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cjlaacrey chapter 41 . 12/7/2011
Bawling my eyes out, I cant believe it's over. I was hoping if I just didn't read it, just skipped the last chapter, and went on waiting for another chapter, I'd be fine. It wouldn't be over. But it is. I'm crying more than I did at the last page of Harry Potter book 7, and that was a lot. Like, my book is wrinkled from my tears. This was so good, so perfectly written. I loved it so much. 3
cat10985 chapter 41 . 12/7/2011
WTF! that is all i can think! i am really hoping that in the sequel Tristan and Roxy will get together.. I DON'T LIKE TOM! HE BUGS ME! and Seriously Adam... Overreact much! i mean it was soooo long ago and just because Alex is in love with him doesn't mean he is in love with her.. he is taking out is anger at the wrong person.. I was sooooo dissapointed in this chapter.. I really hope the sequel will not continue with Tom and Roxy.. BLAH! The thought makes me want to puke! I am going to give it a chance because i am going to be praying(WHich i NEVER DO!) that Tristan and Roxy get back together. and That Roxy realizes what she had with Tristan.. Tom is a wet blanket... HE is boring.. He has no passion like Tristan and They have no chemistry like Tristan and Roxy.. I hope she gets with Tom and then realizes what a dumbass she is for leaving Tristan.. UGH! lol. so that is my rant.
Autumn's Imagination chapter 41 . 12/7/2011

There has to be an epilogue or sequal or something... What about Tristan - sure I hate him half the time but still please?

Plus there are so many things that could happen now (including the "OMG WTF Roxy's pregnant" one) and Tristan, what about Tristan... and Roxy and Adam and Alex (I did not see that one coming!) and Tasha in Rome?

c0leyy chapter 41 . 12/7/2011
I refuse to believe that Dare You To Love Me is ending.

I am heartbroken, I am depressed, I am fucking torn as to whether I want Alex and Tristan and everyone to become friends again, I am so confused and I am distressed. I don’t even know what to fucking think right now everything just happened so damn fast.

There is so many things that I need to say and talk about, but if I do it on here I know I won’t get a direct answer so I’m going to save those questions for MSN and when you get your laptop back or something or another.



WHAT JUST HAPPENED? I AM SITTING HERE... I DON’T EVEN KNOW. POOR ALEX... And Tristan is a dumbass for letting Roxy go because now he just has nobody. And I swear if he starts going on about feeling sorry for himself, or going around saying ‘why did everyone have to leave me?’ then that is some fucked up shit, and I’ll be angry.


I keep forgetting there won’t be another chapter... Just an epilogue. Oh God. What the hell am I going to do with my life now. Usually I am calm when I read your chapters, despite my on and off hate relationship with Tristan but now I don’t, I just don’t even know.

AND TOMMY IS LOST IN ACTION? Oh my God. I fucking swear. I knew something was going to happen. When I was talking to you earlier, I was like ‘I bet Tommy is going to get killed or something’, and I was close. If he dies, then yes I am going to hunt you down.

BUT WHAT.. ALEX.. LIKE.. I AM SO CONFUSED. That scene just went by so fast. I don’t.. Shit. I can’t believe how irrelevant they are making Alex feel... But is she proud of it? Did she do it on purpose. Oh my God, does this mean she was faking those feelings for Adam?

You know what usually I'd evaluate everything and think about all the relationships but I can't right now because this is too much. I need to read this chapter again tomorrow when I am awake. I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel like the world is ending. I can’t even describe what the fuck is happening with me right now and my feelings are just all over the place.

I CAN NOT DEAL WITH THIS. that fucking ending. That fucking ending. And that song. With the song it was just fucking perfect. I just omg I don't even care if this review doesn’t make sense okay.

“We stood like that, holding each other, knowing this was it. This was goodbye. This was the end for us.

We were done now.”


This is the last chapter. This is the last time we’ll see your authors note about Dare You To Love Me. This might even be the last we see of Tristan and Roxy share an intimate moment (I doubt it, but idec okay!).

