Reviews for Hip Hop is Not Dead
The Autumn Queen chapter 1 . 8/22/2012
I really like the beginning of this. There’s a tone of professional indignation about it and you’ve worded it quite formally and elegantly. When you said “rant” I was expecting informality but you’ve written this as an argumentative essay. Good choice of opening line. Nicely hooking.

[The most common definitions I hear] – I don’t like the use of the “I hear” that’s rather weak argument as one could easily argue your social circle isn’t inclusive to the contrary. It’s best to back up a claim like that with empirical evidence. Statistics, polls etc. rather than have a personal opinion like that stand on its own.

Then again, you may not have been intending this to be a fully formal essay.

[2000s] – I think it’s better to say twenty-first century as the numbers look a little odd in a text. Just aesthetic appeal.

[definition number 2] – write out two. There’s a rule about that, numbers one to something or other should be written. I forgot the maximum, but 2’s definitely within the range. As a rule of thumb, ridiculous numbers like 1453456 should be written numerically and easy-enough ones should be written out in words.

Now, I don’t know much about music so I can’t help with the content. I really liked the writing style of this though. Good job.