Reviews for Therapy
Priyanka D chapter 1 . 4/3/2011
The plot is good. And the ending came as a shock to me, and I like that. However, there seemed to be something lacking in this play. It is too short that it is difficult to make out what kind of personalities the characters have. The dialogues between the husband and the wife could have been made a bit humorous. You could have described the background setting like their living room and such. And lastly, you should have included the dialogues between the therapist, the husband and the wife at the end instead of just plainly concluding the play with "She finally opens the door. The therapist comes in. The wife and husband sit on the couch. The therapist pulls up a chair. The therapist asks some questions and the truth comes out. The husband has been cheating on his wife with the therapist she'd just called."
BethAnn84 chapter 1 . 3/7/2011
This was certainly interesting to read. While the idea has potential, I felt it was rushed. I'll admit, I have never written a script before (though I intend to write my first one for script frenzy in april), I think there could be just a bit more detail. Describe the characters, describe the setting a little more. I like plays/books with a lot of detail. I really think this has potential. I would have liked to see the wife's reaction when the husband confessed to cheating on her. I'd give this 3 stars for the initial plot. I'd like to see more written in this :)