I.Am.A.Country.Girl chapter 16 . 12/6/2011
I am freaking amazed by how this story can make me feel so passionately. It's almost likie I'm there watching this happen. It's just so powerful to me I love it :) 3
I.Am.A.Country.Girl chapter 26 . 12/6/2011
I've been ready this story for a while and I was listening to Last time around today I i just needed to go back and find this chapter so I could relive this awesome scene I love it It is amazing I love how perfectly this song fits with the story :)
cjlaacrey chapter 40 . 12/4/2011
So, I bawled my eyes out. Hard. Like tears streaming down my face, loud, overly-exaggerated-but-i-cant-help-it sobs. This was so good, I just dont even know what to think. Tristan had changed so much. Roxy, well she's a bitch. OHWELL, OHWELL. Seth's adorable, I love that little brainiac. Adam and Tasha are so close, it killed me hearing their good-byes. But, I don't think Roxy needs to tell Adam about Alex and Tristan, because it DOESNT MATTER. And that is no excuse for what she did with Tom. Alright, well I must go to bed now, seeing how the time ere is 8:00 pm and I'm not actually going to bed but doing homework that needs to be completed for tomorrow, that I've ut off to read this chapter. Alrighhty, byyyye!
xamazingliesx chapter 40 . 12/4/2011
So I just read the entire story. The story is just charged with so much emotion. I'm very impressed with your writing!

I know many of your readers are team Tommy, but I cannot help but give my heart to Tristan. He's just so tortured. Tommy is too perfect, it's kind of sickening. Tristan has been a father to Roxy's siblings. It seems like he was around more than she was throughout the book. He was more invested in them and they're not even biologically family. Tristan isn't perfect, but he's dealt with a lot in his life.

Reading the reviews pissed me off. With this chapter, I feel like more readers should have empathized or at least pitied Tristan. His heart was just broken for goodness sakes. He was crying and all you can do is slobber over Tommy? WTF? Sorry! Nothing against you as an author! Maybe I sympathize too easily with the story's characters?

I hope your sequel is about Tristan finding love if he doesn't get it here. If he doesn't end up with Roxy, it wasn't meant to be, but I don't think he should end up alone. Vice versa, if she ends up with Tristan, I hope Tommy gets the sequel because he deserves love too. Everyone deserves love! :D
DreamBigGoFar23 chapter 1 . 12/4/2011
I'm not gonna lie, at first I was totally for Tristan and Roxy being together, even with all the fighting going on between them. But then Tommy came into the picture and he just stole my heart that quick. Tristan and Roxy do love each other, nobody can't deny that, but it's that type of love that hurts them, damages them, and basically is unhealthy. They are hurting and bringing each other down more than they are of being happy together, and that makes it a dysfunctional relationship. You know how everyone has a first love but you know it's not meant to be when things repeatedly don't turn out so well? You'll always have a special place for that person in your heart, but you usually end up with a totally different person that is the RIGHT one for you. Tommy and Roxy have a happier connection that lets you take a br8k from the angst between tristan and roxy. his personality matches with her, and most importantly for a relationship to work, a friendship needs to be established, and thats been settled between tommy and roxy already. he's more mature(since he doesnt let his ego take over like tristan), hes a gentleman(he listened to roxy's problems with no complaint!), and his feelings for her seem much more sincere than tristan's. tristan does love her, but he's always thinking about screwing her or saying hes sexy and she cant deny him. he's more territorial, and while i know theyve been through alot together, thats not reason enough for them to end up together. their relationship is so fucked up beyond repair, that if they were to get back together, id be upset and stop reading. lately, ive been anxiously waiting to read scenes with tommy in them. *sigh" ill stop my ranting. otherwise, good story with a very climatic, dramatic plot! :)
cat10985 chapter 40 . 12/3/2011
Humm, so after reading a lot of the reviews.. i think i am one of the only ones who still loves Tristan.. Can't stand Tommy.. Kinda feel like he is a Douche.. And i have to say if she becomes pregnant with Tommy's kid.. I will 100% not be reading the sequel.. Just can't stand the thought.. like Tristan.. So i really hope that isn't the case. But whether or not i read it. You are still a very good writer.. and the only reason i won't read is because it will bug me.. lol.. but great job.. An i am still Team TRISTAN. And i think Roxy is being stupid and selfish.
c0leyy chapter 40 . 12/3/2011
I didn’t want to read this chapter, because if I read it that means that it’s ending. And if I don’t read it, that means Dare You To Love Me didn’t end. And even though there will be a sequel I don’t want it to end because it’s a part of my life that is slowly taking over.

