Reviews for This I Believe
Frap chapter 1 . 3/22/2011
Well I'll say it is a moving piece. I'd wish we could hear it, but it is well written. The points of society and what it lacks is clear in your mind and yes, it states many problems we have in our world today without going into detail.

In a way I wish you could've thrown in more examples, but I don't know Edward R. Murrow, and without having a good knowledge of what was taught to you and presented to you as an example I'm not sure if details had to be specific or not.

For the love of people is also resonated throughout your speech but since you ended with love you may want to throw love in the beginning to tie it together better. Your ideas are easily identified with.

I like it and possibly you can give us another essay.

I can't find anything that messed up the read for me and it is really easy to read.