Reviews for Hey, Watch This Stupid Video
J25 The Arc King chapter 1 . 5/20/2013
A very good point you made!

To haters, the more you watch something you hate, the more that video becomes so popular. So stop showing it to your friends and anybody you trust on how much the video is stupid, don't like it, walk away and watch something you're interested!

9/10 All of your points makes sense and I agree with you! I really like this rant you made!
Lotte Bell chapter 1 . 1/9/2012
You are right on both matters, I think. While I do not think something like that sort of video is good, it is not all that nice to flame the video in the comments. It's almost hypocritical, really. Generally, I just keep my thoughts to myself when that happens. Whether or not I think that the parent is raising their child right, I should not get angry and post hurtful comments. What good does that do? If somebody were to ask my opinion on the video, though, I'd tell that person what I honestly thought about it.

Flaming words, in my opinion, can be just as bad and in some cases more hurtful than any curse word.

People really do have different perspectives on everything. I find that fascinating about people. And judging from your profile, you do too.
moongazer7 chapter 1 . 3/15/2011
I disagree with you quite a bit. I think it's rotten that these mothers think it's funny to record there child use profanity and talk junk. It's degrading really and it encourages bad parenting and worse teen behaviors. You're giving them reinforcements that it is right for them to use so much profanity and act the stupid way they do! You're telling them hey a parent said it is okay to do so, we'll all do it too! it's a psychologically and sociologically harmful activity. It's awful that parents are doing it and it's a shameful and terible terrible thing. That is perhaps why this generation is worsening and degrading every moment in every day! I really think these parents should be stopped and fined. If they are teaching children that it is right for bad behaviors to continue and even rewarding said behavior by taping and posting it for their own amusement and gain it's highly dangerous and neglectful. It's not the correct job of the parent and it's certainly not a good environment to live in. You're abusing these kids psychologically by allowing them to indulge in inappropriate and crude activities. In Encouraging these activities it's unhealthy for the kids and also it is detrimental to soeciety as well!
I.E. Me chapter 1 . 3/14/2011
Those people need to get a life.