
dymontgo chapter 28 . 11/25/2012
Please take good care of yourself. You do indeed come first. I'll be praying for you 3
Roses Forever chapter 27 . 10/7/2012
plz write more, cant wait
StaNdUPtomE chapter 27 . 2/22/2012
boyfriends,it does make it hard to right fictional romances when you have a real one, but your story is still good, update soon
Alice in Vulgarland chapter 27 . 2/18/2012
I don't think the chapter 's more like a change of pace to a slower rhythm if you will but it doesn't suck. As for not feeling the story to much that kinda sucks but perhaps you should take your time with it and use your experience with your boyfriend to bring a more realistic approach to the romance between cole and ryan :]

I love this story very very much!it roxx my soxx off :3

But whatever gets your writer gears going it's cool with me :P

(so sorry about your computer!mine's is unstable as well :C )
CrazyInAGoodWay chapter 27 . 2/11/2012
We missed you! Post more soon!
Heth chapter 27 . 2/11/2012
So glad to hear you're still alive. The chapter is short, but I still very much enjoyed it. I don't think you give yourself enough credit.

Sorry about your laptop issues. As far as the boyfriend thing goes, I completely understand, but don't take it as a negative effect on your writing-it could really help you make it much more realistic. You add in those moments that you get to know are special that are outside of just kissing.

As always, can't wait for an update :)
friarhmn chapter 27 . 2/11/2012
I can't tell you how excited I was that you finally updated - feels good to get some Ryan and Cole back.

And it was not a bad chapter :p you're selling yourself short. I love that you introduced new characters. Can't wait to see what you have next!
Heth chapter 26 . 1/18/2012
Oh man read through Simmer and Smolder over the past week or so and all I can do is beg you to keep this going. I was dismayed to see how long it's been since you've updated, but I hope that means I might get to see a chapter soon. Can't wait!
surrendertomusic chapter 26 . 1/1/2012
Your story details are so realistic! Especially the last chapter's, you got the fight with her mom down so perfect I could imagine my mom and I arguing and saying the exact same things. I hope you update soon!
Alice in Vulgarland chapter 26 . 12/23/2011
I really love the drama and tragic romance in the 's truly exciting to read a story like this because it makes me go crazy with anticipation and I just can't wait enough to get the next installment and know what's gonna happen sounds like every girl's wet dream ;D w00t w00t!
Dakota S chapter 26 . 12/13/2011
Ms. Poe! I am so, so sorry. You write this awesome story, and the least we can do is take the time out to review! It's just that I hate only writing a one line review with something generic, like 'love this story, update soon', and yet I get horribly lazy when it comes to leaving thoughtful feedback, I'm such a fail. Would you like the short but sincere Generic? Because if so, I promise to at least leave that, as well as make an honest to god effort to be a better audience member. I thought actually having a legit account now would motivate me to stop being lazy but...well, this is my first actual review with an account, so I will always cherish it. XD Christ, I'm already rambling and I haven't even gotten to the actual feedback, sorry. And writing the review when I haven't slept all night and it is now morning probably doesn't bode well for the quality of this review, but I was so overcome with regret that I couldn't help myself. Bear with me?

So, first of all, I am completely surprised by her mother’s initial reaction to the whole thing. I mean, yeah, you’ve set the image of her being a scary but awesome, fiery Irish widow-mother, so the pissed-off rage and ruthless reprimand was definitely expected from her. But, I mean, before that part I was kind of expecting something more along the lines of “Holy shit, Lord, some classmate of my daughter’s has just been gruesomely mutilated in our backyard, even if it was a completely explainable wild animal attack, that goes beyond normal high school party danger and high jinks in a small town, what the hell, ohmygosh my dear, poor, albeit disrespectful/disobedient/irresponsible daughter, have you sustained any injuries or been severely traumatized?” And then, you know, after she had asserted Ryan wasn’t in the midst of the breakdown she had only just been in the throes of, she would get to the stern scolding/lecturing/grounding part.