I am so emotional right now and I don’t even know why. I’m going to review as I read so you get an extra long one. So, here goes;

THE ROME CAVALIERI IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Good choice in hotels, Tristan and Roxy. I remember in year 10, I was planning my honeymoon (please don’t ask why), and I came across that hotel and I fell in love with it.

I feel like Seth has grown a lot... And it’s scary! Even though he is still under 10 he sound smarter than me and it’s weird idk.

Tristan does have emotions to show. He is just scared that if he shows them he’ll appear vulnerable or something. He makes me angry sometimes, like now I want to hit him in the head because he can’t say ‘I don't have feelings for Roxy’ and then go and get upset that she fucked some hot ass soldier.

Tristan is just fucked off because he ‘didn’t win’. “Tom only slept with you to fuck me over” umm fuck off Tristan, no. Tommy has feelings for Roxy. He said that he was going to act on them if he did, so Tristan, maybe you shouldn’t be so surprised you dumbass. And I hope Tristan goes away for something promotional and when he comes back Tommy and Roxy are engaged okay.

I am team Tommy right now.

And if Tristan loves Roxy so much then he’d act on it. He wouldn’t be trying to win her over with his sexual ways. He’d be a gentleman. You know, surprise her. Bring her roses. Win her heart all over again.

Tommy and Roxy had sex. Without a condom. I hope that Roxy is pregnant. I actually do. but then I remember that she is, what? 19? A bit of teen pregnancy would spice things up a bit! And Tristan doesn’t need to know about the whole ‘without a condom’ thing, Roxy should just keep her mouth shut.

I am fucking in love with this Dale guy. His speech to Tristan then just fucking, so true. Okay! Tristan needed to her that. The brutal honesty in it was just amazing. I am glad this guy has opened his eyes and I hope he gets together with Natasha.

TRISTAN CRIED! I HAVE MIXED FEELINGS RIGHT NOW. I DON’T KNOW WHAT I FEEL. God, holy mother of God. I thought that he’d get angry at Roxy for saying that but he didn’t he laughed and then he cried.

But was he crying because he felt sorry for his ego, or was he crying because he lost Roxy or thought he was the best thing she’d ever had? oh my God I’m so confused! So when I know why he is crying, I’ll feel sorry for him.


LOL ADAM AND THE BLAIR’S WEDDING THING. I am so excited. You have no idea okay. I really hope she leaves Prince Louis for Chuck. She just can’t marry Prince Louis. And I still think the baby is Chuck’s. It is impossible for Blair and Chuck to be apart. I feel that if the writers plan on Blair marrying Prince Louis, then... Chuck will die. He will be an emotional wreck and who knows what that’s going to do to him.

I want to have a conversation with Adam about Gossip Girl because that would make my life okay.


I don't know though. Is this the last chapter before the epilogue or the last chapter is going to be posted and then the epilogue? Idk whatever it was amazing anyway and I can’t wait until you put the next few chapters up.

Beautifully written girl. Love your work! xoxo gossip granola
e.brooks chapter 40 . 12/3/2011
First things first; No reply? Devastated. Seriously. Hahaha :P

I kid. Love you.

