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furthestcoast chapter 10 . 1/8/2012

And Dalton is pretty much my hero. Not to seem like a bitch, but...

I've done this to people before. _

And you're sort of dead on, in the adrenaline-rush part of it, though it's kind of a guilty-pleasure.
wonderland212 chapter 10 . 1/7/2012
As per usual, dalton's lack of empathy or guilt intrigues me but as usual his arrogance makes me anxious for his's weird b/c I normally always root for characters similiar to dalton b/c their wierdly logical and detached and cynical in a way that u don't see very often, but since I believe that arrogance can sort of blind ppl it kind of takes away from dalton's appeal...nonetheless, I wish I could meet someone like him in real life...just for the purpose of studying .

Although, dalton tries to constantly prove to himself that he is eliminating the clutches that his parents still have of him, or that he has successfully released himself of his foolish emotions and has become what he hopes for his "beautiful disasters" to become when they rebuild themselves...but I'm not sure if he's really done any of that. I mean the reason why- at least in my opinion- why he does what he does to ppl is b/c he is trying to show ppl what his parents showed him about the world; to give them the "clarity" that he thinks he got; to make them somewhat like him b/c he feels like he is more able to prevent himself from anymore harm. So in all actuality, everything that he is and does is driven by his parents which makes him just as mundane as the rest of us...only worse b/c he seems to be oblivious of how much his parents affect him or in denial of why he feels that need - aside from the physical rush- to break others. Yeah he "thanks" his parents to a certain degree for making him what he is but I'm not sure that he realizes the he is still guided by his past and more attached than he realizes.

Anyhoo,lol, I'm really excited to learn more about phoenix...but it seems like we aren't really learning anything new about anyone besides dalton. Despite how much I love this story, I have to admitt that it doesn't really seem to be moving foward. In the beginning it seemed to have so much momentum like it was leading up to something big or some sort of jaw dropping plot twist or something...but now I feel like I'm just reading the same old. Don't get me wrong I enjoy learning more about dalton but I feel like at this point, for the most part, we pretty much get dalton and how he thinks... there's just so many other pieces left on the board but it's like nobody is ...even though brendan has finally caved, that was to be expected. And evn though phoniex was taking #'s all day and hinted that he has tasted ass, we kind of r already aware by now that he cheats and is prolly a sexual individual and I wouldn't be suprised if he rimmed one of his many girls or guys or both for that ...there's just sooo many different wonderful scenarios at play here but I just feel like we're still where we were two chapters ago. Idk, myabe I'm just being .

Thanks for updating and I'm happy u got your muse back :)
Choukou chapter 10 . 1/7/2012
LOVE! As usual. Dalton is just so malicious, I cannot get enough of him. The way you write the story and inner and outer dialogue makes him very memorable, so even the long breaks don't diminish from the story. I'm glad you are unstuck now! I hope to see more soon :)
nffhkasjfnbsdkjb chapter 10 . 1/6/2012
Eyes that change colour are waaay sexy ;)

Phoenix and Dalton need to get it on.

Haha I was going to write something far more explicit. Anyway looking forward to your next update.

Anonymous chapter 10 . 1/6/2012
I love this story. Please update soon.
Loella chapter 10 . 1/6/2012
I love to love Dalton.

I really like how he has stray thoughts about completely random and unrelated things while talking about something 'important' to his mask. Like the one about the haircut while talking to Phoenix.

Kudos to Seventhswan for getting you un-stuck. I hope you don't get stuck again :3

I'm also looking forward to seeing Dalton meet his other familymembers. Should be interesting.
foreveran chapter 10 . 1/6/2012
Ya he is twisted but this story is different and he is very intriguing I cant wait too see how everything turns out with his plans it be fun to see someone destroy him because of all he did but then again his parents were so messed up so i feel bad for him but... ya who knows I really wonder if they're alot of ppl like him in the world xD scary
seventhswan chapter 10 . 1/6/2012
gahsgngahaowh! (that means: holy shit, you updated, and it was fabulous!)

Even though I've read a lot of this before, it was just as good the second time around. But my favorite part was the Disneyland stuff! like, ohmygod whoa. I can't even. Brendan called! They're gonna meet! yes yes yes!

But! But you have to know my absolute favorite favorite part was that last moment when Dalton scrapes the ice-cream off Phoenix's MOUTH. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME, WOMAN? Luckily for me, I didn't have to resist the urge to gape. In fact, I'm still doing it. I...wha...guh...see? You've reduced me to this. Idek why, because your sex scenes are always really hot, but this moment for me was the sexiest thing in the whole story so far. Maybe I'm a glutton for UST. And then, the whole tastes like ass thing, I just kept picturing Phoenix eating Dalton out and, GUH! srlsy? I'm a gaping mess right now.

Thanks for the shout-out, btw! You're the bomb. This update was fantastic, and as usual, your writing blows me away. I CANNOT WAIT for your next update! Brendan Brendan Brendan. Hooray Hooray Hooray! (also, I wonder how Phoenix will react to Dalton meeting up with him? Will he have left by then? Hmm.)

OH! And in response to your response from last time: YES! oneshot! and YES! Tarin story posted! ((squeals))
A-Crimson-Memory chapter 2 . 12/25/2011
So now we figure out why Dalton is so dark. It's what happened to him when he was a child. I could easily see why he would would slowly break his victims. And by his attitude, I assume no one dares to fuck with him, I mean I got chills when he had that perversive smirk during his sessions. And the little bit about Gavin walking in to find Dalton fucking on the floor and just staring at Gavin while he "begged boyfriend #4 to fuck him harder" was pretty hot in a very sadistic creepy way. Sue me if I find exibitionalim intriguing but that's the case. It's because I could picture Dalton's facade and the way he acts to find his little sex escapades somewhat sadistic and very intriguing
A-Crimson-Memory chapter 1 . 12/25/2011
Holy fuck. That's all I can really say for this chapter. Oh my, God, I mean to write something so dark and deep must come from a personal experience and or tragedy. I mean this Dalton kid has caused four boys to commit suicide. Like seriously? What posesses people to act that way huh? I mean no offense, but did you undergo relationship issues that left you open and bleeding that led you to write a character this eerie and depressed? And by all means don't get me wrong this is such a great start I'm already hooked because I love reading stories like this, but damn I wasn't expecting something THIS dark yo.
nffhkasjfnbsdkjb chapter 9 . 11/28/2011
I glanced at the other reviews to this just to see the differences of opinion about Dalton- he is a fantastic character, deliciously fucked, and I really want to see how he destroys Brendan, and maybe Aiden. I'm completely on his side, and I don't want him to fail.

Obviously I hope everything doesn't go to plan.

Phoenix is also very interesting, he has a lot of promised mystery in his character, I missed him in the last chapter (do his eyes keep changing colour?) and I can't help but feel he might be Dalton's match?

Anyway, really, really interesting story, can't wait to read more.

Suki -
Choukou chapter 9 . 11/21/2011
LOVE. I have missed your updates! Dalton is just so malicious, it's entertaining :) Though I can see myself abhoring this is real life, as a story, it's brilliance.
foreveran chapter 2 . 11/4/2011
Isee why hes so messed up but very interesting
wetfish chapter 1 . 10/25/2011
This is absolutely amazing! I love the ruthless nature of your protagonist, he's positively vicious. Can't wait for the next chapter...
lunasea chapter 9 . 10/10/2011
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