Reviews for Study Session
Racke chapter 1 . 3/9/2011
I really don't think it was too dark. Gory, yes, emotional, yes, really freaking dark, not really.

It's actually quite interesting to read about the Trio of Terror as the main characters, and considering how I figured that something was weird the moment that Ayumu sweatdropped, it just didn't have all the impact that it might've had otherwise. And yes, the part where they all woke up in underwear was awesome.
Sturmgeschuts chapter 1 . 3/8/2011
Keep in mind that everyone dying would be canon, as they'd all be back by the next week. Seriously, there's very little you can do that isn't canon in "Pen, Paper, Action!" as the forum created it that way. I suppose the only thing is that you'd have to adhere to the characters' personalities, but that's about it.

Hell, you could write a Sci-Fi story with only a mild explanation of how it ended up like that and it'd still be canon. The entire idea is that we can do damn near anything with the series, as long as it's all in good faith.

I must say, I rather liked this, and not just because of Stürm...though the thought of him with nuclear armaments scares me for some reason.

But hey, very few of the characters will remember any of what happened in a week, except for Kuroda and Ishihara, as they keep all that stuff on record.