Secondly; Amagaaaaaaaaaaad! That was messy. Um. POOR TRISTAN! But suck balls, ya ho. But aw D: And Roxy ): I know how that feels, when someone doesn't fight for you. Oh boy, do I know that feeling. It's awful. Lol the comment about Tommy in bed! Cracked me up!

Tristan should damn well feel worse than he is, he's a jerk. A giant, huge, stoopid, male jerk who thinks with his penor.

I wanna kick him in the shin.


I don't even know what to saaaaaaay! People are growing up and growing apart and it makes me sad! I want to know where Tommy is up to though, with his rescue thing...


I'm out of intelligent stuff to say. I'm just so cranky at them all. Damnit, I wish stuff was simple! Haha :(


Love xxx
c0leyy chapter 39 . 12/3/2011
Ugh I hate Tristan’s bigheaded-ness. Just because Roxanne has that ‘post-sex glow’ doesn’t mean that it’s him. What a cocky arrogant bastard. And what does it matter to Tristan if Roxy had sex with Tommy? Like, they aren’t even together. They’re just fuck buddies. And you can’t date your fuck buddy.

You know what? Sometimes, I sit here and wish that Roxanne would end up marrying Tommy just so Tristan and wake up and then I can laugh in his face.

Poor Ro :( oh gosh, I feel so bad for her. The way you wrote the funeral just.. I don’t know. Towards the end, when she was yelling at Tristan to leave her alone, I just felt like I wanted to cry with her. I got a tear in my eye. Just wow! Wow.

“We may not love each other anymore and I may not be there to protect her anymore.”

He loved her. Tristan has always loved her. He just repressed the memory of Roxanne and tried not to let it get to him. I feel bad for him in a way, the poor guy must have so many feelings!


I’m not even going to lie, I squealed like baby when I saw his name. I miss that kid :( but hey, he doesn’t really have a storyline anymore, right? :P

I loved the Australian reference. It felt like I was right there. And I would not ship Tristan and Seth together... Seth is like my baby and then you have Tristan who is a grown up.. massive... sex crazed maniac!

I’d like to see Natasha shack up with the cute Italiano boy behind the concierge desk or this Dale character - they both sound hot.

I’d prefer if she shacked up with the cute Italian boy though. I am a sucker for Italian boys so I would be proud of Natasha. She needs some action in her life otherwise I’m going to start thinking she is lesbian or something!

AMAZING UPDATE! Disappointed they are getting shorter though. That’s why I hinted to you before to merge two chapters into making it one big one but whatever :P I love ninja updates!

Congrats again about the newspaper thing. I just hope it doesn’t interfere with the updates because then your main editor will be getting a very angry call from us readers.

I love and miss you. like, ugh. Seriously. And you need to update this. I know you will but it’s the matter of waiting.
cjlaacrey chapter 39 . 12/2/2011
so, im reviewing while I read today, woot! haha. Here we go...

Aww Tristan, is, so, adorable. I kinda feel the same a him right now, how could she do that after all they had been through? But he was a jerk to her. A real big jerk. But at least now he's understanding what he's done to deserve to be treated like this.

I didn't know how tough the actual funeral was for tasha. Until now.

OKAY so i just failed this, because i got s into the story that i forgot to keep updating my feedback:p Anyways, short summary:

The dreams made me so sad. Seth is adorable. I love him so much. Tristans friend? and how he acted to Tasha? yeaaah, whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Thank youuu, i love being a part of thi awesome family 3
e.brooks chapter 39 . 12/2/2011
Hahahaahaha heck yesssss! Leave? Word does not compute.

I friggin loved that chapter though, heck yes Tommy! OM NOM NOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Nom.

This chapter was a bit confusing though D: I'm like... Who the shit is Dale? Hahaha. And I don't know whose point of view it was in! I don't understanddddd! D:

I DON'T WANT IT TO END, WTF! Quit it, you're making me nervous!

And I love you too. If I stay, you stay! YEAH! Compromise! :D

I'm salivating, so excited for the next chapter.
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