I’m also surprised she threw in her friends being a bad influence into the admonishment. Because I get the whole blaming Cole for Ryan’s less-than-ideal-to-her changes, because she hates him. But, forgive if I’m mistaken, haven’t the rest of the girls been friends with Ryan since diaper-days or something? Maybe you didn’t say that, maybe I’m making assumptions because it’s small town, but still, I figured her friends wouldn’t be likely to be the cause of sudden change if they knew each other for so long, and Ryan’s mother knows all of them, and their parents.

I definitely wanted to throw something at her mom, though, and I am immensely tempted to dislike her. But that’s just because I’m still (barely) a teenager, and I am programmed to instantly detest all forms of parenting of that nature. So I 100% completely understand Ryan’s reaction to it. Her reaction was reminiscent to millions of teenagers in that situation. And yet, I was still pretty surprised by it. Because Ryan is a mature teenager (party throwing and other such classic teenage antics aside).

Last time I reviewed you (which was, like, 6 months ago, again, thank god you're not as bad an updater as I am a reviewer) you said that you were intentionally showing a transformation in Ryan’s character, and after your brief explanation, I can totally understand and appreciate that. It’s cool to see Ryan’s change in that she’s coming out of her model daughter role with this, turning into a more rebellious teenager while she still has time to be a rebellious teenager, and maybe living more? But still, I was surprised by how…er, teenagery she really sounded. Almost…dare I say, bratty? Like with the whole "Are you trying to ruin my life?". That was so, typical angsty dramatic teen. Sure, we’ve all thought that at one point or another (or many others) toward our parents, but I was kind of expecting more…originality? to Ryan’s rebellion. Not exactly eloquence, but maybe something a little more fresh?

Augh! I’m so hesitant to say things like that, because I don’t want to insult or offend. I love your work, these are just my opinions I guess, your choice to take them to heart.

Speaking of parents though, I have a morbid desire to see more of Cole’s parents. I kind of like the dry humor I imagined with the whole "Good to see you haven't gotten eaten yet, Ryan." even if they were asses with the whole "I think you should take the human home now, Cole." I mean, they ARE the ones who created Cole and Amelia. I’m just a little interested in how those two came to be…those two.

Also, just curious: can vampires be changed in your world, or are they just products of reproduction, like the rest of us?

And will she address the whole possibility of seeing Macon at her party – assuming the shaggy caramel haired dude Ryan met right after the whole catching-Connor-vamping-out-on-Ronnie thing really was him – to anyone?

And why does Connor know Mimi? I feel kinda bad for Ronnie.

I know there’s a lot going on right now, but I’m bursting with these questions and unsolved mysteries.

What the hell is up with the weather?

Is Liam’s character going to serve any future purpose to the plot?

And was Macon coming in while she was going out – just before she found the body? Suspicious… Or is that just what you want us to think? He couldn’t have been the one to grab her, right? Or could he? Were the grabber and murderer definitely the same? The nightmare definitely seems to imply that also.

I feel like her not telling anyone about the grabbing that occurred when she found the body is another one of those inevitable moments where the reader desperately wants to shake the main character for her decision. I hope to God she rectifies that soon.

And while we are on the topic, this was a super gruesome chapter right here, at the end, with her nightmare. Perfect for Halloween I suppose. Damn though, that completely caught me off guard, I had not been expecting those gory grisly descriptions. Jesus Christ. Or I guess, Sweet Jesus. ;)

Anyway, sorry for my long ass rambling review, and any sleep deprivation-induced confusion. Maybe it’ll be a New Year’s resolution to work on this, reviewing. :)

Love your story, hope you had a good Nanowrimo, and I pray you update again soon!


Dakota S.
StaNdUPtomE chapter 26 . 11/2/2011
Psh Halloween was cancled...

But I loved the chapter! Creepy but adorable!
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