Reviews for Till you kill me God
Brian chapter 1 . 3/14/2011
God loves for us to come to us a weak, broken children pleading for His help. We were made for Him, that's just how it was. I've heard before that it is one of Satan's tricks to make us dwell on our past sins and feel we're not worthy, but I do thing that God wants us to be able to learn from our past mistakes or hardships to help others going through tough times or hard things of their own. God loves you, and the Christian life won't always be pretty, but we've got to face it and press on-knowing God is on our side and as long as we follow Him, we're doing what's right. It may hurt, it may make us cry or give up all comforts-but it will make our lives so fulfilling as we wait for the day that God will bring us up to Him in heaven, and everything will always be getting better and better.